Disclaimer: I do not own either Digimon or Happy Days, but Charlene and the Censors are my characters.

Author's Notes: WELL! It's certainly been a long time since the last fic, huh? I've been very busy... so, for those following "Marvel Comics vs. Digimon," don't expect to see more of that for a while, as it takes a lot longer to write than one'a these fics.

Anyhoo, to refresh your memories... when Willis and Henry came into contact, it accidentally caused a disruption of reality that sent the entire Digi-Crew tumbling through the multiverse. They've dropped in on a couple of other dimensions on their travels, and you can read about all those by checking out the other parts of "Take Me To Another World" -

Prologue - "Where There's a Willis, There's a Way!"
Part 1 - "To Boldly Go Where No Mon Has Gone Before!"
Part 2 - "Turbo Ninja Zeo Rangers Lost in a Galaxy in Time!"
Part 3 - "The Digi-Awards 2001"

Well, we're starting to edge closer to the end of this particular arc, so, to kick things off for part 5, let's take a little look in on Earth, and see what's been happening in the crew's absence...

- - -

In the Fox Kids building...

CEO Vader: Repairs to the building after the disappearance of the Digimon recording studio have been sufficiently completed - enough for me to turn my attention to where said studio actually WENT! I've had my best men on it... and they have deduced that a disruption of reality has occurred. They've been able to trace the studio, which is apparently hopping wildly from dimension to dimension.

A voice comes from the shadows, belonging to the person who Vader is addressing.

Voice: So, what do you want us to do about it?

Vader holds out his hand. A small silver device rests on his palm.

Vader: This device is keyed to the frequency of the dimensional energy the studio is using to move though the multiverse. Using it, you can teleport yourself across the gulf of reality, to the location of the studio, where you'll be able to bring it - and everyone with it - back here.

Voice: What's in it for me?

Vader: You'll... get a nice banana.

Makuramon jumps out of the shadows and does a somersault.

Makuramon: Woo-hoo! You got a deal!

Vader tosses the device, and Makuramon catches it with his tail.

Makuramon: Just in case there's any danger in the next world... I think I'll take some friends along...

The other ten Devas (sans Antylamon, naturally, as Lopmon is with everyone else in another dimension) move forward, out of the shadows, and Makuramon grins.

Chris (v/o, on the other side of the fourth wall): Well, that's just wonderful. MORE characters.

Makuramon: Just outta curiosity... not that I don't want a banana, but, why don't you go yourself?

Vader: I would, but I don't like to miss my stories.

Vader's throne spins around, and Angela Anaconda pops up on the screen in front of him.

Vader: Shooby-dooby-doo-wop-wop...

Makuramon and the other Devas nervously inch out of the room.

- - -

(or "Happy Devas!")

"Take Me To Another World!" Part Five

By Chris McFeely

- - -

Elsewhere, in the ever-familiar gulf of reality...

Terriermon and Lopmon regard Willis and Henry as the studio flies onward.

Terriermon: Y'know, I can't say as how I really *knew* this Henry guy... but I liked him, I really did. You ever think we'll get the two of them apart again?

Lopmon picks his nose.

Lopmon: I'm hungry. You want lunch?

Agumon: Actually, that's not a bad idea... can we stop somewhere?

Tai: I guess... Izzy?

Izzy: Charlene?

Charlene: Izzy?

Izzy: Tai?

Tai: Can we stop somewhere and get something to eat?

Charlene: Pfft. Fleshlings. Sure - sure - just - gimmie - a - minute...

Agumon: Are we nearly there yet?

Charlene: Just - a - little - further.

Lopmon: Are we there NOW?

Charlene: Just - a - little - further.

Lopmon and Agumon begin wrestling.

Lopmon: Get your foot off my side!

Agumon: That's MY side! See, the middle's HERE, and my foot is HERE!



Charlene: If - you - kids - don't - sit - quietly - I'm - turning - this - thing - right - around - and - going - back - to - the - world - with - the - talking - fruit - and - there's - not - gonna - be - any - lunch - for - ANYONE!

Lopmon and Agumon go into a huff.

Sora: So, where are we headed?

Charlene: I've - got - a - diner - in - a - dimension - close - by - lined - up.

Sora: Ew! With greasy, unhealthy food and fat, smelly guys behind the bar asking "what they can do ya fer?"

Charlene: We-ell... yeah. But - there's - gonna - be - frat - boys - there - too...

Sora: Count me in.

Charlene: Strap - yourselves - in - for - a - landing...


The studio materialises with a crash, in front of a diner with a large neon sign rotating on the top of it, with a bright yellow 'A' on it.

Matt: Rustic.

Joe: Uh, guys...?

Teenagers begin to crowd around the studio.

Random Teenager #1: Gee willikers! Whaddaya think it is, Slim?

Random Teenager #2: I bet it's spacemen, like in the picture shows!

Davis: ...


Charlene: Back - off - red. I'd - like - to - see - you - do - better.

Tai groans, and walks out of the studio, so all those around outside can see him.

Tai: Uhm... take me to your leader?

Random Teenager #3: Lookit his eyes, Bobby-Joe! Slim was right, it is spacemen!

Tai: I feel offended.

Random Teenager #4: Holy cats!

Everyone else carefully walks out of the studio.

Random Teenager #2: Boy howdy! There's a whole bunch of 'em! And they're all so different! This'un looks like a cat!

Gatomon: No shiiiiit.

Random Teenager #3: How many we serve you, o great space critters?

Tai: ...buy us lunch?

- - -

A little later, when everyone has finished eating...

Yolei: So what do people around here do for fun?

There's the sound of a motorcycle pulling up outside.

Random Teenager #1: Here comes Fonzie! If anyone knows fun, it's him!

The saloon doors swing, and Fonzie enters with assorted women hanging off him.

The audience whoops and hollers.

Ken: *looks around* Where is that coming from?

Fonzie: Aaaaay!

Guilmon: AIEEEE!!

Fonzie: Heeeeey, what's with all the animals, man?

Ritchie, Potsie and Ralph Malph lead Fonzie over to the Digi-crew.

Ritchie: They're not animals, Fonz, they're spacemen!

Tai: Yup. Spacemen. That's us.

Fonzie: Spacemen, huh? Think you're pretty hot stuff, aaay?

Meramon: I...

Myotismon: Don't even say it.

Fonzie: Well, can you do THIS?

Fonzie struts over to the jukebox, and swings his fist towards it.

He misses, and hits Machinedramon's toe.

Machinedramon groans and falls to bits.

Piedmon: Yes, we can do that. Quite a lot, actually.

Fonzie: Not that, I meant...

Rika: F*ckstick.

The non-Digimon-related diners gasp and stare at Rika.

Rika: What the f*ck are you looking at, asswads?

Some girls faint.

Potsie: She... she said...

Rika: F*ck. What the f*ck's wrong with saying f*ck, for f*ck's sake?

People start wrestling with each other to make it out the door.

Arnold comes out from behind the bar.

Arnold: Get out! Out of Arnold's diner! Bad for business! Very bad!

Rika flips Arnold off.

Rika: Swivel on it, Pops.

Ralph Malph: Don't you mean "Sit on it"?

Rika: Whatever you want, dickweed.

Over in a corner, Daemon, SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon talk quietly.

Daemon: You boys up for a corruptin' the innocence of an entire society?

MarineDevimon: You know I'm down, boss.

SkullSatamon: We're jivin' to your tune, daddy-o.

Daemon and MarineDevimon stare at SkullSatamon.

SkullSatamon: Sorry, hep cat... this atmosphere is getting to me... I'm feeling mighty kooky, dad. Catch... nghh... you... on the... flipside... HELP ME!

Fonzie walks outside, and indicates for everyone one to follow him.

Outside, Fonzie pats his motorcycle.

Fonzie: This here's my ride, aaaaay.

Guilmon: AIEEE!!

Fonzie: Tell you this for free, I don't like marauding spacemen comin' into this country, and stealing American jobs and ravishing American women, aaaay? That's my job.

Some of Fonzie's women congregate around Myotismon, who sweatdrops.

Piedmon: You SWORE to me! YOU SWORE!

Fonzie: So I'm gonna make you a deal. We're gonna race. Me on my ride versus one of you guys. If I win, you get out of my town. If you win, you can stay as long as you like.

Tai looks at everyone. Everyone just shrugs.

Tai: 'kay. I mean, it's not like we couldn't all beat the living piss out of you right now if we wanted to, but I guess we gotta make a fic outta this crap somehow...

Fonzie: So who's it gonna be?

Impmon: Yo, 'ey, I'm standin' here!

Fonzie looks down at Impmon.

Fonzie: You?

Impmon: You betcha.

Impmon winks at everyone.

Everyone just shrugs.

Fonzie: Deal, little guy.

Impmon: Sweeeet. Impmon, Warp-Digivolve to... BEELZEMON!

In a flash of light, Beelzemon appears, and stares down at Fonzie.

Fonzie: Aaaaay...

Guilmon: AIEEEE!!

Beelzemon: So when do we race?

Fonzie: One hour! Right here! Once around town!

Beelzemon: You got it.

Fonzie snaps his fingers, and his girls follow him as he gets on his bike and drives off.

Yolei: Well, that's just *great.*

Daemon: Boys, bring out the good stuff. For my first trick, I'm gonna make this Potsie kid really live up to his name...

- - -

On hour later...

Potsie and Daemon sit on a bench outside Arnold's, and pass a joint back and forth between them.

Potsie: Thish... ish some good... shit...

Daemon: Whu?

Potsie: I shaid... thish... ish some gooood shiiiiit...

Daemon: Dude... you're so stoned...

Potsie: Nuh-uh, you are.

Daemon: No, you are.

Potsie: Yeah... I am...

They both giggle insanely and fall off the bench, as Beelzemon paces back and forth, and Kari attempts to fend off Chachie's advances.

Chachie: Wa-wa-waaa!

Sora grabs him by the ear.

Sora: Wash your mouth out, young man.

Beelzemon: Dis is getting' ridic-a-luss! Where is dis bum?

There's a roar of an engine, and Fonzie screeches up in front of Beelzemon.

Fonzie: Ready to go?

Beelzemon puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles, and Behemoth rolls up and nuzzles against his leg, panting like a puppy. Beelzemon gets on, and revs the engine.

Beelzemon: Let's go, slick.

Ralph Malph draws a white line on the ground with a bit of chalk, and Fonzie and Beelzemon pull their cycles up level with it.

Arnold: On marks! Set! Goooo!

Joanie waves a flag, and the two zoom off, though the city.

Censor Bob: So, how long you reckon this is going to take, then?

Censor Joe looks at his watch.

Censor Joe: I'd say just another page or so, barring the sudden appearance of a bunch of new characters...

Joe and Bob wink at the camera.

Charlene: For - the - last - time - - STOP - DOING - THAT!!

- - -

Somewhere along the racetrack, Fonzie and Beelzemon are neck and neck.

Beelzemon: Give it up, ya hear?

Fonzie: The Fonz don't never give nuthin' up until he's finished!

The audience laughs and whoops again.

Beelzemon: What the--?!

The noise causes Beelzemon to swerve, and he almost looses control of Behemoth. Fonzie takes the lead.

Beelzemon: *yells at him* Whatsadamattawitchoo?!

They zoom towards the Cunninghams', as Mr. Cunningham walks outside.

Fonzie: Aaaay, Mr. C!

Fonzie streaks on past.

Mr. Cunningham: Aaaah, young people... don't appreciate what they have... I remember during the war...

Beelzemon roars by.

Mr. C: ...Maaaarrrrion, I think I need my pills.

Mrs. C: *inside house* Sit on it, Howard dear.

- - -

Meanwhile, back at the starting line (which is also the finishing line, natch)...

Izzy: I calculate that they should be at the halfway point just about now.

Charlene: Hey... I'm - picking - up - some - funky - readings...

Off to the side, there's a bit of pulsing from the Henry/Willis engine, as the air ripples.

Joe: Oh, man, you know this never leads to anything good. I'm allergic to rippling air!

There's a flash of light, and the eleven Devas appear! Makuramon holds the device Vader gave him, which is what brought them here.

Censor Joe: Told you so.

Lopmon: Hey guys! What's shakin'!

Makuramon: Excellent! We found you! We've been sent to bring you back home!

The Tamers cheer, and the Adventure kids just look puzzled, not knowing who the Devas are.

Chatsuramon: Oh, by the way, we have a message for you from the boss...

Lopmon: Yeah?

Mihiramon: Yeah, you gotta be a girl now.

Lopmon: Dude, quit yanking my chain.

Sandiramon: We're totally ssseriousss.

Indramon: Came from the Sovereign himself.

Lopmon: This wasn't in the job description...

Makuramon: So, you wanna get it over with now?

Makuramon produces a large pair of shears, and snaps them once or twice. Lopmon turns pale.

Lopmon: ...maybe we can do that later?

Makuramon: Okay, but act girly.

Lopmon: *high-pitched voice* You got it.

Tai: 'scuse me... but... who ARE these guys?


Pajiramon thwaps him on the back of the head with her crossbow.

Pajiramon: Shut uuuup, you're gonna get us in trouble again.

Vajramon: You can't tell me what to do! Just because mom liked you best!

Kumbhiramon: Whaddaya say guys, should we tell 'em who we are?

There's the sound of a drum, then music starts playing out of nowhere.

All Devas: *sing, to the tune of "Happy Days"*

"Mihira, Sandira,
Happy Devas!
Sindura, Pajira,
Happy Devas!
Vajra, Indra,
Happy Devas!
We serve the bird,
The bird's the word!
Zhuqiaomon is his na-a-a-a-ame!

We're Devas, ba-a-a-a-by!
We serve the bird!
(We're Devas, yeah!)
We're Devas, ba-a-a-a-by!
The bird's the word!
(We're Devas!)

Salutations everyone!
We think you humans are less than scum!
You should all serve Digimon!
We'll teach you partnership is wrong!"

There's a brief instrumental, as the Devas all play air guitar.

"Kumbhira, Vikarala!
Happy Devas!
Makura, Majira!
Happy Devas!
Chatsura, Antyla!
Happy Devas!
What a mon!
He's better than any of yo-o-o-o-ou!

We're Devas, ba-a-a-a-by!
We serve the bird!
(The bird's the word!)
We're Devas, ba-a-a-a-by!
We serve the bird!
We're Devas! Yeah!"

The Devas all strike a pose.

Piedmon: A marvellous use of light, colour and rhythm. I give it a 9.5.

Tai: ...yeeeeah.

Makuramon: Anyway, CEO Vader appointed us to bring you back to Earth.

Censor Steve: I knew Lord Vader wouldn't fail us!

Makuramon: We can all go back right now, if you want.

Makuramon's finger hovers over the button on the device Vader gave him.

Renamon: We can't just yet, we're not all here.

Ralph Malph: I think I see 'em!

Far down the road, a dust cloud begins to come into view, as Fonzie and Beelzemon tear up the street on the home stretch.

Ritchie: C'mon, Fonzie, you can do it!

Charlene: *bounces up and down* RUN - HIM - INTO - THE - GROUND - BEELZEMON!!

Everyone begins cheering for their respective racer, as they draw closer to the finish line, neck-and-neck once again.

Izzy readies his digital camera for a photo finish.

Then, suddenly, Fonzie veers in Beelzemon's direction, bashing up against him and his cycle.

Beelzemon: HEY! No-one said we could play dirty!

Fonzie crashes into Beelzemon one more time, and Behemoth runs off the road and crashes into some trash cans. Beelzemon is sent sprawling, as Fonzie races towards the finish line.

Beelzemon blinks.

Beelzemon: Son of a BITCH.

Beelzemon pulls out his shotguns.

Beelzemon: DOUBLE IMPACT!!

KA-BLOOEY! Fonzie's cycle explodes just short of the finish line. He's thrown clear, and everyone ducks as bits of cycle fly all over the place, but Makuramon isn't fast enough, and the silver device is knocked from his hand by the bike's kickstand.

The device flies through the air and sparks, as it lands at the feet of Jeff Nimoy. It begins to pulse with purple light and judders threateningly.

Makuramon: Get away from it!!

It's too late, though... as the device triggers, and it and Nimoy disappear in a flash of purple light.

Chatsuramon: Faaaaabulous.

- - -

For an eternity that lasts a second, the man known as Jeff Nimoy experiences a state of unreality, where he is one with everything, and everything is one with him. And then, in an eye blink that lasts forever, the moment is passed, and all he can say is...

Nimoy: Trippy.

Nimoy looks around, and finds himself in someone's living room. The door opens...

Nimoy: ...Bob?

Bob Buchholz enters, and his jaw drops.

Buchholz: ...Jeff?

"Lean On Me" plays as Jeff and Bob hug. A montage sequence of stills follows, with images of them working on scripts, eating, laughing and reading mail.

Nimoy looks up into the camera with starry eyes.

Nimoy: It's good to be back home...

There's a crack, and Nimoy's chair collapses out from underneath him. He falls back onto the floor, hard.

Buchholz: That's our Jeff!



Nimoy: ...seriously, dude, can you get me to a hospital?

- - -

Beelzemon grunts and drags Behemoth over the finish line, kicking Fonzie's body aside as he goes.

Beelzemon: Can ya FEEL THAT, HUH?! CAN YA FEEL IT?!

Beelzemon performs a victory dance consisting largely of pelvic thrusts, as Chatsuramon and Makuramon argue.

Chatsuramon: Now we're stuck here! It's because of things like THIS that I should be leader of this mission!!

Makuramon: It wasn't my fault! Go chase a cat!

Chatsuramon: Grr! *transforms into mallet and attempts to smash Makuramon*

Makuramon: *makes monkey-scream and jumps away*

Chatsuramon: Dance, monkey-boy! Dance!

Tai shakes his head.

Tai: Well... that went nowhere fast. Same situation... just eleven more characters.

Chris (v/o, other side of fourth wall): I'm just a glutton for punishment...

Beelzemon: Hell-oh! Will someone congratulate me, over here? Now we can stay as long as we want!

Daemon: Well, I reckon as how I'm about ready to get outta here...

Potsie clings to Daemon's cloak, demanding a "fix."

Rika: Yeah, I wanna be able to say f*ck again. I haven't been f*cking able to say f*ck all f*cking day long.

Beelzemon: Is youse telling me that I just ran that race for *nothing*?

BlackWarGreymon: Ah, the pointlessness of exertion, when it all comes to nothing in the end...

Apocalymon: ...when it, like so many other things, is meaningless... and hurts so very much...

Piedmon: Okay, new rule - you two are not to talk to each other any more.

Apocalymon: Thank God. He's really depressing!

Beelzemon mutters obscenities, and De-Digivolves back into Impmon.

Calumon: Never mind! You did a good thing, and doing good is great because it makes you feel nice, because you did good!

Impmon flips Calumon off, and jumps up and down on Fonzie's head.

Fonzie: Aaaay...

Guilmon: AIEEE!!

Ken: So let me see if I have this straight, here. This entire fic served absolutely no purpose, except to get rid of Jeff Nimoy and introduce the Devas.

Yolei: You're so smart. *clings onto Ken's thigh*

A bunch of girls swarm around Fonzie's body, and help him up.

Ritchie: Hey, he's really hurt!

Ralph Malph: And it's all the spacemens' fault!

Random Teenager #2: The picture shows is right, you can't never trust spacemen!

The teenagers brandish pitchforks and torches, and advance on the Digi-crew.

Izzy: Uh... I believe a tactical withdrawal and relocation to a new site may be in order...

Davis: Huh?


As the teenagers scream all the new words Rika taught them, the Digi-crew scream a bit themselves, and charge into the studio. Charlene fastens to Henry and Willis, and charges up.

Matt: Faster, FASTERRR...

Angry teenagers beat on the walls of the studio, which begin to crack.

Charlene: Hasta - lumbago - losers!!

The studio pulses again, and with a flash of light and rush of air that forces all the teens back, it disappears!

Ritchie: Gee... guess they went back to their planet...

Ralph Malph: Ya think they'll ever come back?

Potsie: *wraps arms around knees and rocks back and forth*

- - -

In that ever-familiar void...

Lopmon: That was a close one!

Makuramon: *taps foot*

Lopmon: I mean... uh... *high pitched voice* ...that was a close one!

Chatsuramon: So... this thing is what disrupted reality?

Chatsuramon gestures at Henry and Willis.

Davis: Yeah. See, when a thing that doesn't exist meets a thing that REALLY doesn't, in a plane that DOES, then the plane's captain goes crazy, and he, like, makes the plane fly to all these different places. But, like... on a COSMIC level.

Chatsuramon just stares back at Davis. The silence is broken by Charlene.

Charlene: Erm... I - don't - wish - to - alarm - anyone - but... oh - what - the - hell... there - are - too - many - people - in - here - now - and - we're - too - heavy - and - the - cracks - those - teenagers - put - in - the - walls - are - getting - worse - because - of - it. Ain't - that - a - kick - in - the - nuts?

T.K.: That's easy for you to say, you don't have any.

Charlene: PKB - U - 734/\/\3R.

Tai: So... what exactly does that mean?

Charlene: It - means - "pot - kettle - black - you - lamer." D00d - U - 4R3 - |\|0+ - 733+.

Tai: Not that, the other thing!

Charlene: Oh - right. Well - by - my - calculations - that - means - the - studio - is - going - to - fall - apart - in - about - an - hour - from - now.


Everyone looks around.

Mummymon: I *know* I don't like the sound of that...

Charlene: Oh - dear...


The floor of the studio gives way, and the walls follow suite, as the entire thing shatters into a million pieces, and the DigiDestined and Digimon are flung helplessly through the purple void of interdimensional space, all of them flying off in different directions.

Charlene spins off into the distance, still latched onto Henry and Willis. Terriermon clings to Willis's leg, as they tumble away.

Charlene: ...I - think - I - forgot - to - carry - the - one.

- - -


- - -

Everyone is strewn across the multiverse, in as many different realities as you can think of... and it's all up to Charlene to gather them together again!

May God help us all.

Tune in next time for:


...as "Take Me To Another World!" heads towards it's conclusion, and we investigate the mysteries that lie in the depths of the Barney Bag, what Skippy the Bush Kangaroo REALLY means when he makes that clicking noise, and lots more!

And I promise I'll try and get this one written faster, too. ;)

- - -