Disclaimer and Author's Notes - I don't own Digimon, but Marrowmon, WaterMelomon and the Censors are my characters. Before reading this, you might want to read the other two fics in this series, "The Cantaloupe Conspiracy!" and "The Grapes of Wrath!" (though they are recapped at the beginning of this fic, it might be more beneficial to read them).

Also, it's come to my attention that most of my US audience doesn't know what a marrow is... well, I got the dictionary out for a full definition, and all I got was - "a vegetable marrow." So the dictionary I was using expects the reader to know that a marrow is a kind of vegetable, and that's really all I can tell you about it. If you're still confused... uh... pretend his name is "Squashmon," or something. ^_^

- -


(Part Three of “Fruit of the DOOM!”)

By Chris McFeely

- - -

Daemon: ‘Sup, bitches? Daemon comin’ atcha, with the four-one-one for you suckas who missed last time. See, turns out that the cantaloupes what been runnin’ around were infected with a portion of the Diaboromon virus, and they DNA Digivolved into WaterMelomon! Muthaluva done made a whole mess’a the place, eatin’ anythin’ that got in his way - and once he ate enough, he Digivolved again, into Marrowmon, and used his Green Thunder technique to turn Arukenimon ovah there into a cantaloupe! Holy fyizzuck, hos, we’s in some deep shiznit! And can someone please tell me what the freakin’ FREAK a marrow is?

Paildramon: Paildramon, Mega-Digivolve to... Imperialdramon!

Imperialdramon lunges at Marrowmon, who braces himself.

Imperialdramon: Time to weed the vegetable patch!

Imperialdramon sinks his claws into Marrowmon, who screams, and lashes out with his legs.

Marrowmon: MARROW SMASH!

Imperialdramon is clobbered upside the head, and knocked backwards.

Omnimon is still recuperating, and Shakkoumon and Silphymon look at each other, and nod. They separate back into Patamon, Armadillomon, Gatomon and Hawkmon.

Patamon: Patamon, Digivolve to.... Angemon! Angemon, Digivolve to... MagnaAngemon!

Gatomon: Gatomon, Digivolve to... Angewomon!

The angels take to the air, and fly around Marrowmon, as Imperialdramon and Omnimon try to regain their senses.

MagnaAngemon: Gate of DESTINY!

MagnaAngemon opens the gate, and the roaring vortex pulls on Marrowmon. His body stays steady, but his long neck and head are pulled through the portal, which closes on his neck.

Marrowmon (muffled, on other side of gate): OW!!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

The arrow rakes Marrowmon’s body.

Marrowmon (muffled, on other side of gate): OWWWW!! Stop that, damn you, you’re not playing fair!!

Marrowmon rips the gate open and turns on the angels.

MagnaAngemon: Look! It’s Bill Murray!

Marrowmon: Where?

Marrowmon turns away.

MagnaAngemon: MagnaAngemon, Digivolve to... Seraphimon!

Angewomon: Angewomon, Digivolve to... Magnadramon!

The mega angels float in the air.

Marrowmon: Hey, you lied, Bill Murray wasn’t over-- HEY! You changed!

Seraphimon: Yah.

Magnadramon: Mm-hmn.

The angels continue to float.

Marrowmon: ...

Seraphimon: Doo-dee-doo...

Magnadramon: Dum-dee-dum...

Marrowmon: Uh... Marrow... Smash?

Marrowmon smacks the angels to the ground.

Seraphimon: Curse that contract! Fifteen second appearances only...

Magnadramon: ...and no performing any action of any kind!

Marrowmon: You look like a goat.

Magnadramon: And you look like... uh... you look like.. er... dammit.

Marrowmon: Green Thunder!

Marrowmon transforms the angels into cantaloupes.

Omnimon: Ready to go another round, Greenfinger?


Omnimon faults over the beam, and it strikes... Tai!



Everyone looks at Matt.

Matt: Uh.. I mean... noooo. Yeah. Noooo. That’s what I meant.

Tai: Bastaaaaaaaaaa....

Tai shrinks down and turns into a cantaloupe.

Sora: No! Why did it have to be TAI?

Sora picks up the cantaloupe and hugs it, holding it close to her chest.

Cantaloupe-Tai (thinks): Ohh yeah, baby...

Daemon: Boys! Get off yo’ ASSES, NOW!

MarineDevimon and SkullSatamon haul themselves up.

MarineDevimon: Think you can take us on, sucka?

Marrowmon: Sure do, fishface.

MarineDevimon: Hey... *sniff*...that was low...

SkullSatamon: See what you did now?

Devimon floats over to MarineDevimon.

Devimon: There, there... I know how much insults like that can hurt... it’s okay... the pain will go away...

Daemon: You heartless monster.

Marrowmon: Lea’me alone.

SkullSatamon: OOOH, it’s ON now!

Marrowmon: Your funeral.

Daemon: Your momma.



The two attacks rip into Marrowmon, tearing a gash in his side, but slowly, it begins to heal over. SkullSatamon clubs Marrowmon with his staff.

Armadillomon: Lookit all that tasty stuff, goin’ to waste lahke that... that’s gotta be ah crime... somewhere... I hope...

Davis: Imperialdramon, are you okay?

Imperialdramon: I’ve had better days!

Ken: I told you that you didn’t have enough strength! No-one ever LISTENS to me!

Hawkmon: What didst thou say?

Ken: Shut up, that’s not funny, they used it in the show already. And was I TALKING to you?

Hawkmon: Verily, it didst seem to me...

Armadillomon kicks Hawkmon in the butt.

Armadillomon: Shut yer hole.

Hawkmon: Shuteth thy own hole.

Armadillomon: You want a piece ah this?

Hawkmon: Thou hast thrown down the gauntlet, sirrah!

Yolei: Do we have time for this? I DON’T THINK SO!

Hawkmon: But milady, he didst--!

Armadillomon: Shut up, buster. She lahkes me more’n she lahkes you.

Hawkmon: ...whore.

Marrowmon: ExCUSE me, but I’m ATTACKING over here?

Omnimon: Ha! Sorry, we completely forgot! We were just swapping amusing anecdotes, weren’t we?

Daemon: then, she says, “No, *I’M* the hooker!”



Omnimon: “I’m the hooker...” heh... oh, god, that’s-- *BLAM!!* --ARRRGH!

Omnimon is hit by the green beam, and shrinks down, splitting into two cantaloupes.

Azulongmon: ...and if you think that’s fruity, let me introduce you to my cousin Jimmy!


*canned laughter*

Myotismon: Where’d HE come from?

Piedmon: That laughter scares me...

Azulongmon: Hey, Marrowmon, is that your face, or did you fall asleep with your head up a Raremon’s butt?


*canned laughter*

Puppetmon: *quiver* Okay, make it stop now...

Azulongmon: I heard you were so stupid, you couldn’t add fivetomon and fivetomon!

Marrowmon: ...

Azulongmon: You’d get... Tentomon!


*canned laughter*

Azulongmon floats off, deciding he’s done enough for one day, as Tentomon wakes up from his cantaloupe-induced coma at that moment for no apparent reason.

Izzy: Tentomon! Are you okay?

Tentomon: I’m fine, Izzy, but what did I miss?

Izzy: Cantaloupes, virus, Digivolved, ate, Digivolved, turning people INTO cantaloupes.

Tentomon: Good LORD! Tentomon, Digivolve to... Kabuterimon!

Kabuterimon flits up into the air.



Marrowmon’s blast collides with the Electro Shocker, and they cancel each other out.

The Censors, meanwhile, remain hidden under their table.

Censor Bob: This is the worst thing that could ever happen to us.

Censor Steve: You mean our place of business being methodically destroyed by a giant vegetable?

Censor Bob: No, I mean, we’re out of hot sauce for these enchiladas I saved!

Bob holds them up to Steve’s face.


Marrowmon hears the Censors scream, and turns his attention to them, knocking the table away.

Marrowmon: Hello and goodbye, censor scum! GR-AAAGH!

Imperialdramon leaps on Marrowmon’s back and sinks his fangs and claws into him. Mummymon points his rifle at Marrowmon as he is distracted by this.

Mummymon: For my Arukenimon! NECROPHOBIA!

The energy blasts smashes square into Marrowmon’s head.

Marrowmon: ARRRGH!! OKAY, THAT’S *IT*!!!!

The tri-pronged decal on Marrowmon’s forehead begins to glow, and his eyes seethe with energy.

Marrowmon: You asked for THIS! GREEN THUNDERWAVE!

A massive ring of energy shoots outward from Marrowmon, spreading across the room like an explosion. Anyone who gets in its way is instantly transmutated into a cantaloupe.

Matt: ARRGH!

Sora: AIIE!

Yolei: AAACK!

Mummymon: CRAAAP!

Piedmon: BUGGER!

Myotismon: DAMMIT!

Cody, Kari, T.K. : EEEIIGH!

Joe, Mimi, Garudamon, Lillymon, Zudomon: AAAAAAAAARRRGH!

Imperialdramon backs up from the blast wave, as all around him, DigiDestined and Digimon are turned into cantaloupes.

Imperialdramon: Quickly! Ken, Davis, get on my back!

Ken and Davis run towards Imperialdramon, as Kabuterimon scoops up Izzy and Charlene and flies above the wave - Armadillomon clings to his leg, and is saved. Imperialdramon and Hawkmon fly up into the air too, as does LadyDevimon. The blast wave just passes by under Devimon, as he doesn’t have any legs. Daemon is shaken by it as he floats in the air, but is unharmed. MarineDevimon and SkullSatamon are hit, however. Puppetmon hauls up the table the Censors were under, and uses it to shield himself from the blast - the Censors scrabble towards him, but Bob doesn’t make it.

Censor Bob: ARRGH! I’m melting... melting... aahhh! What a world, what a world!!!

Bob turns into a cantaloupe, and lies among the many others now littering the floor.

BlackWarGreymon emerges from underneath the pile of ceiling he was buried under last fic, as the wave dissipates, and looks around at the fruity build-up.

BlackWarGreymon: Gracious me, what ever did I miss?

Marrowmon (out of breath): Heh... heh, heh... you’ll never stop me... you hear? NEVER!

Marrowmon turns, and smashes through the wall, and lunges out into the open air. He begins to plummet down to street level.

Ken: Well, that’s not good.

Davis: He could transform the whole city if we don’t stop him - or more!

Imperialdramon: Then let’s get after him!

Armadillomon: Are you crazy? I don’t wanna be a cantaloupe - ah might eat mahself!

Hawkmon: Yea, I wouldst not wish that fate ‘pon e’en you.

Armadillomon: I thought ah told you to shut yer hole!!

Izzy: I’m in!

Kabuterimon: Me too!

Puppetmon: I... think I’m just gonna stay here...

Daemon: I’M comin’ with you! That sucka’s gonna reCOGnise! Bitch! Get ovah here!

LadyDevimon: Screw you, dickwad. I’m stayin’.

Devimon: I’m sure I can keep her company...

Daemon: *mutters*

BlackWarGreymon: I suppose I’ll go along too, not that I’ll be much use or anything...

Censor Joe: Yes, uh, we’ll just wait here... tidy up this mess...

Censor Steve: Yes, tidy. That’s right.

There’s a thundercrack down below, and a ring of green energy is visible, and screams can be heard.

Ken: He’s started already!

Imperialdramon: Let’s go!

Imperialdramon spreads his wings, and, with Armadillomon, Davis and Ken on his back, takes to the air. Hawkmon, Daemon and BlackWarGreymon all fly alongside him. Kabuterimon, with Izzy on his back, brings up the rear. In a second, they’re down at ground level.

Marrowmon: Came to join the fun?

Davis: We’re not gonna let you turn the world into a giant fruit salad!

BlackWarGreymon: ...ahh, to be like salad...

Daemon: Prepare to get a serious BEATIN’, mofo!

Marrowmon: Marrow SMASH!

Daemon and BlackWarGreymon and knocked to the ground as Marrowmon strikes them, but they get right back up again.

Armadillomon: Give me a lift!

Hawkmon picks Armadillomon up in his claws, and carries him into the air.

Armadillomon: Diamond Shell!

Armadillomon drops free, and curls into a ball, smacking Marrowmon in the face.

Marrowmon: Ow!

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

The attack rips into Marrowmon, and he yowls in pain.

BlackWarGreymon: Terra Destroyer!

Daemon: Evil Inferno!

The two attacks collide with Marrowmon, and he is sent toppling over.

Ken: Is he...?

Izzy: I think so...

Davis jumps off Imperialdramon’s back, and walks towards Marrowmon’s unmoving form. He pokes him.

Davis: Hee, squishy... it’s okay guys, he’s out of commission!

Davis turns around, grinning widely - as Marrowmon’s eyes snap open!


Davis: AWP!

Davis is struck by the energy beam, and transforms into a cantaloupe.

Ken: DAVIS!!

Imperialdramon: NOOOO!!

Daemon: Eh.

Marrowmon: Give it up, you morons! You don’t have the strength to beat me!! HAHAHAHAA!!

Marrowmon leaps to his feet, and bounds off down the street. He smashes up a cinema, a police station, and a frozen yoghurt stand as he goes, and unleashes another thunderwave, introducing another couple of dozen cantaloupes to the immediate vicinity.

Ken staggers over to the Davis-Cantaloupe (it’s wearing goggles, don’tcha know), and picks it up.

Ken: Davis...

Imperialdramon: That’s it! That’s the last straw! He’s gonna PAY!!

BlackWarGreymon: Guess so.

Izzy: Charlene, can you postulate where he might be headed?

Charlene: Do - you - really - have - to - ask? I - mean - - maybe - he’s - not - going - anywhere - in - particular! Maybe - he’s - just - making - a - MESS! FOLLOW - him - nerdboy!!

Izzy: ...ingenious!

Kabuterimon: I think we’re gonna need more firepower. Kabuterimon, Digivolve to... MegaKabuterimon!

Ken: Marrowmon must be stopped... no matter the cost.

Daemon: No matter the cost? Whee! *picks up a cantaloupe and throws it through a window*

Ken: Stop that!

Daemon: Spoilsport.

Ken: Davis is still with us... in spirit, anyway... *holds the cantaloupe* ...Imperialdramon, do you have enough power?

Imperialdramon: I’ll try... Imperialdramon, Mode Change to... FIGHTER MODE!

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode towers over everyone.

Ken: I do believe it’s time to whoop some ass.

- - -

The Digimon, carrying Ken and Izzy, are following Marrowmon’s trail of destruction.

MegaKabuterimon: He went this way...

Ken: Now, everyone remember Izzy’s plan. You all have an important part to play.

Armadillomon: Ready to go, sarge!

Hawkmon: Sally forth unto battle, sirrah!

Daemon: Word up!

BlackWarGreymon: Yeah, yeah...

MegaKabuterimon: Fully prepared!

Imperialdramon FM: Try and stop me!!

Izzy: There he is!

Izzy points, and everyone looks, as Marrowmon smashes his way through a WalMart.

Ken: The FIEND!

Charlene: Let’s - do - this!

Ken jumps off Imperialdramon’s back, and he charges forward.

Marrowmon: Back for more?

Imperialdramon FM simply dives into Marrowmon, driving them both into the ground. He grabs a handful of dirt, and throws it into his eyes.

Marrowmon: AUGH! That’s fighting dirty!


Azulongmon: *appears from nowhere* Hey! That’s MY bit!

Marrowmon shakes his head, and splutters, rubbing out his eyes. When he looks again... everyone’s gone.

Marrowmon: Hey! Where did you go? Come back here and fight like vegetables!

Marrowmon feels something tap him on the back of the head, and turns around to see Hawkmon fluttering there.

Hawkmon: ‘ello.

Marrowmon: ...

Daemon: Boo-YAH!

While Marrowmon has his back turned, Daemon and BlackWarGreymon leap out from behind buildings, each holding a cable in their hands.

Marrowmon: Wha-?!

Daemon and BlackWarGreymon tackle Marrowmon, and attach the two cables to the external prongs of his head-decal, and then jump back.

Marrowmon: What are you... doing?!

Marrowmon tries to pull the cables off, but can’t. He follows them with his eyes, and sees they are coming from Charlene, who is presently sitting in Imperialdramon FM’s hands.

MegaKabuterimon: HORN BUSTER!

MegaKabuterimon swoops down from the sky, and fires the orange beam at Marrowmon. He looks up, and automatically cries...

Marrowmon: GREEN THUNDER!!

However, instead of shooting at MegaKabuterimon, the energy from the blast is channelled down the cables into Charlene, as the Horn Buster smashes into Marrowmon, knocking him over.

Charlene: Connection - established! Power - drain - beginning!

Charlene begins to suck the energy clean out of Marrowmon, until she is glowing and vibrating fiercely.

Marrowmon: No...!

Marrowmon also begins to glow - he has lost so much energy that he De-Digivolves back into WaterMelomon! The cables simply drop to the ground.

WaterMelomon: No... this is impossible!

Imperialdramon FM: Well then, impossible, be my dream!

Charlene: Here - it - comes!

Charlene retracts the cables, and Izzy and Ken quickly attach them to Imperialdramon FM.

Charlene: Transferring!

Imperialdramon pulses with energy, as Charlene pumps it straight into him.

Charlene: Abandon - ship!

Charlene hops out of Imperialdramon’s hands, and is caught by Izzy, as, between Imperialdramon’s palms, now with enough energy to do so, he summons his Giga Crusher cannon.

WaterMelomon: That... that won’t hurt me!

Imperialdramon: Care to test that theory?

Armadillomon suddenly leaps out from behind WaterMelomon, and sinks his jaws into the villain’s fruity flesh, ripping a large hole in his underbelly.

WaterMelomon: ARRRGH!

Armadillomon: *chews for a moment* EWW! *spits the mouthful out* Guess ah was wrong about the tasty thing...

WaterMelomon looks around frantically, searching for a source of energy to consume so that he can heal the damage, but there is nothing.

WaterMelomon: No... this can’t happen! I’m not weak like you... the virus makes me strong! I’m STRONG!!

Imperialdramon: No. You are the weakest link - goodbye! GIGA CRUSHER!!

WaterMelomon: NOOOOO!!!

Imperialdramon’s cannon explodes into life, firing the bluish beam of energy straight into the soft, exposed inner-flesh visible in WaterMelomon’s underbelly. The beam holds steady for a few seconds... and then...


WaterMelomon explodes, and watermelon chunks rain down across the whole city block. Imperialdramon’s cannon vanishes, and he drops to his knees before De-Digivolving back into Wormmon and Veemon. MegaKabuterimon reverts into Tentomon, and everyone cheers.

Armadillomon: We did it! We done stopped the varmint!

Izzy: Ken... what’s wrong?

Ken holds up the Davis-Cantaloupe.

Ken: They’re... not changing back.

Everyone looks around, and sees that the cantaloupes which litter the street still lie there, and show no signs of changing back to people again.

Veemon: Davish ish gonna be a cantaloupe forever?

Wormmon: We... we could have just destroyed the only being who could undo this...!

Tentomon: Wait... what’s that?

Tentomon points skyward, and everyone watches as some of the watermelon chunks rise up, and come together as a glowing ball hanging in mid-air.

BlackWarGreymon: He... couldn’t be... rebuilding himself... could he?

Daemon: This is whack, man.

The glowing ball floats downward, towards Ken, and settles in his free hand, where it coalesces into...

Veemon: A Digi-Egg!

(Author’s Note - I don’t mean a Digi-Egg like the kind a Digimon hatches from, I mean a “Digi-Armour Energise” kind of Digi-Egg, ‘kay?)

Ken: A... a Digi-Egg?

Ken studies the gleaming black metallic oval, and turns it over in his hand. On one part of it, an orange symbol is emblazoned.

Ken: I... don’t recognise the Crest symbol...

Wormmon: *looks at it* I’m afraid I don’t know what it is...

Armadillomon: Beats me.

Everyone shakes their heads in turn.

- - -


For a look at this mystery Digi-Egg, click HERE

What do YOU think it could mean?

- - -

Izzy: I theorise that the destruction of the virus within WaterMelomon has freed the cantaloupes, which were given sentience by the experience. So, to repay you for saving them, and to help turn everyone back to normal, they have used the last of their energy to create this Digi-Egg. It must hold the key to reversing the transformation!

Veemon: Yeah, well, you could put it like that, or you could jusht shay it’sh a plot devishe.

Izzy: My way is more fun.

- - -


- - -


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What secrets does this new Digi-Egg hold? Find out in the epilogue to “Fruit of the DOOM!” -


- and prepare to meet two familiar faces, and a new one, the like of which you’ve never seen before!

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