"Diaboromon Strikes Back"This script is not intended to be an absolute to-the-letter directly-translated English version of the Japanese script, but rather, an English language adaptation that is written to have its dialogue sound and flow better, and in some cases, to better reflect the personalities of characters, than a by-the-numbers direct translation would. Dub names are used, as are character traits, such as Yolei's "perfecto!" and Davis's fondness for "dude." But don't worry - I haven't changed anything beyond that. Everything that's in the Japanese movie is represented here, and I haven't jammed any jokes in, or anything. It's just part of my attempt to make it all easier for you out there to read, understand and appreciate.

I'm unaware if there are multiple Fansubs of this movie available online, but the version I have, by UTA Fansubs, attempts to be 'kewl' by using the raw Japanese romanisations of words, rather than the refined versions (Wormmon is continuously "Bam-mumon," for example, while V-Mon is "Buimon"). The subtitles are clearly made from a direct translation that, in many places, is hard to follow and comes across as being very rough and basic, and is littered with grammar errors, spelling mistakes and unnecessary swearing. This is what prompted me to undertake this exercise, and all credit is due to UTA Fansubs for their version, which I used as the basic translation upon which my adaptation is based.

Interspliced with shots of the Internet tunnels familiar to us from the second movie, we see various sights.

First, it's a kid sitting at a computer, who watches as a Kuramon crawls across his computer screen, over a line of text, which disappears as it passes.

Next, we see Yolei in a clothing store. She pokes her head out from between the drapes of a changing booth.

Yolei: Hmm... it doesn't really suit me...

She pulls her head back inside the drapes, and we see her wearing the green and white school uniform that the older 01 kids wore during the 02 series. She fiddles with her uniform - she clearly doesn't like it.

(Note: Yolei is about to start high school, which is why she has to wear this uniform now.)

Yolei: Maybe I should I have gone to that other school...

On the top of a pile of her normal clothes, Yolei's Digivice bleeps.

In another view of one of the Internet tunnels, Kuramon start appearing and racing along it.

Some more kids are sitting at a computer. They click on the Kuramon that has appeared on their screen, and a photograph appears, of a young Tai giving the peace sign as his mother hangs up washing.

More Kuramon race down the tunnels.

Cody is at Kendo practise. He thrusts, and lets out the required cry. He removes his face mask, and we see his Digivice, also on top of a pile of his clothes, bleep. Off screen, Cody thanks his sparring partner, who is presumably his grandfather, though we don't see him.

Cody: Thank you very much.

Loads of Kuramon now fill the tunnels.

Three more kids at a computer have also clicked on a Kuramon - but the photo it has opened is different. This one is of Matt and Sora, at their current age, at the entrance to a building where a concert appears to be about to start. Sora carries a shopping bag labelled "Geraid," while posters on the wall behind them advertise "Neikd Star Live Stage!! Shocking Night Fukcing Night" (sic). Yes, really. A digital image of the Kuramon hopes around at the centre of the picture, and then, much to the surprise of the kids watching, it emerges through their computer's screen. The youngest girl, a toddler, looks at it.

Girl: Jellyfish!

More tunnels, more Kuramon.

Davis runs down a city street, carrying a kit bag. He passes by the wall of television screens that Sora walked by in the second movie, which a group of schoolboys are watching. He stops to look at the screens, which show pictures of jellyfish in tanks.

Schoolboy: It's not this kind of jellyfish, right?

Four other schoolboys, one after the other, repeat his last word.

Schoolboys: Right... Right... Right... Right...

Schoolboy: 'Cause it can live out of water, eh?

Schoolboys: Eh... Eh... Eh... Eh...

Schoolboy: Adults won't listen to us...

Schoolboys: Us... Us... Us... Us...

Davis: Jellyfish? You mean the kind that lives in the sea, right?

The boys all turn to look at him with annoyed looks on their faces, and Davis jolts.

Davis: Aah, I'll be later for soccer!

Davis starts to walk off, but the boys all surround him and cling onto him, squealing. Davis's Digivice can be heard beeping.

Davis: Aah! Shut up! Get off!

Back in the internet tunnels, the camera has reached the source of all these Kuramon - in one of the open Internet areas, a black orb is surrounded by flat, two-dimensional streams of the creatures... and within the orb... Diaboromon still lives!

- - -


English Language Adaptation by Chris McFeely

Original Japanese translation courtesy of UTA Fansubs
(Translators: FreakyJames and Hiro)

- - -

Outside of an apartment building, Davis is running along the street.

Davis: Gotta hurry, gotta hurry!

We cut to inside the apartment building, and into a specific room in a specific apartment - Izzy's bedroom. He sits at a computer, surrounded by other equipment. There's a knock at the door. Izzy stands up, and calls out a password of sorts.

Izzy: Digi?

Davis (v/o): Mon!

Davis opens the door, and enters.

Davis: Sorry I'm late...

Izzy turns, and we see that all the other DigiDestined kids are in the room. The 02 kids have their partners with them (Gatomon, Patamon, Wormmon, Poromon and Upamon).

Izzy: Is that everyone?

Cody: Mimi, Joe and Sora aren't here.

Izzy (v/o): Mimi's on her flight here from America right now.

We see Mimi on the airplane, using her fingers in a chopstick motion to indicate to the stewardess that she wants some to eat her meal with. Just before she pulls on her headphones to listen to a recoding of an orchestra that's playing on the video screen in front of her, she asks:

Mimi: What's a girl got to do to get some sticky beans around here?

Izzy (v/o): Joe has a test.

We see Joe checking his test scores at school.

Joe: I passed it... I know I passed it...!

Back in Izzy's room...

Izzy: Where's Sora?

Matt: On the tennis club trip.

We see Sora standing at a train station, looking worried as she waits.

Matt (v/o): She'll be here soon.

Davis (v/o): So what's the big deal?

Izzy holds up a remote and presses a button. A projection screen behind the kids clicks on, and they all turn to look at it.

Izzy: Take a look at this.

The photo of the young Tai appears on the scene.

Davis (v/o): *laughs* Who's this little guy?

Tai (v/o): *coughs* That would be me.

Davis (v/o): *nervously* Aaah... er...

Izzy paces in front of the screen, and clicks the remote again. The photo of Matt and Sora appears.

Izzy: These photos are being e-mailed all across the Internet.

Yolei: *scowls* Who'd pull such a dumb prank?

Izzy: It's the work of Diaboromon.

Davis: Diaboromon?

Yolei: I remember when he appeared on the Internet four years ago!

Cody: Wasn't he destroyed by Omnimon?

Matt: We thought we beat him...

Tai: But he must have survived...

Cody: What?

Izzy returns to his computer.

Izzy: He survived the battle... and he's reproduced. Using e-mail, he's entering the real world in the form of Kuramon.

Davis: The real world?

Izzy: If you open the mail those pictures come with, a Kuramon emerges from it into the real world.

Izzy opens a file on his computer, and a Kuramon appears on his screen.

Davis: Ah! Dude, is that safe?!

Izzy: Don't worry, this is just a picture.

Izzy closes the file and drags it into the recycle bin.

T.K.: Diaboromon even tired firing nuclear missiles...

Patamon: There's no telling what he'll do if he gets into the real world!

Tai: Izzy, can you open the gate to the Internet?

Matt: There's got to be a gate that he's sending the Kuramon through.

Tai smacks his fist into his palm.

Tai: Let's go get him!

Kari is about to stand up, when Davis rushes over.

Davis: I'm goin' too!

Tai ruffles Davis's hair.

Tai: You guys stay here and take care of the Kuramon. If they Digivolve in the real world, it'll be chaos!

Davis grimaces.

Izzy: Yeah, let's leave this fight to Omnimon.

Izzy sits at his computer.

Izzy: Tai, Matt - once you're online, hook up with Agumon, and follow the mail signal back to its source.

Everyone watches at Matt and Tai get up to leave. Gatomon, in Kari's arms, looks up at Kari.

Gatomon: They'll be OK, Kari, you'll see.

- - -

From an outer shot of a grocery store, we hear a woman's voice.

Woman: Matt Ishida... 980Yen...?

We see she's read the label on a package of food. She sets it down, and picks up another.

Woman: Tai Kamiya... 380 yen?

- - -

The 02 kids spread out across the city. Izzy narrates the scene.

Izzy (v/o): Keep your eyes peeled for Kuramon. Attack them if you have to - just don't let them Digivolve!

Davis and Ken run across a road. Kari and Yolei are on a train. T.K. and Cody are on a ferry. Izzy types at his computer, setting up the system he's going to need to use.

Izzy (v/o): Use your D-3s to capture the Kuramon, and transport them to my computer. I'll give Gennai a call to find out what to do with them!

We cut to a shot of bubbles filling the air, and see that Kari and Yolei have found a Kuramon. It shoots bubbles all around.

Yolei: Yes! We captured one!

The Kuramon appears on Izzy's computer, and he spins around in his chair, setting down the bottle he was drinking from.

Izzy: In you go!

Izzy drags the Kuramon into a refrigerator icon on his desktop. A counter above it switches from 0000000 to 0000001.

- - -

Somewhere else in the city, Davis and Ken are following a little girl carrying a Kuramon. She crouches down and hugs it.

Girl: No! It's mine!

Davis: Listen, kid, that thing is dangerous! You better give it to us!

The crying girl works herself down to a sniffle, and turns to look back at Davis and Ken. The two boys make pleading faces.

Ken: Come on... be a good girl and give it to us...

DemiVeemon and Wormmon appear over their shoulders, grinning.

DemiVeemon & Wormmon: Better listen...!

The little girl squeaks in surprise when she sees the two Digimon.

Girl: I'll tell my brother on you!

Davis: Umm.. .that's...

A cell phone rings. Davis lifts it to his ear - a little keychain of Matt hangs from it.

Izzy (on phone): Davis, you'd better get to Shibuya!

(Note: Shibuya is a shopping and entertainment district in the West of Tokyo.)

The call ends. Davis mutters.

Davis: Shouldn't have borrowed the phone from my sister...

As Davis walks across the front of the screen, the girl plays with DemiVeemon and Wormmon in the background as Ken takes the Kuramon.

- - -

On a soccer field, a player warms up before kicking the ball in front of him. Then, he runs forward, and gives it a firm kick. The goalkeeper saves it. Then, abruptly, a Kuramon comes bouncing onto the field, knocking over the drinks barrel, a couple of players, and sending balls flying all over the place. T.K. and Cody are in the stands, and Cody catches the ball. A loudspeaker dings.

Announcer: Please keep your pets on a leash.

Cody tosses the ball back.

Patamon: That's no pet!

Upamon: Yeah!

T.K. and Cody look at each other and nod, and stand up.

- - -

On Izzy's computer, a message from T.K. appears, reading: "We're going to send you this Kuramon." Izzy thinks out loud.

Izzy: Kuramon are small enough to transport... but if it Digivolves, their data will take up too much space, and we won't be able to...

A map of Tokyo pops up on Izzy's screen, along with an image of Tentomon, who transmits a message.

Tentomon: Izzy, Kuramon are appearing all over the city at an accelerated rate.

Izzy: Tai and the others must have entered the Internet by now... but Diaboromon's target should be Omnimon... so why are the Kuramon coming here?

- - -

Evening has begun to set in, and Davis and Ken are on a train.

Davis: How many of these stupid things are we going to have to catch?

Ken looks around the train, when a cell phone rings. Davis looks up.

Davis: Ken...!

Ken: What?

Davis gets out of his seat, and shouts a warning.

Davis: Hey, stop!

The warning comes too late, as a Kuramon pops out of a passenger's cell phone. Suddenly, another one pops out of a woman's phone, and another from another man's.

Man: Aah! What the heck's going on?!

From outside the train...

Davis (v/o): Turn those things off!

- - -

Back in Izzy's bedroom...

Izzy: Why haven't the Kuramon stopped appearing...?

- - -

The train has come into the station, and Davis and Ken step off, carrying armfuls of Kuramon.

Davis: Who told *you* to Digivolve?

Davis drags Veemon, having Digivolved from DemiVeemon, off the train.

Veemon: Well, I...

Ken: Hey, at least we captured all of them.

Izzy: Yeah, but... Izzy might get mad at us...

- - -

Izzy holds a phone to his ear as he types.

Izzy: Wh... you attacked a Kuramon?!

Davis: Yeeeah... but it didn't Digivolve...

Izzy: It didn't...? But why...

Tentomon interrupts Izzy's thoughts with an update on the situation.

Tentomon: Izzy! Tai and the others have almost made contact with Diaboromon!

- - -

In the Internet, Tai, Matt, Agumon and Gabumon fly down one of the familiar tunnels. A Kuramon smacks into Agumon and makes him spin over.

Gabumon: Be careful, Agumon!

Agumon: Yeah, yeah...

Tai: I don't get it... why are the Kuramon ignoring us?

Matt: Forget about them - we left them up to Davis and the others. We're going after the big one!

Tai: Right! Let's go!

Digivolution CGI sequence - Tai and Matt's Digivices shoot out beams of light.

Regular footage - Agumon and Gabumon glow with orange and blue light respectively.

Agumon: Agumon...!

Gabumon: Gabumon...!

The glow fades, and Agumon and Gabumon have turned into the heads of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Tai and Matt climb onto their partners, and they soar forward, down the tunnel.

Agumon & Gabumon: DNA Digivolve to...!

In a burst of light, they merge into Omnimon, who soars into one of the Internet areas, with Matt and Tai on his shoulders.

Omnimon: ...OMNIMON!

Omnimon stares up at Diaboromon's black sphere, and Diaboromon stares back from within it. The Kuramon in the area begin to swarm around Omnimon...

- - -

Back in the real world, a single Kuramon is perched on a rock in Shibuya. Davis and Ken come running out of the train station, looking around. They spot the Kuramon, and it runs off.

Davis: Let's get it!

Veemon pops out of Davis's soccer bag.

Veemon: Davis! What's...?

Veemon cuts himself off as they both look over at a large TV-screen wall, which is displaying Omnimon on the Internet. The Kuramon close in around him.

Tai: What's going on?

Omnimon: Transcendent Sword!

Omnimon's sword is unsheathed, and he slashes at the Kuramon swarm, but it has no effect, as the swarm merely breaks apart, then closes in again.

Matt: There's Diaboromon! Get him!

As Matt speaks, Diaboromon's black sphere peels away. Omnimon reveals his Supreme Cannon, and aims it at him.

Omnimon: Supreme Cannon!

The Kuramon swarm moves, blocking the blast and protecting Diaboromon, though several of the Kuramon are destroyed.

- - -

In Izzy's bedroom, Izzy jumps up out of his seat, knocking it over, as he watches the battle.

Izzy: Oh no!

Tentomon (on computer): Izzy, I've got a message from T.K. and Kari - they're going into the Internet to help Omnimon!

Izzy: I got it! Just tell them to be careful in there, okay? Diaboromon is up to something...

- - -

Out on the city streets, T.K. and Cody, and in another area, Yolei and Kari, are getting ready.

Cody: Be careful, T.K.!

Kari: It's up to you, Yolei.

Yolei: Leave everything to me!

Cut to the Internet - T.K., Kari and their Digimon fly along a tunnel.

Kari: We're coming, Tai...

T.K.: It's okay!

Patamon: We still have time!

Gatomon: We'd better hurry!

Tentomon appears on screens above their heads.

Tentomon: Be careful, guys!

- - -

Crowds are watching the battle between Omnimon and the Kuramon on the screens in Shibuya.

Davis: Woah, dude!

They overhear a person nearby...

Person: I've seen this before!

Person's friend: Yeah, I missed it 'cause my computer was broken...

- - -

A boy and a girl watch the fight on their computer.

Boy: I remember this!

We see a girl in a hospital - apparently the same girl in a hospital from the second movie - watching the fight on her computer. Then, we see a class of children - the same class from the second movie - also watching the fight.

Boy: Can't this go any faster?

We see another large group of kids - another second-movie scene.

Kid: Go get him!

- - -

Back in the Shibuya, Davis's cell phone rings.

Davis: Who could be calling at a time like this? *answers* Yo!

Izzy (on phone): Davis, Kari and T.K. have gone into the Internet to help Omnimon. It's up to you two to deal with the Kuramon now!

Izzy hangs up, and Davis clicks the phone off. He stands still for a second, and then he suddenly bursts into life and is about to run off, when Ken grabs his shirt to hold him back.

Davis: Kariiii!

Ken: No, Davis! We have to do what Izzy says!

Davis gets up in Ken's face.

Davis: And leave Kari alone in there?

Veemon: Davis! Look at that!

Veemon interrupts the two boys and points at the screens showing the Internet battle, where Angemon and Angewomon have now arrived on the scene. They are notably larger than portrayed in the series, so large that T.K. and Kari ride on their shoulders. They spot Omnimon, surrounded by the Kuramon swarm, and fly towards him.

Kari: Hold on, Tai!

As they get nearer, Diaboromon partially emerges from his sphere, and targets them with his chest cannon.

Diaboromon: Web Wrecker!

Angemon and Angewomon dodge the volley of blasts fired in their direction, as T.K. lets out an excited whoop. Omnimon turns.

Matt: T.K.!

Tai: Kari!

Diaboromon continues to blast the angels, hitting them both.

- - -

Back in Shibuya, Davis approaches a nearby civilian with a laptop.

Davis: Um... excuse me... can I borrow that... please?

Ken: Davis... what are you doing?

Davis doesn't look up from the bowing position he's in.

Davis: We can use to get onto the internet - to save Kari!

He stands up, then bows again.

Davis: C'mon, dude, let me borrow it!

The man, seeming a bit bemused, closes his laptop, and holds it out for Davis to take.

We cut to Yolei, sitting outside the restaurant with Poromon, where Kari left her. She's on her cell phone, talking to Davis.

Davis (on phone): Yolei, you've gotta open the gate onto the 'net for me!

Yolei: Wha--?!

- - -

Back in the Internet, Angemon and Angewomon continue to avoid the hail of fire from Diaboromon, but the experience is taking its toll on them. Omnimon glares up at Diaboromon, then, suddenly, all the Kuramon move, and come together in a different shape, forming a series of squares with their bodies, all in a line with the black sphere. Diaboromon and the Kuramon all then look up into the air, as, all across the surface of the Internet section that they're in, gates open. Yolei's voice can be heard, repeating one word as each new gate opens.

Yolei (v/o): Perfecto! Perfecto! Perfecto!

Cut back to Yolei on Earth, and she celebrates her successful opening of the gate, punching the air.

Yolei: Yeah! Woo-hoo!

Poromon: Wow!

Yolei pauses.

Yolei: But... did I open it too wide...?

Back on the Internet, Angemon and Angewomon fly in circles around Omnimon. Then, they fly towards Diaboromon's sphere, smashing through the walls of Kuramon, and shattering the sphere as they grab Diaboromon and thrust him back. They then come to a halt, and the disoriented Diaboromon looks around him.

Kari: Get him, Tai!

Tai: No sweat!

Omnimon streaks towards Diaboromon, sword thrust forward, and, as in their last battle, stabs him through the head with it.

T.K.: Your turn!

Matt: Yeah!

Omnimon jams his cannon up against Diaboromon's chest, and blasts him at point blank range. There's an explosion, and Diaboromon's smoking body drops from the sky. His head explodes, and as he continues to plummet, the streams of Kuramon disconnect into individuals. The kids and Digimon look around, worried, as the Kuramon fly off, through all of the gates that Yolei opened. Each time a group of Kuramon flies into one, it shuts behind them.

Tai: The gates are...

Matt: ...closing!

Kari looks down as Angewomon starts to glow.

Kari: Angewomon?

Angewomon: Don't worry, Kari - I'll get them open!

- - -

In Shibuya, cell phones start ringing all over the place. We get a close look at one as an e-mail appears on it, and the digital image of a Kuramon pops up, then emerges through the screen. Also, a massive Kuramon swarm comes through the screens showing the Internet.

Davis and Ken are holding their Digivices up to the laptop they've borrowed, about to transport themselves, but then Davis looks up at the Kuramon. Ken looks around as he gasps at the sight of the Kuramon filling the sky.

In his room, Izzy jumps up from his seat again.

Izzy: It was a trap!

Back in Shibuya...

Ken: They're... everywhere!

Davis: *growls* No kidding!

Veemon: Davis! We've got to do something!

Davis: Right!

Back with Yolei and Poromon, Yolei's on her cell again.

Yolei: What? Okay... okay, I'll get in touch with Cody... yeah, in Odaiba. Time for Yolei to do her thing!

In Shibuya again, all the Kuramon are floating aimlessly in the air. Then, suddenly, they all turn around in the air at once, and head off in one direction, floating along at ground level.

Ken: Looks like they're heading for Tokyo Harbour...

Davis: Well, we can't fight 'em in the middle of the city, that's for sure. C'mon, quick, let's get on the train, and...

Veemon: Davis!

Wormmon: Ken!

Veemon and Wormmon are being swept away in the Kuramon swarm, dragged off with it. Davis and Ken watch, a bit stunned.

Davis: Veemon...

Ken: Wormmon...

- - -

At the train station...

Announcer: Trains are currently delayed.

- - -

In Izzy's bedroom, Izzy once again jumps out of his seat, then turns around, to see that Mimi has just come through the doorway. She gives the peace sign.

Mimi: Hiiii!

Izzy relaxes, and sits back down.

Izzy: Oh, Mimi... it's you...

Mimi: Hmph! *grimaces* Is "Welcome back, Mimi!" too much to ask?

Izzy: Sorry, Mimi - we don't have time for that!

- - -

All across the city, the 02 kids are heading for Tokyo Harbour. Cody's on a street, while Yolei runs across a bridge, and Davis and Ken run to catch a bus. Davis runs into the bus stop, and staggers onward. Veemon and Wormmon are still being carried along by the Kuramon swarm.

Veemon: Where are we going?

Wormmon: Don't know...

- - -

Back at Izzy's apartment, Mimi stands with her face close to a cooling fan, her hair blown back.

Izzy: Diaboromon had this planned all along... he sent these Kuramon here so he could live on, even if he was destroyed.

Mimi: What do you mean?

Izzy: It was difficult for Diaboromon to enter the real world himself because of his data size, but much easier for the Kuramon. So he reproduced in the millions, leaving the Kuramon to take his place, even if he was beaten or destroyed. When Yolei opened the gate wide enough for them, all the Kuramon were able to enter the real world - and now there are too many of them for us to catch!

- - -

At a train station, Sora is waiting, still looking worried. An announcer's voice can be heard.

Announcer: Due to technical difficulties, all trains have been cancelled until further notice.

We see the city from an aerial view as power goes out all across the board. The city falls into darkness, as people come out their homes.

Kid: Let's go to Rainbow Bridge!

(Note: Rainbow Bridge is, surprise, a bridge overlooking Tokyo Harbour that leads into Odaiba. It was where Zudomon fought MegaSeadramon in "City Under Siege.")

We see another kid looking at an e-mail on his mobile phone, telling him to go to Rainbow Bridge. People receive the mail all across the city.

On a road bridge, Ken and Davis look down at the gridlocked roads.

Ken: We're not going to get there by taxi, either... looks like we'll have to run!

Davis (to Yolei on phone): Yolei, how's it going at the harbour?

Cut to Yolei, at the harbour with Hawkmon, and plenty of other people who have arrived.

Yolei (to Davis, on phone): Er, well...

Cody (v/o): Hey, Yolei!

Cody and Armadillomon come running up.

Yolei: Cody! (into phone) Cody's here, and we'll attack the Kuramon once you get here!

Everyone looks over into the harbour, to see that it's filled to the brim with the Kuramon.

Yolei: ...and something tells me you'd better get here fast!

Davis (on phone): On the way!

Hawkmon: I say!

At Hawkmon's cry of alarm, Yolei looks out across the water, where the Kuramon have begun to float up into the air in columns.

Davis (on phone): What's going on? Yolei? C'mon, answer me!

Yolei: They're Digivolving!

The Kuramon all float up into the sky, and gather together in one glowing mass, which grows as more and more Kuramon join it.

Yolei: Oh no... Diaboromon...!

Cody: No...

There's a flash, and the crowd gasps as the glowing mass turns into a massive Digi-Egg, just like the Digi-Egg that Parrotmon emerged from in the first movie.

Yolei: A Digi-Egg?

Cody: But what's inside?

Back in Izzy's apartment, Mimi is watching the egg in the sky from the window, while Izzy looks at it through a transmission on his computer.

Mimi: Oh no...

In the city streets, Davis and Ken are hot-footing it to the harbour.

Ken: Hurry! We have to get there before the Digi-Egg hatches!

Davis: Where *are* we?

Ken: Still in Shibuya!

Davis and Ken aren't the only ones running places - more people are running to see the strange sight above Tokyo Harbour.

Kid #1: Let's hurry!

Kid #2: You think we'll make it?

The Digi-Egg gets lower in the sky, as everyone watches.

Cody: It's going to hatch...

The egg splits open, just as Parrotmon's did in the first movie, and a new creature appears, reptilian, yet spider-like, drops from the sky, and lands in the waters of the harbour - Armageddemon!

Kid: Oh man!

Armageddemon roars, as, meanwhile, back in Izzy's room, he and Mimi watch the scene on his computer.

Izzy: So much data...

Mimi: Forget the data, how do we stop him?!

A counter on Izzy's computer continues to climb, reading the amount of data that makes up Armageddemon.

Izzy: We can't send him back to the Internet... he's too big!

Back at the harbour, the air ripples, and a beam of yellow energy shoots out of nowhere, scything through the water alongside Armageddemon, not hitting him, but succeeding in getting his attention. Armageddemon turns, to see Omnimon crouching in the waters of the bay, his cape draped around him, as Matt and Tai materialise nearby and fall to the ground. They look up at Armageddemon.

Tai: Diaboromon?

Omnimon stands up, his cape billowing out, as spectators cheer.

- - -

Davis and Ken are still running through the city, as Davis answers his phone.

Davis: Talk to me!

Yolei (on phone): Davis! The Digi-Egg hatched!

Davis: Whaaa-?!

Yolei: But Tai and the others are back, so-

Davis: Okay, we'll be there soon!

Davis, exhausted, stops to lean against a lamppost and tries desperately to catch his breath, as Ken watches him.

Davis: Dude... this is *not* good...

Davis wheezes.

Ken: Man, no wonder you can never take the ball from me!

Davis: Ah, shaddap!

- - -

Armageddemon fires a series of blasts at Omnimon, who manages to dodge them, then leaps into the air over Armageddemon, aiming his cannon at him. His first few shots miss, but then he hits Armageddemon, who disappears in the cloud of smoke kicked up the explosions. Omnimon lands and prepares to fire again, but then Armageddemon comes into view, unharmed, and shoots another powerful blast at Omnimon before he can fire. Omnimon is hit... hard.

Spectator: What's going to happen now?

Veemon and Wormmon move get a better look.

Veemon: Hurry, Davis...!

Wormmon: Ken...

- - -

Davis and Ken still haven't made it to the harbour, but it's clear that they're running out of energy, as they've slowed to little more than a tired jog.

Davis: We're not... gonna... make it....

Ken: At times like this... you overcome your weakness... with strength from within...

The sound of a bicycle bell rings up ahead, causing the two boys to stop and look. Over the horizon comes Joe, riding a bike and waving to them.

Joe: Davis!

Davis and Ken just stare back.

Davis: J-Joe...?

Joe brings the bike to a screeching halt, and flies over the handlebars. He jumps up immediately, and strikes a heroic pose.

Joe: Izzy told me you guys were coming this way - you can use my bike to get to the harbour!

Davis: Um, dude...? There are two of us...

Joe holds his pose, as a girl on a bike rides past behind them.

Girl: Coming through!

Joe breaks his pose, and sprints off screen after her.

Joe: Wait a minute!

Girl (v/o): Ahh! What? What?!

- - -

Back in the harbour, Armageddemon rains down blast after blast on Omnimon, who flies all around, dodging them, then streaking in towards Armageddemon, his sword pointed forward, stabbing it into Armageddemon's head. The effect is minimal - Armageddemon just thrashes his head back and forth, trying to shake Omnimon loose. Omnimon jams his cannon in Armageddemon's mouth, and fire down his throat, the light from the explosions inside visible through the creature's hide. But Armageddemon is unfazed - he shoots another blast from his mouth and with Omnimon hanging right in front of it by his sword, he is hit at point blank range and blasted across the harbour to land on the ground on the opposite side, in front of Tai and Matt.

Yolei: It can't be...!

Cody: Omnimon...!

Omnimon struggles to his feet... but abruptly, his arms fall off and crash to the ground.

Tai: Omnimon!

The light fades from Omnimon's eyes.

T.K. and Kari are watching from Izzy's apartment, where they have returned to.

T.K.: Omnimon...

Kari: No!

Izzy watches the scene on his computer with Mimi, and they flop back in despair. Tentomon's image appears.

Tentomon: Izzy! Pull yourself together!

- - -

Riding Joe's bike and the bike acquired from the other girl, Davis and Ken finally make it to the harbour, and climb up on a crate to get a good look. They stare in disbelief at the defeated Omnimon.

Davis: Omni... mon...

Veemon and Wormmon spot their partners on the other side of the crowd.

Veemon: Davis!

Wormmon: Ken!

Davis and Ken look over.

Davis: Veemon!

Ken: Wormmon!

Davis and Ken look at each other and then jump down from the crate, heading for their partners, but it's tough to get through the crowd.

Davis: Outta the way! Coming through! Move it, buddy!

Davis eventually loses it, and stops trying to move any further. From the middle of the crowd, he clenches his fists, and screams:



At the sound of these echoing cries, the whole crowd turns around to look at the two boys, and then, slowly, the crowd parts, allowing them passage to their partners.

Davis: Everyone...

Kid: Go get him!

As the whole crowd cheers, Davis and Ken run through the gap that's been made for them.

Davis: I'm here, Veemon!

Ken: Let's go, Wormmon!

Veemon and Wormmon: Yeah!

The Paildramon Digivolution sequence plays, displayed on the screens on the buildings that earlier showed the Internet battle, and on computers everywhere.

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to.... ExVeemon!

Wormmon: Wormmon, Digivolve to... Stingmon!

Both: DNA Digivolve to... Paildramon!

The Imperialdramon Digivolution sequence plays.

Paildramon: Mega Digivolve to... Imperialdramon!

Imperialdramon takes to the air, flying over the dejected Tai and Matt towards Armageddemon, when, just as he opens fire on the villain...

Sora (v/o): Get it together, guys!

Imperialdramon: Positron Laser!

Imperialdramon's rapid-fire blasts push Armageddemon back, but he counters with a cluster of missiles that he launches from his back. The explosions light up the surrounding area, as Tai and Matt look up to see Sora as she runs towards them.

Sora: You can't lose hope now!

Tai & Matt: Sora!

Sora: Tai! Matt!

In the sky above, more of Armageddemon's missiles hit their mark, and Imperialdramon vanishes in a cloud of smoke.

Cody gasps.

Yolei: Imperialdramon!

Davis & Ken: No!

From within the cloud, Imperialdramon reappears, now in his Fighter Mode, and quickly activates his Giga Crusher.

(Note: The Giga Crusher is different to its appearance in "A Million Points of Light" - rather than holding his arm gun in front of his chest, the dragon head on his chest opens up, and a blaster barrel emerges from within it.)

Imperialdramon: GIGA CRUSHER!

Imperialdramon fires his cannon and hits Armageddemon dead on, the explosion lights up the whole harbour with red. Armageddemon roars in anger as flames dance around him, and manages to fire off a final blast, which hits Imperialdramon, scorching and blackening him. Joe and the other girl with the bike arrive just in time to see this.

Spectator: I don't... believe it...

The crowd murmurs as Armageddemon stomps forward toward the unmoving Imperialdramon.

Ken: We're finished... we can't beat him...

Davis: Don't give up! We've always fought to the end before, Ken!

Suddenly, Davis and Ken look up as the eyes of Omnimon's disembodied WarGreymon arm begin to glow. MetalGarurumon's do the same, and a brief wave of force swooshes out. Sora squeals a little and grips Tai's arm.

Omnimon's arms rise into the air, and Agumon and Gabumon's voice can be heard.

Agumon & Gabumon (v/o): Yeah! You guys never gave up! You always fought to the end! We trust in you!

Omnimon's arms raise up, and seem as though they're about to reconnect to his body, but then, in a flash of yellow energy, his body transforms into a giant, golden glowing ring which sails up into the sky. T.K., Kari, Izzy and Mimi see this sight.

Mimi: What's that ring?

Izzy: It's filled with everybody's hopes...

As everyone watches, the ring transforms into a massive glowing sword. Agumon and Gabumon fall to the ground, and the sword comes to rest in mid-air, in front of the wounded Imperialdramon.

Davis: Take it!

Ken: Everyone's power!

Imperialdramon grasps the blade's handle, and in a single flare of light, is transformed into his Paladin Mode.

Imperialdramon: This is... everybody's...

With a wordless battle cry, Imperialdramon shoots down out of the sky, towards Armageddemon. The creature shoots a blast at him, but misses. More blasts are fired, and one impacts, but Imperialdramon is unharmed, and keeps coming.

Davis & Ken: GO!

The sword glows with orange fire in Imperialdramon's hands, and he holds it out in front him, bringing it down, through Armageddemon's head. The two combatants hold in place, frozen for a second, and then Imperialdramon withdraws the sword. From the gash in Armageddemon's head, Kuramon begin to flow out.

Yolei: As Kuramon, his data can still survive!

The rest of Armageddemon's body begins to dissolve into Kuramon, as Cody looks down at Yolei's laptop, and sees the refrigerator icon that was previously being used by Izzy to store the captured Kuramon.

Cody: That's it! We can transport the Kuramon with cell phones!

Yolei: Perfecto!

Armageddemon's body collapses out from underneath him. Then, suddenly, a clip from the first movie plays, of Tai blowing his whistle to wake up Greymon. The sound of the whistle is seemingly heard by everyone assembled, and Kari and Tai recognise it. Davis takes out his cell phone.

This is followed by a clip from the series of a young Matt playing his harmonica. The same thing occurs, and T.K. and Matt recognise the sound. The screen of Davis's cell phone begins to glow.

(Note: Sorry, folks, I honestly have no clue what the purpose or meaning of the whistle and harmonica clips are either.)

From an aerial view of Rainbow Bridge, we can hear cell phones ringing, as every one of them in the crowd goes off - Yolei is using her laptop to dial them. Cody stands in the centre of the crowd, and gives instructions.

Cody: Everyone, send your light into the sword!

Imperialdramon holds his sword aloft, as Kuramon float all around him. Cody's D-3 glows.

Cody: Concentrate it on the sword!

A light beam erupts from Cody's Digivice screen, and strikes the blue orb on the hilt of Imperialdramon's sword. All across Rainbow Bridge, people's cell phones do the same as the DigiDestined's Digivices, emitting beams of light that strike the sword. The last remnants of Armageddemon's body dissolves back into Kuramon as Davis and Ken are the last to point their Digivices, and the beams of light from them enter the sword. A massive column of light raises into the sky form the sword. A message from Yolei appears on Izzy's computer, reading: "It's up to you now, Izzy!"

Izzy: Great idea - using everyone's cell phones to absorb the Kuramon data!

Mimi points at a hard drive that's fallen over.

Mimi: How do I make this thing stand up?!

Kari walks to the window, and she and everyone else watch as the last of the light fades from the sky. We see it fade out in an aerial view, and then, with the battle won, Davis's voice can be heard.

Davis (v/o): *yawns* Dude... I'm tired...

Ken yawns too, then Davis and Ken laugh.

Roll credits.

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