A raging mob gathers around a massive wooden stake, waving pitchforks and flaming torches in the air. A single figure is bound to the stake, kindling stacked up around his feet. The mob screams bloody murder.

Kawaii Li'l Lia: We've been waiting for MONTHS!

Jet211408: You can't treat your readers like this!

Debbie (Dai-Chan): We want to know what happens next!

Marc Levy: 'pokes' get on aim lol

The figure on the stake sweats profusely as torches are waved closer. Hey... it's me! Chris!


Chris: I'll write it now! I'll write it now!

A mob member holds up a laptop, and Chris leans over, typing feverishly with his nose.

Chris: Okay, okay, I'm sorry! It's been too long! I lost my creative juice! I got a job! I had stuff to do! When we last left the Digi-Crew, Izzy, Charlene and Daemon had discovered a strange anomaly within "Digimon: The Movie" - an unidentifiable, but regularly occurring, phrase: "Factory Mark." Investigations led them nowhere, but the Censors and CEO Vader know of the mysterious inclusion, Vader more so than the others, being as he is a member of a secret cabal with such knowledge. The Frontier kids, tired of not getting anything to do, decide to take the job of figuring out what it all means! And now... we return to the story!

I'm REALLY sorry!

- - -


"The Mark of Factory Mark," Part Two - just in time for Christmas!

By Chris McFeely

- - -

We pick up right where we left off last time, as Takuya thrusts his fist into the air and the Frontier kids charge forward, down the hall, and Bokomon and Neemon watch them go.

Cut to outside the building, as the doors burst open, and the kids run out.

J.P: Man, that sure was a long corridor. It felt like it took months to get to the end!

The ground around the kids is covered with snow, and the ABC Family building behind them is decorated with Christmas lights. A large, decorative Christmas tree stands outside it.

Zoe: Was it... Christmas a minute ago...?

Koichi: Not sure...

The other five kids turn around and look at Koichi.

Takuya: Were you there when we started walking?

Koichi: Eh. *shrugs*

Everyone else shrugs, and turns back around.

Takuya: Boy, I bet it's my destiny to find out what Factory Mark is!

A gum wrapper blows past.

Takuya: Ooh, shiny! I'll bet it's my destiny to follow it!

Takuya runs off after the gum wrapper, and the others follow him.

Bokomon: ...

Neemon: ...

Bokomon: Oh, beans.

Neemon: Well, it was nice to get the spotlight while it lasted.

Bokomon: Did your pants tell you that?

Neemon: Don't be silly. They're just telling me to burn things, that's all.

Bokomon and Neemon stare at each other silently for a moment, then follow the kids down the street.

- - -

Meanwhile! At the local Toys R Us...

Davis and Takato browse the aisles. Christmas decorations are up, and seasonal muzak is piped in. Davis picks up an Inferno Laser Hypno-Magnet Batman with Launching Light-Up Bat Blades, in exciting neon puce colours.

Davis: Dude, you think Yolei would want this?

Takato: Oooookay.

Davis: *looks at the toy* I tell you, I miss when we got all the neat toys.

Takato regards a Jolly Jugglin' Spider-Man, with Jolly Jugglin' Action.

Takato: Well, yours sucked. We got the really good stuff.

Davis: Eh, maybe... but these guys...

Davis picks up an Agunimon Spirit Digivolving figure.

Davis: These just really blow.

Takato: No argument there...

Davis tosses the Agunimon back onto the shelf, and strolls over to the ten-storey-tall Lord of the Rings toy display. What he doesn't notice, however, is that, inside its packaging, the Agunimon toy's eyes start to glow...

- - -

A little later, the two of them leave the store, each carrying two bags each. The Frontier kids rush past.

Takuya: Pick up the pace, dammit! My destiny's getting away!

Davis: New kids... *shakes head* Now, lemme just make sure I got everything, here...

Davis checks his bags.

Davis: HEY! How'd this thing get in here?

Davis pulls the Agunimon toy out of his bag. Its eyes glow again.

Takato: Ooh, light up features! Hey... there one in here, too...

Takato removes a Lobomon toy from one of his bags. It does the same thing.

Davis: Dude, that's pretty freaky.

Suddenly, the Agunimon's fist jerks inside it's packaging, and punches a hole through its plastic bubble. Davis yelps and drops it.

Davis: Woah, dude! That's a little too realistic!

Takato: Needs a health... warning! *drops his Lobomon as it does the same thing*

Davis: Now that's wiggy.

Takato: The author must have got back to writing again.

Davis: Man, I hate that guy!

The Agunimon and Lobomon toys' packaging bounces around on the ground as the toys bash and crash around inside their plastic prisons, slowly tearing them apart with their little plastic hands. They leap out in unison, and growl up at Takato and Davis, lunging for their legs, grabbing onto them and biting, punching and kicking.

Davis: Ow!

Davis punts the Agunimon down the sidewalk.

Davis: Goal! Score one for the dude, dude!

Davis's sneaker bursts into flame as a little toy-sized Pyro Dart shoots up the street and hits him on the foot!

Davis: AAH! DUDE!

Takato stamps repeatedly on Davis's foot as the Lobomon toy clings onto his leg.


Takato: Sorry... ah! *shakes the Lobomon off*

Davis: Dude, I think we'd better motor...!

Takato: Seconded! RUNNN!

Davis and Takato run off up the street, leaving their bags of toys behind them, slipping around on the ice and snow, as the little Agunimon and Lobomon hiss and sneer after them.

- - -

Back at ABC Family...

Izzy and Tai hang a banner in the hallway. Charlene observes.

Charlene. Left. Left. Lefffft. LEFT. Right.

Izzy: I honestly could have sworn it was February an hour ago.


Davis and Takato burst through the doors, and slam them shut behind them.

Davis: DUDE!

Tai: Has anyone ever told you that you use that word too much?

Davis: But dude! There were the toys! With the clinging! And the fire! And the eyes!

Charlene: Somebody - get - the - sedative... he's - havin' - a - spell...

Takato: No, no, there were the toys! And the pain! Don't forget the pain!

Charlene: Tsk.


Davis and Takato cough out smoke clouds as Charlene's electrical blast fizzles out.

Charlene: Now... in - English?

Davis: Bought toys!

Takato: Digimon toys!

Davis: Eyes glowed!

Takato: Tried to hurt us!

Davis: The fire, dude! Made fire!

Izzy: I find the suggestion of animated sentient playthings highly preposterous. Have you been in the eggnog?

Davis: No, dude, it was real! Like, really real!

Tai: Suuure it was. Now, come on, pull yourselves together and help us get the rest of these decorations up.

Takato and Davis look at each other.

Takato: Maybe... we... did... imagine it?

Davis: Stranger stuff has happened, dude. I mean, I'd swear it was February an hour ago.

- - -

Chris: Okay, I took a long time! I GET it! Give me a *break*!

- - -

In the main hall, assorted other Digimon characters are busy organising for the festive season. Starmon sits atop the central Christmas tree, looking as uncomfortable as he did two years ago. Banners reading "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" are strung from the ceiling, and tinsel and glitter line the windows, as gifts are exchanged. Davis, Takato, Tai, Izzy and Charlene enter.

Takato: Place is lookin' really cool.

Takato spots Henry and Rika out of the corner of his eye.

Takato: Hey guys! They let you come in outta the dumpster, huh?

Rika: F*cking Christmas.

Henry: I do not recognise this holiday.

Takato: Oooookay.

Kazu and Kenta come a-walkin' over.

Kazu: But we do, Chumley!

Kenta: Merry Christmas!

Kazu and Kenta thrust poorly-wrapped gifts into Takato's hands.

Kazu: So what'cha get us, huh?

Kenta: Yeah, yeah, what?

Takato: Well, I, uh... y'see, there were these toys, and... I dropped my stuff, and...

Kazu: Well, that's just great. You go outta your way to get a guy a really expensive gift, and whaddaya get in return?

Kenta: Kazu, we just found them lying in the street, remember...? Next to those other bags of cool stuff we kept for ourselves?

Kazu: Kentaaaa...

Takato: In... the... street....?

The two gifts in Takato's hands suddenly jerk out of his grip, and fall to the floor, where they rip themselves open from the inside, and the Agunimon and Lobomon toys climb out.

Agunimon Toy: Fnrrr!

Lobomon Toy: Gnnnsh!

Takato's abject screams of girlish terror attract the attention of everyone in the room.

Davis: See, dude! I told you they were real!

Charlene: Well - I'll - be - a - backwards - buggered - binary - biscuit.

The two toys screech and snarl on the ground, as everyone closes in around them.

BlackWarGreymon: Strange little creatures... but are they life?

BlackWarGreymon kneels down and peers at the Lobomon. It unsheathes a laser sword, and chops his armour's nose-spike off.

BlackWarGreymon: You little BASTARD!

BlackWarGreymon aims a firm kick at Lobomon, booting it and Agunimon across the room. They fly out a window with a crash. BlackWarGreymon strokes his nose and whimpers. Davis taps the severed spike.

Davis: Aah, that'll buff right out.

Censor Joe: Well, that was anticlimactic.

The entire building suddenly begins to shake and groan.

Lopmon: I know *this* feeling, I don't like it!

There's an almighty wrenching sound, as the roof is torn to bits and peeled away from the top of the building. Gargantuan metal fingers clutch at the shorn roof, and glowing red eyes stab down at the crowd below. Those eyes belong to the Agunimon and Lobomon toys, but they're decidedly different now... huge, robotic versions of themselves, meched-out to the extreme, freshly-falling snow twinkling on their metallic armour. A red glow surrounding their body diffuses as their metamorphosis completes itself.

Agunimech: FNRRR!

Lobomech: GNNNSH!

Terriermon: BIG problems!

Henry: Size is relative. Confucius say, it's what you do with it that counts, baby, ohh yeah.

Yolei: Shouldn't somebody do something before...

Two colossal metal fists slam down into the middle of the room, shattering the floor, and creating shockwaves that throw everyone from their feet.


Lobomech: CONFIRMED.

Both of the robots open their hands, and reach for the collection of characters lying on the floor.

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Veemon: Vee Headbutt!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!



The fireballs ricochet off the robots' armoured hands, and Veemon crashes back to the floor, leaving the robots unharmed.

Charlene: Step - Aside - Boys! This - needs - a - woman's - touch! Connection - TERMINATOR!

Charlene's little D-Terminal body pulses violently as she charges up a massive electrical burst, and then lets it fly, striking the Agunimech right between the eyes.


Charlene: BLOOOT... 404... File - Not - Found.... I - know - a - little - SONG!!

The two of them shudder and shaker as the electrical umbilicus between them crackles and fizzle. The Agunimech staggers back, and bumps into the Lobomech, the aura of electricity enveloping it as well. A second later, there's a blinding flash, and Charlene lies passed out on the ground, while the two mechs reassert themselves.

Agunimech. BrrZZztT... COMPENSATE... FOR... NUISANCE...


The two robots plunge their hands back into the room, and clamp them shut over the crew, plucking out their selected "targets."

Yolei: Put me down, you creep!


Piedmon: You're touching me in my secret places!



The ground beneath our heroes shakes, as powerful rocket jets thunder into life on the soles of the robots' feet, and they take to the air, leaving crimson streaks in their wake.

Kazu: Wee, gee, I wonder where this could possibly be going.

- - -

Time passes...


Charlene (v/o): Woooo... so - cool - a - flash... I - thought - you - would - enjoy - it...

A square of light appears in the blackness, and expands to fill the screen. Izzy's looking down at it - it's Charlene's POV.

Izzy: You okay?

Charlene: Touched - that - thing's.... mind.... shock - to - the - system. Whahappa?

Ryo: Forsooth, yonder varlets did abscond with a trio of our compatriots! Strike a fearful pose!

Charlene: Oh - is - that - all? Well - don't - worry... I - got - the - big - red - one's - electronic - signature. I'll - track - the - the - buggers - down - lickety-split!

Izzy pokes Charlene's screen.

Izzy: You're being very helpful.

Charlene: Why - wouldn't - I - be - snookums?

Izzy: Oh lord...

- - -


Within an expansive, darkened room, there's a grinding of gears, as the roof overhead splits in two and pulls back. Through the gap the moonlight streams, and a brief flurry of snow enters, but it is then blocked by two huge robotic frames, and a hiss of boot jets, as the Agunimech and Lobomech land within, scorching the ground with their jet flames, and kneeling as the roof closes back over. The Agunimech drops Yolei and Censor Bob, while Lobomech drops Piedmon.

Yolei looks around, and can see nothing in the darkness.

Yolei: Where are we?

Censor Bob: Darkness... darkness closing in... Oh, God... OH GOD!! AAAAH! AAAAAAH!!

Piedmon smacks Bob.

Yolei: Ow!

Piedmon: Sorry, missed. Can't see a thing, don't you know.


Censor Bob: Ow!

Voice (v/o): SILENCE!

A booming voice cuts through the darkness, as red spotlights suddenly click on in various spots around the room. The trio look around, seeing the mechs behind them, and little else in the room. A small flight of steps is in font of them, leading up to a dais. On the dais, a throne, and behind the throne, a giant viewscreen. Beside the throne... a little Christmas tree.

Yolei: Er...

Voice (v/o): Hey, it's the holidays. Though I could have sworn it was February just the other day.

The owner of the voice sits in the throne, which is placed just so that its occupant is seated in darkness, while red spotlights illuminate either side of him. All that can be seen of him is below his knees, his legs clad in leather pants, with polished black boots on his feet.

Leather-Pantsed Man: Wait a minute... what is THIS? You only got ONE of them!



Leather-Pantsed Man: These aren't the designated targets! What happened, did you fall on your heads?!



Leather-Pantsed Man: Bah! Report to engineering for debugging. I suppose these three will have to do...

Piedmon: Is this something I'm going to enjoy, or-?

Leather-Pantsed Man: I said silence, you!

- - -

Izzy: Are you *sure* we're going the right way?

Charlene: Yessir!


Davis: Dude, I just trod in somethin' I don't even wanna think about.

Tai: *grimace* I wouldn't mind knowing why we're tromping around in the sewers, Sigourney...

Charlene: It's - simple - dearie! My - readings - indicate - that - big - red - fellow - is - underground - somewhere - and - this - is - the - most - direct - path.

Rika: Well THAT's f*cking comforting.

Charlene: Hey! We're - quite - close - now! Trajectories - shifting... just... above - us!

Everyone - Tai, Izzy, Charlene, Rika, Davis, Takato, Henry and their Digimon - look up and see a sewer grating above them.

Rika: Outta the way, f*ckwads. Digi-Modify - Power, activate!

Renamon surges with energy as Rika slashes the card, and seizes the grating with her long arms, ripping it out of the concrete that surrounds it.

Davis: Subtle, dudette.

Renamon: Hey, it's more than I usually get to do in these fics.

Terriermon: Going up!

Terriermon flits up into the sky, and hooks his ear on the edge of the hole, dangling his other ear down for everyone to climb up.

Terriermon: And for cryin' out loud, make it quick!

Accompanied by squeals from Terriermon, everyone clambers up his ears and gets through the hole. Everyone looks around, but no-one sees much of anything.

Takato: So... where are we?

Henry tries to take a step, and bumps into something.

Henry: Wise man say, need to shed a little light on the situation.

Henry holds up his Digivice and flicks it on, pointing the screen at the object he just bumped into, so that it's blue light illuminates it. Takato leans over his shoulder.

Takato: Um, guys... you might wanna have a look at this...

Everyone crowds around to see what the light is revealing. The object Henry bumped into is a stack of crates, and there are more of them surrounding the group. And emblazoned on those crates, a logo - a red box, with six white letters in it. A logo that everyone knows.

Davis: "Bandai"?

Takato: Dude, we're in the Bandai warehouse!

Davis: Oh, DUDE!! There are TOYS in these things!

Davis and Takato each grab a crate from the stacks that surround them, and get their Digimon to rip the covers off.

Tai: Davis, I really don't think this is the time...

Davis: Gheeee-hee-hee-heee... huh?

From its packing-foam surroundings, Davis pulls out the solitary object in the crate - a rather sophisticated-looking piece of electronic equipment. He turns it over in his hand, gently.

Davis: This thing better fire a missile or have light-up eyes, or somethin'...

Izzy: Oh, give me that! It's not a toy!

Izzy snatches the strange looking device from Davis's hands, as Takato pulls another one of them out of his crate.

Izzy: Looks like... some kind of cybernetic memory component... analysis, Charlene?

Light from Charlene's screen passes over the device.

Charlene: Right - on - the - money - Izzy! And - its - electrical - signature - matches - the - Agunimon - robot's - cybernetic - brain - impulses! Oh - and - if - you - push - that - button - its - eyes - light - up - and - it - shoots - a - missile.

Takato pushes the button, and its eyes light up and it shoots a missile.

Takato: Gheeee-hee-hee-heee!

Izzy: Stop that!


Voice #1 (v/o): HEY! We need another cybernetic memory module, over here!

Voice #2 (v/o): Yes, guv'nor! If I does it well, c'n I 'ave me medicine soon?

Voice #1 (v/o): We'll see!

The entire crew tenses as, a little distance away, a few door is opened, and light streams into the storage room. The owner of the second voice casts a shadow on the floor, that creeps closer and closer to the crew... until finally... the owner rounds the corner... and....


Little Timmy: *jumps a foot into the air* Stone the crows!

Let's hope long-time readers recognise little Timmy, the little Bandai Orphan with the raggedy clothes, cloth cap, exceptionally long scarf, and eyes that are huge even for an anime character, eh, folks?

Davis: Dude! I haven't seen you since the Digi-Awards two years ago!

Little Timmy: Don't jump up on a bloke like that, guv'nor... me little heart gets so weak durin' the cold, cold winters...

Timmy sniffs and wipes his nose on his scarf.

Tai: Timmy, would you happen to know anything about giant killer robot toys, would you?

Little Timmy: By crikey, me old cocksparrow, I surely would! Come an' 'ave a butcher's!

Timmy leads the crew to the edge of the doorway, and they all peer around the corner. On the other side of the doorway, there's a large room resembling a motor pool, except crouched in the middle of the floor, their eyes darkened, are the Agunimech and Lobomech. Scurrying around on the ground below them, and on scaffolding beside them, are large numbers of little orphans.

Little Timmy: See?

Tentomon: But why is Bandai building giant killer robot Digimon toys?

Little Timmy: Well, y'see, Bandai went an' canned the old Digimon line for the mo', but then, this new guv'nor came along, an' sent us up makin' these big wotsits. We doesn't complain, we gets our meals an' our medicines... *hacking cough* ...sometimes.

Izzy: A new boss...?

Voice #1 (v/o): HEY! Get your scrawny English butt over here with that module, you charming little cockney scamp!

Timmy: Eep! Yessir!

Timmy snatches the module from Izzy's hands, and runs back into the motor pool, and starts climbing up a flight of stairs in the scaffolding. The scaffolding is rather tall, so Timmy is out of breath by the time he reaches the top. The crew watches him climb, but can't see the figure waiting for him at the top because of the glare of the lights up there - the figure the first voice belongs to, the Leather-Pantsed Man.

Leather-Pantsed Man: It's about time!

Timmy hands the module to the Leather-Pantsed Man, who turns, and walks out onto a projection on the scaffolding, and inserts the module into the Agunimech's brain casing. The light returns to the robot's eyes, and a few second later, via cables connecting their heads, the Lobomech is similarly restored.

Leather-Pantsed Man: Now! Maybe you'd be so kind as to perform your mission *correctly*...

Agunimech: NEGATIVE.


The Agunimech and Lobomech spin their heads around, and beams of red light shoot from their optics, illuminating the storage room doorway, and the crew.

Izzy: Oh, figs.

Leather-Pantsed Man: YOU!

Tentomon: He sounds familiar...


Timmy: No! No, my old son! *hacking cough*


Takato: Let's go! Biomerge, ACTIVATE!

Guilmon: Guilmon, Biomerge to... Gallantmon!

Terriermon: Terriermon, Biomerge to... MegaGargomon!

Renamon: Renamon, Biomerge to... Sakuyamon!

Tai: Time to kick it, old-school!

Agumon: Agumon, Warp-Digivolve to... WarGreymon!

MegaGargomon seizes the Agunimech's hands, and grapples with it. Its motors shudder, and its eyes stare back at MegaGargomon.


MegaGargomon: Compensate THIS! Hee-YAH! MEGA BARRAGE!

MegaGargomon flings the Agunimech back into the scaffolding, and unleashes every weapon he has on the robot, creating a series of explosions and kicking up a massive cloud of dust. The scaffolding collapses, as Tentomon zips by overhead and grabs up Little Timmy before it falls out from under him. The Leather-Pantsed Man is not so fortunate.

The other three Megas, meanwhile, are occupied with the Lobomech, which has seized Gallantmon in its hand, and is attempting to grab for WarGreymon and Sakuyamon as they fly around its head.


The Lobomech reaches for one of his laser swords with his free hand.

WarGreymon: Oh, no ya don't!

WarGreymon swoops down, beating the robot's hand to his holster, and unhooking his laser sword and flying off with it. Sakuyamon follows suite, grabbing his other sword.




The Lobomech's hands fall off as WarGreymon and Sakuyamon lop them off with his own laser swords. Gallantmon bursts from the hand he's being held in as it strikes the floor.

Gallantmon: Nice work, guys! Let's finish this guy off!


Gallantmon: Shield of the Just!

Sakuyamon: Amethyst Mandala!

WarGreymon: TERRA FORCE!

A giant explosion consumes the Lobomech, at the same time as the Agunimech disappears into its own cloud of smoke.

Izzy: Nice job, guys!

Little Timmy: Cor, you lads played a blinder!

Davis: Yeah, dude, what he said!

Leather-Pantsed Man (v/o): No... no... can't end like this... must have... my... revenge...!

The Leather-Pantsed Man staggers out of the rubble of the scaffolding, not much the worse for wear. In addition to his leather pants, we can finally see more of him, now - a black velour shirt with red lining covers his top half, while on his head, black hair is slicked back with gel, as a neatly-trimmed goatee beard frames his mouth, frozen in a vicious sneer. When the light catches his eyes in just the right way, a red glint appears in them.

Takato (inside Gallantmon): It's... um...

Rika (inside Sakuyamon): Uh....

Henry (inside MegaGargomon): Er...

Tai, Izzy & Davis: CLARK NIMOY!

Veemon: Evil twin brother of former Digimon writer Jeff Nimoy?

Charlene: The - very - same!

Clark Nimoy: Yes, yes, it is I! Fear me! Fear me, I say!

Izzy: What's the purpose of all this, Nimoy? Some incredibly clichéd destroying-of-Christmas plot?

Clark Nimoy: What are you, nuts? *points at a Christmas tree in the corner* I like the holidays!

Tai: Then what?

Clark Nimoy: REVENGE!

Tai: Ain't it always...

Clark Nimoy: It's been over two years... two years since FanFictiomon cut me down... two years spent drooling into a tin cup! But then... THEY found me!

Izzy: What are you talking about? Who found you where?

Clark Nimoy: Do you recall how I was defeated before...?

- - -

(Flashing WAY back to "As The Worm Turns!")

Clark Nimoy: Say goodbye, bug boy!

FanFictiomon: Only if you do it first! IMAGINATION... UNLEASHED!!

FanFictiomon thrusts both his hands forwards, and a large sphere of energy shoots out from them, slamming into the mechanoid, toppling it over. Nimoy is knocked out of the cockpit, and falls to the ground. FanFictiomon rises, as the glowing energy ball swirls around the in the air. FanFictiomon looks down at Nimoy, and they make eye contact.

The glowing ball streaks towards Nimoy, and strikes him - but rather than knocking him out, or hurting him, is sinks inside of him, causing his whole body to glow.

FanFictiomon: When you unleash your imagination... you free your soul!

The glow dissolves around Clark, and he collapses backwards, and ridiculous grin plastered on his face.

Daemon: See? It was THAT easy.

Clark Nimoy: I'm a happy little bunny. Or a duckie.

Ken: What did you... DO to him?

FanFictiomon: My Imagination Unleashed attack induces temporary nirvana - it frees the soul from mortal concerns and constraints. It won't last long, though.

(End Flashback!)

- - -

Clark Nimoy: But... it wasn't temporary. I don't know why... I doubt even he does... but the effects stuck... my mind was... lost in the higher plains of consciousness... my body wasted as I was kept under care... then... then they came to me, and brought me back... but.... all that I had been, free from mortal concern... I could never achieve that freedom again... and THEY allowed me my revenge!

Davis: And THEY are...?

Clark Nimoy: A tale for another time! GET THEM!

With sudden ferocity, the charred metallic endoskeletons of the Agunimech and Lobomech lunge out from the pile of rubble behind Nimoy, metal fangs gritted, eyes flaming red, as they grab for the DigiDestined.

Charlene: EAT - IT!


An electricity blast leaps from Charlene's screen and slams hard into the remains of the two robots. The three of them are held together by the blast for a second, then hurled apart - the robots are flung into the wall, and, having taken all they can, they shatter, and their pieces rain down around Nimoy.

Charlene: Frickin' - waste - of - time.

Izzy: Yay! *hugs*

Clark Nimoy: Rrrgh! Very well, if I must destroy you myself, then I shall!

Nimoy steps forward, out of the dust clouds, and everyone can see that his right arm has been replaced with an excessively large cybernetic construct, with bulges of wires replicating the shape of muscles, and a large three-pronged claw for a hand.

Tai: What's THAT for?

Clark Nimoy: To make me look imposing! Works, doesn't it?

Nimoy holds up his metal arm, and a light inside somewhere clicks on. From the ceiling, Yolei, Censor Joe and Piedmon are all lowered down, tied up with a steel cable.

Clark Nimoy: I *really* wanted those three miserable Censors... I blame them for it all! But sentinels had their programs scrambled by HER... *points at Charlene* ...so I'll take my revenge where I can get it!

Charlene: Screw - that. Connection - TERMINATOR!

A blue-white bolt streaks from Charlene directly into Nimoy's metal arm. It sputters and sparks as the electricity arcs into his body, and he spasms, and falls over, his hair standing on end.

Everyone cautiously creeps over to him. Tai pokes him with his foot. He's quite unconscious.

Tai: That was... sudden.

Yolei (v/o): Hey, guys...?

MegaGargomon: On it!

MegaGargomon stomps over to the tied-up trio, and rips the cable out of the ceiling, lowering the three of them to the ground. Everyone helps to undo the cable and free the three of them.

Piedmon: *shakes the last of the cable off* Hmmph, tight and binding, in dull grey... that's an unimpressive four.

Izzy: Hey!

Everyone turns around.

Izzy: Where did Nimoy go?

The spot where Nimoy's body lay is empty now, save for the rubble... and his cybernetic arm, lying in the same position, with a few sparking wires trailing from it.

Tai: Probably disappeared into character limbo for another two years...

Izzy: This... irritates by cerebellum.

The Tamers Mega split back into their Digimon and human forms, and Takato picks up Nimoy's arm.

Takato: Woo, wooooooo.... lookit me, I'm Clark Nimoy!

Rika smacks him on the back of the head.

Tai: Come on, let's just get outta here.

Davis: Yeah, dude, we'll miss the party!

- - -

A little later, back in the ABC Family building, the Christmas celebrations are underway, despite the lack of roof and smashed-up floor. What can you do, eh?

Piedmon: So, there we were, confronted by a crazed villain intent on binding me tightly and taking his revenge on my poor, frail body...

Myotismon: Sounds like fun...

Censor Bob: Nimoy again? Has it really been two years?

Censor Steve: More than...

Censor Joe: Hello? He tried to KILL me?!

Censor Bob: My, how time flies...

Yolei: I wish you could have been there to rescue me, Kenny!

Ken: Mm-hmmmn...

Yolei: Hey! Pay attention to me!

Ken: Mmmmmm-hmmn...

Yolei: What are you DOING?

Ken points at Takato and Davis who are still fooling around with Nimoy's cyborg arm. Davis presses a button, and its eyes light up and it fires a missile.

Davis: Gheeee-hee-hee-heee!

Izzy sips on a mug of eggnog, as Charlene sits on the table beside him.

Izzy: So, what we have here is... an unknown quantity that located Nimoy, and had the capital to finance medical advances to restore him to sanity. They also have some measure of financial control of Bandai, and assigned Nimoy the controlling position there, in order to facilitate the construction of those robots. Now, the question is... who, and why?

Davis (v/o): Hey, dude?

Izzy: Hmn?

Izzy looks over, and Davis holds up Nimoy's arm so that the underside is showing. He points a gloved finger at a small logo that is stamped there - a dark green box containing two white words.

Davis: What's a "Factory Mark"?

- - -


But for now...


Little Timmy: And God Bless Us, Everyone!

Takuya: Anybody seen my destiny blow past here?

- - -


Somewhere in a darkened room, Clark Nimoy is hunched over, kneeling in the middle of the floor. A single red spotlight shines down on him, as darkness fills the rest of the room. His right human arm is still intact - the cybernetic arm was just a shell.

Clark Nimoy: I... I'm sorry, masters...

A viewscreen lights up in front of him, with a silhouette of a figure on it.

Figure (v/o): Your unauthorised activation of the sentinels cannot be brooked. You have risked exposure of the plan.

Clark Nimoy: I... I know... b-but, I was so sure I could win, that I could destroy them...

Figure (v/o): Nevertheless, you have failed.

From the darkness, rectangular red outlines appear, as a wave of obelisks slide out of the darkness, flickering with that wicked red light. They begin to close around Nimoy, until we can no longer see him.

Clark Nimoy: No... no! NO!

The camera moves off his grisly sight, into the darkness, where sits...

CEO Vader: For this, I'm missing a party?

- - -


- - -