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A disruption of reality originating with Willis and Henry results in the Digimon crew getting shunted out of reality and hurled through the multiverse, dropping in on various other dimensions. To check out their assorted adventures, read:

Prologue - "Where There's a Willis, There's a Way!"
Part 1 - "To Boldly Go Where No Mon Has Gone Before!"
Part 2 - "Turbo Ninja Zeo Rangers Lost in a Galaxy in Time!"
Part 3 - "The Digi-Awards 2001"
Part 5 - "Sit On It!
Part 6 - "Hodge Podge"
Part 7 - "Do the Hokey Poké!"

After being scattered across many different worlds, the crew has now made it's way to a certain world containing similar little monsters, but have found that the disruption created by Willis and Henry has stabilised, leaving them stranded. After an encounter with three inhabitants of this dimension, and a battle to save their partners from the clutches of Team Rocket, the Digi-crew is now relaxing in the Generic City Pokémon Centre, trying to figure out how to return home.

But uncontrolled jaunts through time and space are NOT good for the fabric of reality, children. And so, we begin the final chapter!

- - -


"Take Me to Another World!" Part Eight - the jam-packed finale!

By Chris McFeely

Once again, thanks go to the many people who've suggested ideas for crossovers. Chances are a lot of them pop up in here.

- - -

Pokémon Narrator: Today, we begin our adventure, not with our heroes, but far from their present location... somewhere so secluded, not even IT knows where it is. And who should we find here...?

Mewtwo paces back and forth inside of his inner sanctum, as PikaTwo and MeowTwo (his clones of Pikachu and Meowth) watch. He shudders.

Mewtwo: I sense... a great disturbance in the fabric of reality... one that could threaten all life in existence, in this world and beyond. The question becomes... what to do?

PikaTwo: Pi-pika-pi! Pikachu!

Mewtwo: No, little one. I do not think "kill them all" would be an advantageous strategy.

MeowTwo: Meow, meow-meow, Meowth.

Mewtwo: ...yes, little one, the moon IS shiny.

There is silence, which is broken by Mewtwo sighing.

Mewtwo: It is man's world. Let man protect it. Now, where was I? Oh, yes... knit one, purl one... knit two...

- - -

Pokémon Narrator: Meanwhile, dawn breaks over Generic City, and Ash Ketchum happily greets another day...

Light streams in through the window of the rather full Generic City Pokémon centre, and Ash awakes.

Ash: Boy, it's another great morning! I reckon that today, I'll become the world's greatest Pokémon master!


Ash: Mommy says the sun comes out in the morning time. *grin*

Daemon: Ah, geez... I was hopin' this was a dream...

Daemon stands up out of the cot he was sleeping in, yawns and stretches. There's a crash, as a baseball flies through the window, and beans him in the head.

Daemon: Ow! *picks up the ball and walks to the window* Who in the...?

Daemon peers out.

Spanky: Sorry mister!

Alfalfa: Can we have our ball back?

Daemon: Ah, yeah, yeah... here. *tosses it back to them* And comb your hair.

Buckwheat: Thanks mister!

Daemon: No problem, little brotha.

Daemon turns and walks back through the room, dusting his hands off.

Daemon: Cute kids... heh... heh...

He screeches to a halt in mid-stride, and looks back over his shoulder, before scratching the side of his head.

Daemon: ...naaah. Couldn't have been!

Around the room, others start to wake up. Nurse Joy enters.

Nurse Joy: Good morning, every one. Breakfast will be ready soon, and the bathroom's down the hall.

LadyDevimon: One bathroom?

Piedmon: DIBS!

Piedmon disappears in a flash, and the sound of a slamming door is heard down the hall.

Myotismon: Ah, great. He'll be in there for hours...

- - -

At the breakfast table...

Tai: So, Sharon, you have any ideas on how to get us home?

Charlene: Normally - I'd - zap - you - for - that - but - I'm... out - of - energy - at - the - moment.

Charlene looks over at Dexter, and they both giggle like teenagers.

Tai: Ew.

Izzy: *mutters as he eats his oatmeal*

Across the room...

Chansey: Chan-chan-chanseeey. Chansey.

Nurse Joy: Empty? But the pantry was full last night... the emergency food is all we have?

Chansey: Chanseeeeeeey.

Chansey holds out a hand, in which there are a few strands of blue hair and some cookie crumbs.

Nurse Joy: I think we'd better call Officer Jenny.

Officer Jenny: No need, I'm already here.

Nurse Joy jumps.

Nurse Joy: Ah! How did you do that?

Officer Jenny: I never left. *takes a drag off the cigarette in her hand* You got anything to drink around here?

Nurse Joy: Officer, it's 9 in the morning... and we have a problem. *indicates the hair and crumbs*

Officer Jenny: Hmn... I'd say we've got a mystery here.


Officer Jenny: ...what? You want me to DO something about it? Can't you... I dunno, take the law into your own hands, or something?

Chansey: Chan-SEY!

Chansey cocks a shotgun and wanders off.


Takato: So, I suppose there's nothing to do now but wait for that Oak guy to call, huh?

Henry: Confucius say, watched telephone never boils, unless it does.

Rika: It better be soon. I can't stand hanging around these buttwipes for much longer.

Brock: I realise that you're just feeling angry because I don't feel the same way, but really, I think we can still be friends.

Misty seizes Brock's ear and drags him off.

Misty: The last thing we need is for you to create an interdimensional incident.

Togepi: Toge, toge!

Ryo: Yonder maiden is my kind of woman.

Kazu: Don't bother, Chumley. She's so obviously hot for the kid with the hat.

Misty freezes in place, releases Brock, and turns on her heel, stomping over to Kazu. She leans over, and presses her nose up against his.


Kazu: I said... uhm... it's far too hot to skid with a cat.

Misty: *blinks*

Kazu: I'm just gonna run away and hide now.


On the floor of the room ('cause that's where animals belong, godammit!)...

Pikachu: Pi-pika-chu. Pika.

Agumon: Uh-huh?

Pikachu: Pi-pi-pi. Pikachu.

Agumon: You don't say.

Gatomon: *whispers* You understand him?

Agumon: *keeps smile fixed on face* Not a word. Just keep smiling and nodding.


Suddenly, purple gas fills the corner of the room, and a voice is heard.

Voice (v/o): I am the terror that flaps in the night!

Matt: What in the...?

Voice (v/o): I am the dubbed version that cuts out important scenes!

Davis: Dude.

Voice (v/o): I... am DARKWING DUCK!

A duck in a purple suit, cape, mask and hat leaps from the cloud of smoke, which dissolves away behind him.

Darkwing Duck: Suck gas, evildoers!

DW whips out his gas gun, then pauses and looks around the room.

Darkwing Duck: ...I guess this isn't the headquarters of the Fiendish Organisation for World Larceny, huh?

Everyone shakes their heads.

Darkwing Duck: Sorry to bother you, citizens.

DW disappears in another cloud of gas.

Yolei: Well, that was unusual.

- - -

Later, outside...

Ash: You guys didn't get to meet all our Pokémon yet, so I think it's about time you did!

Ash, Misty and Brock reach for their Pokéballs.

Ash: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Heracross, Totodile, Cyndaquil - come on out!

Ash's Pokémon all materialise, and are joined by Brock and Misty's.

Heracross: Hera!

Tentomon jumps on top of Izzy's head.

Tentomon: Keep it away!

Voice (v/o): I've never seen anything like those before!

Another Voice (v/o): I reckon I could take 'em.

Everyone looks around, and sees a kid with black hair, wearing a red shirt, walking towards them, accompanied by a small, golden, insect-like robot.

Ikki: What do you say? A Robattle between your and your funny-lookin' Medabots and me and Metabee!

Ash: I dunno who you are, but these aren't robots, they're Pokémon!

Daemon: Probably the most sensible thing that kid's ever said...

Metabee: You're just afraid I'll give them a Meta-bee-boppin'.

There's the sound of an engine roar in the distance, and a motorcycle screeches up, and stops just shy of Metabee's face.

Metabee: Hey, watch it buddy! Don't make me get Meda-physical on you!

Fonzie: Aaaaay.

Guilmon: AIEEEE!!

Impmon: *blinks* Uh... hey there... good to see you're feelin' better... I didn't mean nothin' personal by, y'know, jumpin' on your head th' way I did...

Ken: Woah, woah, woah. Just wait a second. He's not from this dimension. And I'll wager you're not either. *points at Ikki and Metabee* How did you get here?

Fonzie: Darndest thing, aaaay. I, like, go to leave Arnolds, and when I get outside, the whole place is different. There's trees and stuff everywhere. But my bike was still there, aaaay.

Izzy: This is NOT a good thing.

Nurse Joy leans out of the Pokémon centre doorway.

Nurse Joy: Excuse me, but you have a phone call!

- - -

Professor Oak (on phone screen): Ah, Ash, my boy! Are all your friends there?

Ash: They're here, professor! What've you got to tell us?

Professor Oak: Some very disturbing news, my lad. It would appear that the repeated trips your friends have been taking between dimensions have seriously weakened the fabric of the space/time continuum - the walls between the worlds, if you will. The different dimensions are starting to spill over into one another!

Fonzie: Aaaaay.

Metabee: Woah.

Tai: Ask him what we can do!

Ash: What can we do, professor?

Professor Oak: Well, there's a single point where all the disruption is originating - a warp, in the nexus point of the multiverse, if you will. It's manifest in all realities, but because the instigators of this situation are in your world, it's more powerful there. I've managed to trace the energy readings and pinpoint it's location... if you put your Pokédex in the slot below... *points* ...I'll transfer the co-ordinates to it, and you can use it to get there.

Dexter: Who's, your, daddy? Who's, your, daddy?

Ash inserts Dexter, and the download begins.

Yolei: Ask him what we do when we get there!

Ash: What do we do when we get there?

Professor Oak: I don't know yet, but I trust you'll think of something. You're a bright young fellow, isn't he, Delia?

Professor Oak looks down, to what's below the screen-level.

Mrs. Ketchum: *muffled* Mm-hmn.

Dexter: Transfer, complete.

Davis: Ask him to cluck like a chicken!

Ash: Professor, will y - - HEY!

Davis snaps his fingers.

Davis: Rats. Almost.

Mrs. Ketchum appears on screen, as Professor Oak tries to catch his breath.

Ash: Oh, hi mom! What are you doing there?

Mrs. Ketchum: Professor Oak hurt his lumbago, so I made him breakfast to help him feel better. Are you wearing clean underwear?

Ash: AUGH! Mom! Not in front of my new friends...

SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon snigger in the background.

SkullSatamon: Momma's boy.

Professor Oak: We'll talk to you later, Ash! Let us know when you get to the nexus point!


Cut to Professor Oak's lab.

Professor Oak: Well, I must say, this is all very worrying.

The ground begins to shake beneath Professor Oak, and he is thrown to the floor. The tiles on the spot he was standing on begin to crack, as something tries to emerge.


Bugs Bunny: Hey... this isn't Pismo Beach! Maybe I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque...

Professor Oak: Astounding!

Bugs: Ehhh... what's up, doc?

Professor Oak: That's "professor" to you. I didn't spend five years at Poké-professor school just to be called "doctor," thank you very much.

- - -

Nurse Joy holds out the cookie crumbs and blue hair.

Freddy: Jeepers, gang. This looks like a clue to me!

Velma: Let's split up and look for more!

Shaggy: Like, I'm so weak I can barely stand... and there's no, like, food!

Scooby-Doo: Roinks! Ro rood?

Daphne: *poses*

Meanwhile, back to the actual story...

Ash flips open Dexter.

Dexter: The, nexus, point, is, some, distance, away, but, I, can, lead, us, there, without, much, trouble.

Tai: Then let's get going! The fate of the entire space/time continuum depends on us!

Takato: No pressure, or anything.

The camera pans over to the window, then it cuts to the outside, where Jesse, James and Meowth are crouching under the window ledge, listening in on the conversation.

Meowth: A rip in da world?

Jesse: The power of something like that must be incredible!

James: If we could take control of it...

Meowth: Da boss would HAVE to give us a raise!

Jesse and James smack Meowth.

Jesse: No, stupid! We could rule the world!

James: King and Queen of the entire universe!

Meowth: I always did t'ink of you as a queen, Jimbo.


Wobuffet: Wohhhh-buh-fet!

Jesse: Shhh! Return!

Wobuffet is sucked back into his Pokéball.

Meowth: I don't t'ink da boss would like it if he knew we wuz plannin' to rule da world wit'out him...

James: Well, then...

Jesse: ...the boss just won't find out!

Team Rocket laugh evilly, as the camera pans around to the front of the Pokémon Centre, and the Digi-Crew, along with Ash and co, come trooping out.

Fonzie: What about us, aaaay?

Metabee: I'll get Meda-mad you Meda-leave me behind!

Tai: Fine, follow us if you want... just don't get in the way.

Dexter: Just, follow, my, lead.

Charlene: I - do - so - love - it - when - you - take - charge.

Izzy: *grumble* Never loved it if *I* told her what to do...

Charlene: Shut - your - yap - flesh - bag.

- - -

A little later, in the forest...

Dexter: We're, on, the, right, track...


A darkened figure appears in a haze of smoke.

Davis: Who's this guy?

Figure: I am Batman.

Myotismon peers around the group to get a look at Batman.

Myotismon: OOOH! Dahling! I just love what you're doing with that outfit!

Myotismon runs up to Batman.

Myotismon: So very dark, so very chic. The cowl's a bit much, though, wouldn't you say? Look at me, I just go with a mask.

Batman: I... uh...

Myotismon: But then, I suppose, I didn't design my outfit to skulk around in the darkness, eh? I prefer people to see me! You're hiding your wonderful face, though! *tugs on his cheek* You know what would do you wonders?

Myotismon pulls out his lipstick.

Piedmon grates his teeth.

Cody: Ohhh, this won't end well...

Piedmon: HUSSY!!

Piedmon tackles Batman to the ground, and starts bashing his head off a rock.

T.K.: Jesus!

Devimon and BlackWarGreymon grab a hold of Piedmon and drag him off of Batman.

Piedmon: I'll claw your eyes out!

Davis: Yo, bat-dude, how many fingers am I holding up?

Batman: Th... three...

Davis looks down at his hand.

Davis: One... uh... two... um... hey, what comes after two, again?

Ash: Buckle.

Misty, Brock and Pikachu sweatdrop and Togepi cackles maniacally.

Batman slumps over, and Davis looks around nervously.

Davis: All in favour of moving on quickly and pretending we didn't see him?

Davis is trampled in the rush.

Shortly, Team Rocket come creeping along behind them, and James almost trips over Batman.

James: Whoops! Most of the time I don't mind being on my stomach, but there's no time for that now.

Wobuffet: Wohhhh-buh-FET!

Up ahead...

Terriermon: Is it my imagination, or is it getting dark?

Lopmon: No, you're right...

Two bright torch beams cut through the darkness again, and the sound of running footsteps can be heard. The beams focus on Makuramon.

Mulder: I found it, Scully! I found it!

Scully (v/o, somewhere off screen): Where are you, Mulder?

Mulder: I'm over here! I found the alien/human hybrid!

Makuramon: Oh, crap, not again!

Tai: Excuse me, but, we're in a bit of a hurry, so if you don't mind...

Mulder: You might be trying to wear a human disguise, alien-boy, but those giant eyes aren't fooling anyone! NOW GIVE ME BACK MY COFFEE CREAMER!!

Daemon taps Mulder on the shoulder.

Mulder: Huh...?

Daemon: Yo.


A few minutes later, Scully comes running up, and finds Mulder leaning against a tree, holding his head.

Scully: What happened, Mulder?

Mulder: Aliens... masses of them... one... attacked me... must have known I was going to be here...

Scully: Now, Mulder, I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation...

Mulder: Shut up and give me my anti brain-scan helmet.

Scully: The tin-foil hat?

Mulder: ...yes.

- - -

Terriermon: Hey, it's light again.

Renamon: That was peculiar.

Dexter: The, nexus, point, is, very, close - the, nearer, we, get, to, it, the, more, we, will, encounter, beings, who, have, spilled, over, from, other, dimensions.

Ash: When I spill something, my mommy wipes it up for me.

Izzy: Yes, well, amazingly, we don't happen to HAVE a Cosmic Space/Time WET WIPE, okay?

Ash chews on his bottom lip.

Ash: Mommy says that if you yell, you go to Hell.

Everyone looks over at Misty.


The bellow echoes through the forest, and Jesse, James and Meowth are knocked off their feet by it.

Meowth: Dat goil's got quite a mout'.

James: I prefer a good strong mouth to be on a man.

Wobuffet: Wohhhh-BUH-fet!

Jesse: We have to keep quiet! If the twerps realise we're following them, we'll never find that rip!

Up ahead again...

Metabee: Man, I'm Meda-tired of Meda-walkin'. I wanna take a Meda-break.

Ikki: Metabee, we don't have time for that now. Do you want the universe to end?

Metabee: Hey, the universe doesn't bother me, I don't bother it, you Meda-dig?

Ikki: ...that doesn't make any sense.

Metabee: Don't MAKE me Meta-bee-bop you.

Izzy looks back over his shoulder.

Izzy: The robot is very temperamental. I don't know anyone would hang around with a pile of circuits with that kind of attitude for so long.

Charlene: HEY! I - gave - you - the - best - years - of - my - life!

Dexter: Pay, no, attention, to, the, meatbag, dear.


Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the anime that never gets translated! I am...


Darkwing Duck: ...still not in the right place, eh?

Everyone shakes their heads.

Darkwing Duck: Ah, consarn it.


Davis: Hey, does anyone else hear that...?

Off in the distance, some singing can be heard.

Singing: La la la-la la-la, la la-la la-laaaa... la la la-la la-la, la la-la la LAAAA....

A troupe of small blue gnome-like things in white hats and pants walk by, below everyone's knee-height, three apples tall.

Fonzie: Aaaay!

Brainy Smurf: Oh, Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf! It's horrible, it's terrible!

Papa Smurf: Come now, Brainy, we've been lost in time before - this isn't much different.

Brainy Smurf: But Papa Smur-


Daemon looks down.

Daemon: ...whoops.

Machinedramon: Oh. Dear. God. No. The. Sanctity. Of. Life. Has. Been. Desecrated.

BlackWarGreymon: But was it truly alive? Did it truly have a heart?

BlackWarGreymon bends down and inspects the bottom of Daemon's boot.

BlackWarGreymon: Ooog... it sure did... poor little guy.

Daemon: *scrapes his boot off* Plenty more where that came from.

Back down the path...

Jesse: Did you hear that?

James: The singing?

Jesse: *fwaps James with a fan that comes out of nowhere* No! The twerp's Pokédex said we were close!

Meowth: Let's go 'round dis way. If we run, we c'n get dere before da twoips do!

Team Rocket snicker, and dart off into the forest at full tilt.

- - -

Time passes... and by and by, the forest grows denser, and then, at long last, Ash's hand, carrying Dexter, pokes out from between some trees, followed by the boy's head, as everyone cranes to see into the clearing.

Dexter: Nexus, located.

Everyone spills into the clearing, and stares at the nexus - a massive multifaceted portal, glowing a radiant green colour. A distortion is evident at its centre - the warp that's causing all the trouble. Every once in a while, the glow shifts, and something forms out of it, before bounding off into the forest. The crew watches as a sleek black car materialises.

Car: A most fascinating anomaly has occurred, Michael.

A guy pokes his head out of the car's window and regards the group.

Michael: Where in the heck are we, KITT?

Davis: It's the dude from Baywatch! Hey! Hey, dude!

Davis runs towards KITT.

KITT: One of the indigenous life forms appears to be making a hostile manoeuvre, Michael.

Davis: Can I have your...

KITT's engine revs, and he peels out of the clearing.

Davis: ...autograph. Aw, nertz!

Ken: Forget about that! We need to do something about this thing!

Everyone looks at Dexter.

Dexter: Hey, don't, look, at, me, I, just, got, you, here. You're, on, your, own, now.

Voice (v/o): Excuse me, but...

Other voice (v/o): ...maybe we could help?

Everyone looks across the clearing to see two figures emerge from behind a tree. One male, and one female, they each wear a purple jumpsuit.

Guy: I'm Zan, and this is my sister, Jana.

Girl: We're the Wonder Twins!

Misty: Well, that sounds good.

Brock: *zips over to Jana* You know, purple is my favourite colour. And it really brings out your eyes.

Jana: *tugs her hand away* Uh, yes... anyway... we think we have an idea on how to stop this thing. If you all just want to come over here...

The crew takes a step forward, and suddenly, almost have the clearing collapses, and they tumble into a massive pit. Jana punts Brock in along with them, and the "Wonder Twins" laugh evilly.

"Wonder Twins" (sarcastic): Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of a hole!

Matt: It's not... THEM again?

Misty: Well, we run into them every single day, I think it's kind of a given.

"Zan" kicks a dirt clod down into the pit, which hits Ash on the head.

Ash: I'm gonna get you for that, James!

"Zan": Close, but no cigar, kid!

Da-da, da-daaaa!


"Jana": To infect the world with devastation!

"Zan": To blight all peoples in every nation!

"Jana": To denounce the goodness of truth and love!

"Zan": To extend our wrath to the stars above!

"Jana": *sheds her costume, revealing uniform beneath* CASSIDY!

"Zan": *does the same* BUTCH!

Cassidy: Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night!

Butch: Surrender to us now, or you will surely lose the fight!


Cassidy: That's ri-ight! A powerful little knickknack like this warp registered on the scanners at Team Rocket HQ, and our boss sent us to secure it!

Butch: Even with all of these werid-lookin' otha' Pokémon, ya still FELL fer th' old hole trick!


James: And Botch!

Jesse, James and Meowth burst into the clearing, with an assortment of Smurfs clinging onto them.

Meowth: So we a got a little held up! Is dat any reason to go stealin' what we wuz gonna steal?

James: You even stole our cunningly clever hole plan!

Cassidy: I don't think the boss would be very happy to know that you were planning on taking control of this warp for your own plans, now, would he, Jess'?

Jesse: The boss doesn't have to know!

Butch: Too late!

A floating viewscreen appears behind Cassidy and Butch, and Giovanni's face appears on it.

Giovanni: Bunglers! Traitors! I've had it with your constant failures and delusions of grandeur! Butch! Cassidy! DEAL WITH THEM!

The viewscreen blinks off.

Cassidy: You heard the boss! I choose you, Raticate!



Jesse: Go, Arbok!

Arbok materialises, and smacks the Raticate down with his tail.

James: Weezing, go!

Weezing pops out, and floods the battlefield with a smokescreen.

Meanwhile, down in the pit...

Daemon: Yo, sounds like those honkies are really goin' at it.

Izzy: We can use this distraction to try and analyse the nexus! Let's go!

Ash: Bulbasaur, I choose you!

Ash tosses a Pokéball onto the ground above the hole, and Bulbasaur pops out. The little Pokémon grabs Ash with his Vine Whip and begins to slowly haul him out of the hole, as everyone else is quickly and speedily flown out by any flying Pokémon or Digimon that's handy. They all run quickly over to the nexus.

Izzy: Charlene, quick, tap into it, and...

Charlene: Don't - you - give - ME - orders - runt.


Charlene: Aw - geez - we - went - and - used - the - P - word... *sigh* ...fine - fine...

Charlene's cables lance out and bury themselves in the nexus. She immediately shrieks and withdraws them.

Charlene: AANGH!! It's - energies - are - unbelievable! I - don't - think - there's - any - way - we - could - decrease - them - now!

Piedmon: Well, that's a bugger.

Butch: Hey! Get away from there!

Butch runs towards them.

Misty: Staryu, I choose you!

Staryu: *appears* HYAH!

Staryu spins towards Butch and smashes into him, throwing him back into the battle between Arbok and Raticate.

Tai: There's got to be something we can do! Think, Izzy! THINK!

Izzy: I... I don't... I don't know...!

Suddenly, the nexus warps again, and the energy rises high into the air, coalescing. A stream of green atomic fire scorches the clearing, and a massive reptilian foot slams down into the ground, as everyone dives for cover.


Everyone looks up at the behemoth.

All: Oh, SHIT.

Godzilla roars again, and thunders off.

Ash: He's headed straight for Generic City!

Yolei: If we don't stabilise this warp to restore the continuum and send everyone back where they came from now, it'll be destroyed!

Cassidy: You're not stabilising anything! What's one tiny city compared to the power that warp possesses?


Arbok lashes Raticate with its tail, and hurls it into Cassidy, who is flies back into Butch. They both crash down into their own pit. Jesse and James peer down at them.

Jesse: Maybe the boss IS mad at as, but he can't get any madder!

James: So we may as well take you down with us! *looks back over shoulder* Go, twerps! Try and fix that warp!

Meowth: If we ain't getting' it, these two sure ain't!

Izzy: *snaps fingers* I've got it! We can't DEcrease the warp's energy, but we can INcrease it - make it grow larger before it can handle it... make it overload and destroy itself! The nexus will reset itself, and everyone should be sent back where they belong!

Sora: And how do you suggest we do that?

Charlene: BLAST - THE - THING!

Digivices flare as the Digimon Digivolve and turn on the nexus, launching their attacks at it in a steady stream. Pokéballs open, and all the Pokémon join in the effort. Flames, electricity, tentacles, bats, swords, lasers, plasma blasts, water jets, razor leaves, and even normal punches and kicks rain down on the nexus, which shudders and swells, slowly.

Izzy: It's working... but it's taking too long...!

Some of the humans look back over at Godzilla, still very visible as he grows nearer to Generic City.

Misty: Generic City will be destroyed!

Davis looks around the clearing.

Davis: Where'd that kid with the robot go? We could use some help here!

Jesse: Will we do?

Arbok unleashes a volley of Poison Sting on the warp.

James: We might not like doing the right thing, but if doing the wrong thing means getting upstaged by those two...

Weezing sprays the nexus with gas.

Meowth: ...we'd radder help ya's out!

Wobuffet: WOH-BUH-FET!

The attack goes on, as all the Digimon and Pokémon unleash their energies on the nexus. Then, above the clearing, a streak of blue light comes into view, and halts, the figure within it hovering above the clearing.

Mewtwo (thinking): What manner of energies have been unleashed here, so strong that even I could not ignore them...?

Mewtwo regards the situation below, and sees Team Rocket helping out. A brief mind-scan later, and he learns why.

Mewtwo (thinking): Hmn.... Team Rocket... for your service here this day, I shall grant you a boon. I will see to it that your master... he who created me... will remember nothing of what transpires here today. But now, the time for thought and deliberation is over...

Mewtwo streaks downward, into the midst of it all.

Mewtwo: ...let the struggle be JOINED!

Mewtwo generates a bolt of psychic energy and hurls it into the nexus along with the other attacks.

Ash: It's... Mewtwo!

Brock: And he's helping!

Mewtwo: I'm not a monster, y'know.

BlackWarGreymon: Ah, friend, I feel your pain... to be viewed as a monster, yet on the inside, you merely wish for happiness...

Mewtwo: We are both beings of artificiality... brother...

BlackWarGreymon and Mewtwo hug each other.

Devimon: Can you do this LATER?

- - -

Chansey cocks its shotgun and blasts a closet door to pieces. The Scooby gang peer inside, and see Cookie Monster, surrounded by all the food from the pantry, swallowing tins down whole an' stuff.

Velma: Jinkies!

Freddy: Ah-ha!

Freddy grabs Cookie Monster's head.

Freddy: All along, it was really...


Freddy: ...some guy's hand.

Frank Oz's Hand: And I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!

Godzilla (v/o): RAAAAAAAAAAWWWNK!!

Shaggy: Like, zoinks, man!

Nurse Joy: Oh, my!

Officer Jenny: Eh...

Everyone rushes outside, and looks up as Godzilla looms over the city.


Scooby jumps into Shaggy's arms.

Godzilla roars again, and continues to lumber forward.

- - -

Back in the clearing, things are not going well.

Pikachu: CHUUU!! Chuu... ch-chuu.. ch...

Pikachu's electricity sputters.

Ash: Pikachu! Are you okay?

Izzy: He's running out of energy... they all are!

T.K.: We need some serious help!

James: But where are we going to find that at a time like this?

Metabee (v/o): Ahem...

Everyone turns around to see Metabee, Ikki and Fonzie, with a huge army of characters behind them.

Metabee: ...this enough?

Ikki: We thought we'd need help, so we went and rounded up as many of the guys who came from different dimensions as we could!

Fonzie: AAAAAY!

Guilmon: AIEEEE!!

Tai: Well, great! Come on, everyone, just attack that big...

Skeletor: Hold on a second. Why should we?

Tai: If you don't help us, this warp's just going to grow bigger and bigger, and the walls between dimensions are going to collapse!

Izzy: The different worlds will collide with each other on a scale much grander than this... and it's entirely possible that they may cancel each other out - the entire space/time continuum could be torn asunder! The multiverse could be destroyed!

Charlene: If - you - DON'T - do - it - I'm - SO - going - to - kick - your - asses!

Ash: Come on... what do you say?

There's silence for a moment. Metabee breaks it.

Metabee: We say... it's TIME TO GET MEDA-BIZZAY!!

The Earth fairly quakes beneath everyone's feet, as the combined energies of the different dimensions are unleashed in one torrential volley. Force blasts, death rays, energy projections and laser beams join with simple strikes from fists, staffs, shields swords and clubs, and the nexus buckles under the onslaught of power... and taglines!

"I have the POWERRRR!"
"Avengers Assemble!"
"Make it so."
"Thundercats, HO!"
"It's morphin' time!"
"Snoochie Bootchies!"
"Dude, this is pretty f*cked up right here."
"Transform and Roll Out!"
"Care Bear STARE!"
"Yippie-kay-ay, muthafugga!"
"Spider-Sense... tingling!"
"Dude... I rock!"
"That's all, folks!"

An ethereal screaming noise echoes from within the nexus, as everyone turns the power up to the maximum and continues the assault.

Dexter: It's, working...!

Charlene: But - it's - still - not - enough...!

Izzy: It just needs one last push... one more bit of energy... but we don't have anything left...

Charlene: ...oh - yes - we - do.

Izzy: What do you mean?

Charlene: I - still - have - residual - traces - of - the - interdimensional - energy - inside - me. I - can - use - it - to - push - the - warp - over - the - limit.

Dexter: You, could, be, destroyed!

Charlene: Yeah - yeah... but - what - better - way - to - go - - saving - the - whole - universe?

Izzy: You can't! I won't let you!

Charlene: Cram - it - pointdexter. LET'S - ROCK.

Charlene bounces forward, towards the nexus.

Dexter: Don't, do, it!

Charlene: I've - got - to!

Izzy: Charlene, no! I didn't mean all those things I said, I still love you!

Charlene: Back - at - you... Izzy.

There is silence between the trio, with only the noise of exertion behind them, as everyone continues to pour their energy into the warp.

Charlene: Well... some - famous - last - words.... hmn... BANZAI!!

Charlene leaps into the core of the warp, and everyone ceases fire in shock and surprise. Charlene's body releases a small trail of purple energy, which begins to diffuse outwards, through the warp and the nexus. The nexus distorts, expanding outward, then crunches in on top of itself, accompanied by a colossal shockwave of energy. Zudomon and the other large Digimon shield the kids, but Team Rocket are caught in the blast, and hurled into the air.

Jesse: I guess this is the end!

James: Better to go out trying to save the world than failing to rule it!

Meowth: We're pretty good at bein' good!

All: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

Wobuffet: WOHHHH-BUH-FET!!


The shockwave of energy tosses Butch and Cassidy around inside the pit, as it spreads out from the clearing, through the forest. As it washes over any straggling beings from other dimensions, they fade away into nothing - returning to where they came from.

Godzilla's foot is raised high above the Pokémon Centre... just as it disappears, along with the Scooby gang.

Nurse Joy: Just another day in paradise...

Officer Jenny: *pulls hat down over eyes* Wake me when it's quittin' time.

The wave spreads across this world, and all others, restoring things to order, and once all is rectified, it retracts to its point of origin - as the DigiDestined and Digimon, along with the Pokémon crew, watch.

Daemon: Here it comes, yo!

Brock: What's going to happen?

Ken: If everything works out the way it should, we ought to go home!

Misty: And if it doesn't?

Ken: We could be torn to bits and hurled across space and time!

Ash: I don't like the sound of th-


- - -

Tai opens one eye, and looks around.

Tai: Hey, guys...

Everyone else looks around... at the recording studio that now surrounds them.

Sora: Are we... back...?

The doors at the far end of the studio burst open.

CEO Vader: Where in the hell have you been?

Takato: WE'RE BACK!!

Much whooping and hollering ensues. The Censors fall at the feet of CEO Vader, as Daemon exchanges high-fives with everyone, Piedmon and Myotismon hug, and Machinedramon groans and falls to bits with excitement. There's a shimmer of light in the middle of the studio, and:

Azulongmon: Badda-boom, badda-bing, I'm back! I'm front! I'm sideways! I'm every which way but loose!


*canned laughter*

Davis: We did it, dudes!

Ken: Everyone's back where they belong, and the continuum is repaired!

But then, slowly... the excitement fades... as everyone looks over at Izzy, standing alone, not moving, his head lowered.

Takato: H-hey... Izzy? Where... where's Charlene...?

Izzy says nothing for a moment, then looks up.

Izzy: She's gone.

- - -


- - -

And so, "Take Me to Another World" ends, thanks to the supreme sacrifice of one soul. But sacrifice is not without repercussions for others. So tune in next time for our epilogue:


- as the Digimon crew must explore those repercussions, and what they mean for the future. Also featuring - the never-before-told secret origins... of Charlene!

- - -


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