Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, but the Fantom is my character... or is he? Maybe under the mask he's someone else... you'll find out soon enough...

Previously (in "Look! No Hands!" "The Big Comeback Special!" and "Always Room For Jell-O!"):
There's a new Fantom in town, and he's managed to re-create the D-Reaper through Jeri's puppet! But after attacks by the Tamers, the military and the power that is Bill Cosby, his control over the beast has faltered, and things are not looking good, as Izzy prepares to unmask the villain...!

- - -


"Reap What You Sow," Part Four

By Chris McFeely

- - -

Izzy: Who ARE YOU?!

Izzy grabs the Fantom's mask by the sides, and prepares to pull, when suddenly, the Fantom jerks into full awareness.

Fantom: AAH!

Izzy's hands are knocked away by the Fantom's cane, and the Fantom himself rolls to the side and jumps up.

Fantom: No! You're not supposed to know! It ruins all I've worked for!

A foot thuds down beside the Fantom, and he looks up to see Gallantmon towering over him, holding the quivering Jeri in one arm.

Fantom: Ah... hello there.

Gallantmon points his lance down at the Fantom.

Gallantmon: Why did you do this?

The Fantom starts to quiver, and begins to lose his composure again.

Fantom: No... no... you're not supposed to KNOW!

The roar of MegaGargomon's jets fills the air as he lands, and picks the Fantom up in one hand.

MegaGargomon: Let's discuss this later!

A large chaos bubble slurps past, and everyone turns to see the D-Reaper mass devour the military barricade and gurgle towards them.

D-Reaper: Surrender the oppressor!

General Confusion: RETREEEEAT!

The soldiers all haphazardly fling their equipment and themselves into the their trucks, and peel out. A few Agents bound after their trucks, but are outrun.

Kazu: I'd suggest we follow that example, dudes and chicks.

Kazu looks around to see everyone running/flying back in the direction of the temporary Hypnos base.

Fantom: Put me down! I can fix this!

Justimon: Silence, fiend! You have desecrated this land once more with the stench of evil!

Fantom: It... wasn't supposed to... be... this way...

D-Reaper: *screams after them* GLORIOUS CHAOS!

- - -

A couple of minutes later, everyone has made it back to the relative safety of the temporary base. The Biomerged Digimon have separated, and everyone surrounds the Fantom, who is backed into a corner, brandishing his cane as a weapon.

Fantom: K-keep away!


The cane is blasted from the Fantom's hands, and clatters to the ground across the room.

Izzy: Now, EXPLAIN! Before I BEAT it out of you!

Tentomon: Izzy, seriously, calm down. Blood pressure... blood pressure...!

Fantom: No... no... wasn't meant to happen... I worked so hard...

Rika: Make with the talk, jerkwad, or I start making hurt.

Fantom: I thought I could control it! I made it so that I could! I worked hard... I brought it back!

Janyu: But how? How did you do it?

Fantom: Found a trace of it... still left... dormant...

Jeri shivers a little, and rubs her hand, in memory of her puppet. Takato grimaces.

Fantom: Needed to... reactivate it... but I couldn't... had to reach out... find the power...

Izzy: What are you talking about? You couldn't reanimate the chaos? Reach out and find what?

Fantom: The... power...

The Fantom slumps to the ground, leaning against the wall, looking dazed.

Janyu snaps his fingers.

Janyu: The second signal!

Izzy slaps his forehead.

Izzy: I'd almost forgotten! That signal... you didn't make it?

The Fantom shakes his head, barely having heard the question.

Fantom: No... knew it... from before... had to find it again...

Izzy pulls out his D-Terminal.

Izzy: I uploaded the signal to my D-Terminal when I removed it from the puppet.

Izzy flicks open the lid of the small device and turns it on.

Izzy: Now, we'll s--

Charlene: IT'S - ABOUT - F*CKING - TIME!!

The speakers of the D-Terminal rattle uncontrollably as the unmistakable voice screams out of them.


Charlene/D-Terminal: NO - GODDAMN - SHIT!!

Everyone else stares in shock, except the Fantom, who burbles incoherently.

Tentomon: Merciful crap!

Izzy's voice cracks as tears run down his cheeks.

Izzy: But... but... how?!

The D-Terminal spins around in Izzy's hands, under Charlene's considerable mental control, and indicates the Fantom with its lid.

Charlene: HE - DID - IT!

There's a crackle of electricity as the D-Terminal begins to hum.

Charlene: JACKASS! I - was - just - happily - surfing - around - the - multiverse - when - YOU - go - and - pull - me - outta - there - and - stick - me - in - a - PUPPET!

Izzy: Charlene, calm down...!


A bolt of electricity lances from the D-Terminal's screen, and strikes the Fantom alongside his head, knocking him over onto his side on the floor. His charred mask flops onto the ground at Izzy's feet. As everyone holds their breath, he stoops and picks it up.

As Charlene bleeps obscenities, Takato hesitantly steps forward, towards the slumped form of the Fantom, and rolls him over onto his back... exposing his unmasked face.

Terriermon: HOLEY MOLEY!


Charlene: HOPE - YOU - ROT - IN - HELL- -

All: - -WILLIS?!

Tentomon: Who?

Willis/Fantom: AAAAARGH!!

- - -

A little later... Willis, still in the Fantom costume - sans hat and mask - remains sitting on the floor, clutching a mug of coffee, which he sips from time to time.

Izzy: I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here, Willis... now, explain.

Willis: I... I just wanted... to be noticed.

Takato: I notice you! You're WILLIS!

Willis: Please, don't humour me.

Izzy pushes Takato aside.

Izzy: Did you really think the D-REAPER was the best way to get attention?

Willis: No, no, no, you don't understand... I found the remaining trace in that puppet... took it at Charlene's wake...

Charlene: You - had - a - wake? For - me? You - DO - care!

Izzy: Not now, please...

Charlene: Oh - so - maybe - you - DON'T!

Izzy: I didn't say that, I...

Willis: BUT...

Izzy and Charlene shut up.

Willis: But... I couldn't reactivate it. No signal I could program was strong enough to reanimate the chaos. But then, I realised what I needed - the most powerful electronic signal I'd ever encountered.

Willis gestures at Izzy's D-Terminal.

Charlene: I - ain't - just - a - pretty - face - you - know.

Willis: I remembered that Charlene had a small trace of the interdimensional energy in her body when she jumped into the warp before... and I realised that I did, too. I used it to reach out, across the dimensions, and find Charlene's scattered consciousness.

Izzy: I should have known that not even a disruption of time and space could destroy your mind!

Izzy hugs the D-Terminal.

Charlene: Aaah - get - off. I - was - having - fun - out - there - going - from - world - to - world! But - then - before - I - know - it...

Willis: I pulled her mind back to his plain, and placed it in the puppet. As I did so, I accompanied it with a subroutine I'd programmed before - a program that would make the D-Reaper obey me. I could control it, so I could stop it from actually hurting anyone.

Janyu: So that's why the D-Reaper wasn't spreading...

Kenta: Hey, I was right!

Willis: I just needed the D-Reaper mass to germinate and grow for a while... but it... er... got a little out of control. Charlene's mind was being suppressed... and... uh... I don't think she could handle that - made the puppet act crazy.

Takato: No kiddin'.

Charlene: I - have - that - effect - on - people.

Willis: Then you guys extracted Charlene's mind from the puppet before I could reclaim it... that didn't matter! The D-Reaper was alive again!

Izzy: But... why the Fantom disguise? If you wanted to be noticed...

Willis: *giggles almost insanely* The Fantom would be the bad guy! And then Willis would appear and save the day! You see, I added an extra failsafe to the D-Reaper along with the subservience program - it'll compress it back and render it harmless! I - Willis - would have activated it... and then everyone would think I'd defeated the D-Reaper! They'd ALL notice me THEN! *giggles more* I needed to be noticed... no-one notices me... not any more...

Terriermon and Lopmon shift in an embarrassed fashion.

Yamaki: A failsafe?

Willis nods.

Janyu: Then activate it now!

Willis: I... can't. I need to be inside the Kernel Sphere to do it... but that's... uh... rather difficult now...

Izzy: What happened? Why did you lose control?

Willis: *sigh* I didn't take into account the fact that Charlene's mind could affect the D-Reaper so much...

Janyu: It's mutated, hasn't it?

Willis: *nods again, sadly* It's thinking like her... acting like her now...

Charlene: *angry bleep* That - just - sizzles - my - circuits! There - isn't - room - in - this - world - for - two - of - me!!

Willis slumps forward.

Willis: It's all gone wrong... I don't know what to do now...

Takato smacks his fist into his palm.

Takato: I'll tell you what we're going to do! We're going to get you into that thing, and you'll activate that whatchamacallit, and stop this whole thing!

Guilmon: Woo!

Tentomon: Yippee-kay-ay.

Charlene: Let's - ROCK.

- - -

Soon, the attack force is rallied and on the move - Biomerged Digimon fly and run ahead, as the non-Biomerged Digimon and Tamers sprint along behind them with Izzy, Tentomon, Charlene and Willis (still in the Fantom suit). Jeri has stayed behind in the Hypnos temporary base.

Willis: *wheeze* Slow... down! This is... actually... rather hard... to run... in! My... cummerbund... is... pinching!

Kazu: Quit'cher whining, Fantom-boy!

Willis: I'm not going to live this down in a hurry, am I?

Kazu: Heh, heh, you said "down."

Kenta: Huhhuhhuh.

Kazu: Hehhehheh.

Guardromon: I think you can take that as a "no," old boy.

Justimon: LO!

Everyone follows Justimon's pointing finger, and they see an Optimizer rise up over the top of a nearby building, with Bubbles flying around it. Energy blasts come raining down around the group, as Gallantmon gets in front and protects them with his shield.

D-Reaper: Give us the one who violated us!

Charlene: GO - SCREW - YOURSELF!

The D-Reaper pauses, and studies Charlene.

D-Reaper: Subject: Charlene - technological lifeform partially responsible for re-establishment of the collective. Illogically linked to subject: Izumi, Koushiro - carbon-based lifeform of above-normal intellect.

Izzy: Illogically?!

Charlene: I - wouldn't - say - above - normal - - he's - really - just - cute - is - all.

Willis steps forward.

Willis: You weren't meant to do this! Didn't my program give you any knowledge of humans?

D-Reaper: Only that you all merely seek to control what is different from you. And what you cannot control, you seek to destroy.

Willis: Not even a teency bit of love and good will?

D-Reaper: Sorry, bucko. No dice.

The Optimizer lunges at the team, but Sakuyamon swoops towards it.


The Optimizer explodes as Sakuyamon's spirit-thingies impact.

Charlene: Good - riddance.

More Agents emerge from the chaos and bear down on them.

Gallantmon: We'll hold the Agents off - you go for the Kernel Sphere!

Guardromon: Pip-pip! Tally-ho, chaps!

The four Biomerged Digimon leap into battle. Shouts, cries and explosions are heard, as everyone else debates on a strategy.

Kazu: Any ideas, braniac?

Izzy: I'm working on it...

Charlene: Do - it - faster.

MarineAngemon: Nasty.

Kenta turns red and hides MarineAngemon behind his back.

Kenta: He didn't mean it, miss crazy computer electric lady, ma'am.

Tentomon: *sigh* Why do I always get stuck with these types of people?

Lopmon: Story of my life. Whup!

Suzie: Chocowate bunny!

Tentomon: Heh...

Suzie: WADYBUG!!

Tentomon: Yaargh!

Leomon: Let us stop this foolishness!

Charlene: Did - you - just - call - me - foolish?

Leomon: No... I merely meant that... uh...

A bolt of electricity leaps from Charlene's screen, and Leomon ducks as it flies past.

Kazu: That's not right...

A lamppost spontaneously falls over and crushes Leomon, killing him.

Kazu: That's the stuff.

Izzy: Shh! I think I have a plan...

- - -

In the park, there's a concert playing. The audience sways to the music, which is being played by a familiar group...

Daemon: Everybody say he-ey!

Audience: HE-EY!

Daemon: Everybody say ho-oo!

Audience: HO-OO!

Daemon: Everybody say... what the HELL IS THAT?!

Audience: What the - -


The D-Reaper's chaos swamps the area, flowing over the crowd, as Daemon, SkullSatamon and LadyDevimon fly up off the stage.

D-Reaper: Gettin' down with our bad selves.

SkullSatamon: Oy la bamba!

MarineDevimon reaches up after Daemon and co.

MarineDevimon: Hey guys! Don't leave meee - -!

The chaos flows over MarineDevimon.

Daemon: Aw, well, that's just great. Now we need a new backing vocalist!

SkullSatamon: Hey, Big D - we know them, don't we?

SkullSatamon points at a small group of figures running across the park below.

Daemon: Yo, it's the Izz-meister!

Charlene: *calls up* Word - to - your - mother.

Daemon screams like a little fairy.

Daemon: I'm seein' dead people, here! She look a little different, but it's her! Oh... god... the flashbacks!

LadyDevimon: He's off again...

Daemon: Just like it was in the Gulf...

- - -

Down below...

Izzy: Okay, Charlene, you can pinpoint the location of the Kernel Sphere with your scanners.

Charlene: Roger.

Izzy: Tentomon, Guardromon, Lopmon - you draw the D-Reaper's attention. Create a distraction.

Guardromon: Righty-o!

Lopmon: Wotcher.

Tentomon: WhatEVER...

Izzy: And MarineAngemon, you can lift us up to the sphere when we find it.

MarineAngemon: Poo!

Charlene: DID - HE - JUST - CALL - ME - - ?!

Kenta: It's what he says, it's what he SAYS!

Kazu: But dude, he did say "poo." Heh, heh, hehheh.

Willis: I guess I'm ready.

Charlene: Scanning... aaaand... bingo!

Kazu: Was his name-ooo! B! I! N! G! O! B... uh...

Kenta: Not now, man.

Charlene: This - a - way!

Charlene yanks Izzy along, and everyone follows, running alongside the spreading chaos.

Charlene: Right - up - there!


Boom! Chaos showers outwards, and a portion of the Kernel Sphere can be seen peeking out.

Charlene: Am - I - good - or - am - I - good?



Their attacks plough into the chaos around the sphere, which stretches out towards them.

Izzy: Okay! You hold it back, and...

Kenta: Time to do the poo, little guy!

Kazu: Hehhehheh...

Kenta: I said not now!

MarineAngemon surrounds himself, Kazu, Kenta, Suzie, Izzy, Charlene and Willis with a bubble.


Charlene: Whose - idea - was - it - to - bring - the - kid - along?

Suzie: Funny talky pie-napple box! I WIKE YOU!

Charlene: ...I -withdraw - my - objection.

The bubble floats up to the Kernel Sphere.

Izzy: Now, we just need in. Charlene?

Charlene: Not - an - issue!

Charlene unleashes a concentrated electric blast on the sphere.

- - -


Sakuyamon: You ever feel underused?

Justimon: I cannot say as I do, fair one.

Justimon nukes a Paratice Head.

Justimon: TA-DA! Victory is mine!

Gallantmon: MegaGargomon! Watch out, behind you...!

MegaGargomon: Huh?

A Creep Hands leaps for MegaGargomon, seizes him, and hurls him out of view.

MegaGargomon: WAAAAA- -

- - -

Back at the Kernel Sphere... Guardromon blasts a chaos tendril as it reaches for the bubble.

Kazu: Is anyone else gettin' that noise?

Izzy: What noise?

MegaGargomon: - -AAAAARGH!!




MegaGargomon comes screaming down out of the sky and crashes through the bubble, which bursts, scattering everyone across the ground. MarineAngemon hits particularly hard, and is knocked out. MegaGargomon groans and splits back into Terriermon and Henry.

Henry: Wise man... once say... no pain... no gain....

Terriermon: Mou... man... tai...

Charlene rights herself.

Charlene: Wonderful - timing.

Willis: Terriermon! Are you okay?!

Terriermon: *rubs head* Just peachy.

Tentomon: I don't mean to interrupt, but...

Everyone looks up and sees the Creep Hands that threw MegaGargomon clutching Lopmon and Tentomon in its fists.

D-Reaper: Interference will not be tolerated.

Charlene: Hey - what's - that - over - there?

D-Reaper: Hmn...?



The Creep Hands explodes as Charlene blasts it. Tentomon and Lopmon fall to the ground.

D-Reaper: Bitch!

Charlene: Hussy!

D-Reaper: Tramp!

Charlene: Strumpet!

D-Reaper: Whore!

Charlene: Slut!

D-Reaper: Skank!

Kazu: Dude... this could be SO hot if it wasn't a computer and a blob...

Izzy: I think this is the distraction we're looking for...

Kenta: But MarineAngemon is out of it... *cradles him*

Terriermon and Lopmon look at each other, then at Willis, then back at each other, and nod.

Both: We'll take care of it!

They jump on Willis's shoulders, and take to the air, lifting him up to the Kernel Sphere.

Willis: How will we get in?

Sakuyamon (v/o): Allow us!

Sakuyamon and Justimon soar down from the sky, and Gallantmon bounds up, leaping from building to building.







Terriermon: BUNNY BLAST!




All the attacks smash into the Kernel Sphere, which buckles and cracks.

Izzy: Go for it!

Kazu: Do it, Chumley!

Suzie: BAD JEWW-O!

Kenta: What they said!

Willis telescopes his Fantom cane out into staff form.

Willis: Here goes nothing...

Terriermon: And a-one...

Lopmon: And a-two...

Both: HEAVE!

Terriermon and Lopmon swing Willis back and forth beneath them, and hurl him towards the Kernel Sphere. He stretches his cane out in front of him, striking the fractured spot with it. It shatters, and he flies through the hole, into the Kernel Sphere.

D-Reaper: GET OUT!!

Tentacles inside the sphere lash out at Willis, trying to bind his hands and cover his mouth, but he blocks them with his staff.

Willis: Can't make me.


Willis: You first.

Willis makes a hand gesture.



Willis: Toodles.

Willis leaps out of the Kernel Sphere and is caught by Terriermon and Lopmon, as the D-Reaper shrieks, shudders and begins to shrink.

Charlene: Y'all - don't - come - back - now - y'hear?

All across the city, the chaos begins to wither and flow towards the park, retracting, fading away. The group in the Hypnos temporary base watch. Janyu and Yamaki high-five.

Yamaki: BOO-YAH!

Janyu: Who's bad?

Riley: This abhorrent display of suppressed male homoerotic urges sickens me.

Jeri: Yay!


Back in the park, the Biomerged Digimon separate into human and Digimon, and watch as the chaos gurgles and swirls away, as though it were going down a drain. Everyone shields their eyes, as, with a final flash of light, the chaos is gone, and sitting on the ground are the concert audience, MarineDevimon, Billy Cosby and... the puppet.

Puppet: BAD!

Takato picks the puppet up and shakes it.

Takato: You're darn right it is - bad for YOU! Shakey-shakey!

MarineDevimon: *sneezes* Woah, dang... I feel like crud, yo...

Bill Cosby: Here, son, have a puddin' pop.

- - -

A short time later, everyone has returned to the Hypnos temporary base, as the clean-up operation is organised.

Yamaki: Great work, kids! You saved the world... again!

Ryo: All in a day's work for the legendary tamer and his assistants!

Everyone glowers at Ryo, but he doesn't appear to notice.

Ryo: Goodness has prevailed once again, and so I must away, to fight evil wherever else it may appear, in all it's myriad forms!

Rika: Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Ryo: You need to unwind after such a gruelling battle, maiden! Try doing so by playing my newest video game, available now at a store near you! STRIKE A POSE!

Cyberdramon: Gnnsh.

There's a faint hint of a fanfare as Ryo leaps on Cyberdramon's back, and he takes to the air, smashing a window with his exit.

Rika: *sigh* Well, I'm outta here. Too much loser-stink around. Renamon?

Renamon: Yes, Rika.

Terriermon makes another "whipped" noise.

Renamon scowls as she fades out.

Terriermon: It was him! *points at Lopmon*

Lopmon makes a choked noise from one of Suzie's death-grips.

Rika: Uh-huh. Later, buttwipes.

Rika slams the door on her way out.

Charlene: Women - like - her - give - my - sex - a - bad - name.

Everyone looks at Charlene oddly.

Charlene: WHAT?


Kenta: Not a thing!

Kazu: Gotta go!

There's a cloud of dust, and suddenly Kazu and Kenta aren't there any more.

Guardromon: *sigh* Toodle-oo, I suppose.

MarineAngemon: Poo!

Guardromon and MarineAngemon fly out the broken window.

Guardromon: I say, old son, I don't know why I put up with this, by Jove...

MarineAngemon: My calculations indicate that it is an expedient manner of achieving suitable screen and fic time, thereby exponentially increasing your popularity among the target viewing audience members.

Guardromon: Hmn? Sorry, I wasn't listening, what did you say?

MarineAngemon: Poo.

Guardromon: Too true, that.

Back inside... Henry talks to Willis.

Henry: What goes around comes around.

Willis: I know... it was stupid of me...

Charlene: And - I - owe - ya - this.


The charred Willis coughs out a smoke cloud.

Willis: I deserve that.


Willis: Ow! But not that!


Willis: CUT IT OUT!

Charlene: Okay - I'm - done.

Terriermon jumps onto Willis's head.

Terriermon: Good working with you again, Willis.

Willis: It was nice seeing you again...

Lopmon: Mm-hmn, yeah... *to Yamaki* You got any coffee around here?

Across the room, Izzy, Takato and Jeri look at the puppet, which is back in the hamster cage again.

Izzy: Scans prove there's no way the D-Reaper can free itself again... that program of Willis's is flawless.

Takato: So... what should we do with it?

Puppet: Roam wild and free!

Izzy: IIIIII don't think so.

Puppet: Bad...

Jeri: I... I'll take care of it.

Takato: HUH? Are you sure?

Jeri bends over and studies the puppet in the cage as it gums one of the bars.

Jeri: Sure... I'll keep it in the cage and feed it... I'm... I'm not afraid any more.

Jeri smiles up at Takato, who turns bright red.

Puppet: Anomaly...

Tentomon snickers.

Jeri picks the puppet out of the cage and puts it on her hand. She looks at it.

Jeri: Hi there.

Puppet: Glorious... chaos?

Charlene bounces over to the group and lands on the table in front of them.

Charlene: I - like - this - little - D-Terminal - body - - I've - lost - POUNDS - and - all - I - had - to - do - was - die!

Izzy: I'm happy for you. *smiles*

Charlene: So... all - good?

Izzy: It is... now that you're back.

Tentomon makes barfing noises behind everyone's backs.

Charlene: Good - to - BE - back. What'd - I - miss?

Izzy: Not much - everyone's away on vacation.

Charlene: So - my - death - is - cause - for - a - holiday - is - it?

Izzy: You can take it up with them when they get back...

- - -

Tai: There's that feeling of doom again!

- - -

Charlene: Well - then... home?

Izzy: Yeah... let's go home.


Willis: OWW!

Tentomon: Who's this guy, again?

- - -


- - -

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