It's the middle of the night, and in the temple, everyone is asleep. The camera pans in on the temple through the trees outside, and we see a light suspended from the ceiling, turned off, swaying gently in the breeze. Minami sleeps alone, lying on her side, her arms around the laptop. Takato, Kai and Kai's grandfather all lie beside each other, on their backs - Kai's limbs are sprawled all over the place, one leg over Takato, and his mouth is wide open in a snore. Takato's goggles are lying on the floor beside his head. Guilmon lies on the floor, and Calumon sleeps on his head - Guilmon rolls over and falls out of the temple onto the ground, but neither of them wake up, managing to climb and fly, respectively, back up into their original positions.

Out on the shore, we see a row of boats... then, suddenly, one of them explodes into a thick cloud of black smoke.

Guilmon falls out of the temple again.

Through the wreckage of the boat, the sharp, blade-like legs of a Scorpiomon crunch, as pieces of debris rain down around it. It's thumping footsteps...

...cause Guilmon to awaken. His eyes shrink to slits and he growls, as a flock of bird burst from the trees between the beach and temple. Takato is woken by Guilmon's growling.

Takato: Guilmon? What is it, boy?

Guilmon claws at the ground, kicking up sand, waiting for the threat to arrive. Takato pulls his goggles on, as Kai, his grandfather and Calumon all wake up.

Kai: What's up?

Calumon: *yawns* ...sleepy...

Minami is also awake, and clutches the laptop tighter. They all look at the trees, waiting to see what will happen. They get their answer within seconds, as the Scorpiomon suddenly bursts from the trees and dives for Guilmon, who darts out of the way. Guilmon slashes at Scorpiomon's hide, but his claws just glance off the thick armour, leaving him open to a blow from Scorpiomon's tail, which sends him crashing through one of the support poles on the temple. Part of the roof crumbles downward, causing Takato and Minami to step back to avoid it.

Takato: Guilmon, you can't fight here!

Guilmon tackles the Scorpiomon, and they both crash through the wall surrounding the grounds of the temple. Takato removes his D-Power from around his neck and holds it in his hand.

Takato: Kai! Get Minami out of here!

Kai: B-but... what about you?

Takato: I'll be fine, just go!

Kai: I can't *leave* you!

Takato: I have to help Guilmon fight!

Everyone looks at Takato, surprised at this.

Takato: I'm... I'm his Tamer, that's why!

Takato hops out of the temple, and runs after Guilmon. Calumon follows.

Kai: That is so cool!

The light hanging from the temple ceiling suddenly falls, and shatters, drawing the trio's attention. Seconds later, the ceiling itself caves in, as a Divermon comes crashing through it. Kai's grandfather gets between it and the two kids, and assumes a martial arts pose.

Kai's grandfather: Kai, you two get out of here! I'll hold this thing off!

Kai drags Minami, still holding the laptop, out of the temple without looking back.

Kai: Hurry!

Minami: But...

Kai: Don't worry about Gramps - he can handle himself in a fight!

The two run off, while back in the temple, Kai's grandfather squares off with the Divermon.

Kai's grandfather: You want a piece of this, fish face?! Come on, just try it!

The Divermon laughs, as Kai's grandfather launches himself in a flying kick at it. The fight is painfully brief, as the Divermon smacks the old man with an open hand, knocking him from the air to skid jaw-first along the temple's wooden floor. The Divermon smashes through the wall of the temple, and heads off in pursuit of Kai and Minami.

Meanwhile, the battle between Guilmon and the Scorpiomon continues, as the Scorpiomon makes another lunge, and Guilmon jumps to dodge.

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

The fireball impacts against a tree as the Scorpiomon ducks behind it. It moves behind another tree as another Pyro Sphere is fired, and again strikes the tree. The Scorpiomon then rears up, and gun barrels emerges from the gaps between it's armour plates on it's stomach, and start firing energy blasts at Guilmon. Cut to:

Takato: Digi-Modify! Aero Wing, activate!

Black, leathery wings materialise on Guilmon's back, and he uses them to blow away the smoke cloud created by the Scorpiomon's blasts. He soars into the air, the last trails of smoke clinging to his body and blowing off.

Takato: Guilmon, go!

At the same time, Kai and Minami run along the beach, Kai leading Minami by the hand. The Divermon bursts from the trees behind them, skidding onto the beach, and quickly catching up to them, snatching Minami away, and smacking Kai to the ground with its tail as it passes him. Minami's laptop falls from her hands and pops open as it bounces off the ground. Minami screams, and the laptop's screen begins to glow...

Back at the battle, the Scorpiomon fires a barrage at Guilmon, who is streaking towards him at full speed. Guilmon evades the blasts, and slams down on the Scorpiomon without slowing down, cracking its armour, and resulting in a massive blue explosion that rips through the trees. Takato and Calumon shield their eyes from the light, as the Scorpiomon rears up again, and then deletes. Guilmon flies by overhead, and absorbs the data.

Suddenly, we cut back to a view of Minami's laptop, but in a flash, we see beyond the teal-coloured desktop, and through a stream of rainbow colours. In amongst the data in the laptop, a glowing circle appears, and a silhouette forms within it, then bursts forth, out through the laptop's screen. A dog-like creature, with a glowing golden tail, and golden spikes for a mane, as well as one in the centre of it's head. This is Seasarmon.

The Divermon halts and turns around as it hears Seasarmon thundering towards it, and bends forward, firing the harpoon launcher on its back. Seasarmon twists his head to grab the harpoon between his teeth as it flies past, and bites down on it, breaking it in two with ease. He jumps on the Divermon, and the two Digimon snarl and roll around, biting and clawing at each other. Minami, having been thrown free, looks up in time to see Seasarmon growls ferociously, as his eyes and feet glow with brilliant yellow light. The Divermon, pinned beneath Seasarmon, howls in pain as the light bathes him, and explodes. Minami looks on in horror as Seasarmon emerges from the resultant smoke cloud and slowly pads over to her. Seasarmon sniffs her feet, as she staggers up, and backs away a step. Kai runs up.

Kai: Who's THIS dude?

Seasarmon: Minami...

For a moment, the only sound is that of the waves crashing on the beach as Minami and Kai stare at Seasarmon. Then Takato, Kai's grandfather, Guilmon and Calumon slowly come up the beach, with Takato helping the injured old man.

Suddenly, without warning, another creature, a Mantaraymon, bursts out of the ocean.

Takato: Look out!

Takato's warning comes too late, as the Mantaraymon skims the waves to the edge of the water, striking down Seasarmon as he leaps at it with its tail. It scoops up Minami in its mandibles, and smacks Guilmon with its tail as he tries to stop it. The Mantaraymon returns to the water, skimming it just above the surface. Seasarmon jumps into the surf and tries to pursue it, but he cannot fight against the waves, and in seconds, the Mantaraymon is gone from sight. Seasarmon roars in rage as everyone looks on in stunned silence.

Calumon: This is really bad! I'll go look for some help!

Calumon flies off into the forest, as the camera pans out over the landscape.

- - -

Rika's mother's plane flies on, as the sun begins to rise. In the cockpit, an alarm suddenly starts to go off, as the pilot struggles with the stick. The plane veers higher into the air, and we see that a V-Pet is wandering around a screen in a control tower, eating data in a set of meters. The technicians in the tower race to try and figure out what's going on.

Technician #1: The whole system's going down!

Technician #2: How are we going to land those planes?!

The V-Pet finishes eating the data in a set of meters, and then turns to face the screen, and barks, before morphing into a sinister little purple devil creature. Its eyes glow and it snarls, bearing rows of fangs. The light it creates radiates from the screen, forcing the technicians to shield their eyes. At the same time, we see pipes in sewers bursting, and a massive wave of water rushing through a sewer tunnel.

- - -

Cut back to Shinjuku, where Rika is walking down an empty city street.

Rika: You're sure, Renamon?

Renamon fades in beside Rika.

Renamon: It's here.

Suddenly, behind the duo, all the manholes on the street burst open, their covers hurled into the air by jets of water that explode out of the sewers.

Renamon: Rika, stay back!

Renamon steps in front of Rika as another manhole right behind them bursts open. The jet of water that shoots out warps and twists, and from within it, the form of a BlueMeramon appears. Renamon charges it, and leaps into the air, but with a wave of its arm, it encases her in ice. She crashes into a building and falls to the ground, the ice shattering around her.

Rika: Renamon!

Abruptly, we cut back to Okinawa, where Henry and Terriermon stand on a dock, waiting for a boat to come in. Terriermon runs around impatiently.

Terriermon: (sing-song) Moumantai, moumantai...! *hops onto Henry's shoulder* Henry?

The boat they're waiting for begins to approach, and they watch it silently. Then, without warning, part of it explodes. They gasp in shock, and run to get out of the way as the crippled boat ploughs into the dock. It explodes completely, hurling them to the ground, and then, from it's wreckage emerges an Ebidramon.

Henry: It's a Digimon!

Back in Shinjuku, Renamon fires a Diamond Storm at the BlueMeramon.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

It is unharmed, however, and responds with a concentrated air blast that knocks Renamon from the sky.

Rika: Renamon!

The BlueMeramon is about to charge Rika, when Renamon hauls herself up from where she fell and shoves Rika aside. The BlueMeramon barrels into Renamon, thrusting her into a wall, and freezing her in place. Rika rolls to a stop, and the ice breaks around Renamon, as, weakened, she drops to her knees.

We fade to Calumon, standing on some paving stones, looking forlorn, as the triangle on his forehead glows. Renamon begins to glow.

Cut back to Okinawa, where the Ebidramon makes a lunge for Henry and Terriermon. Henry darts aside, as Terriermon unleashes a Bunny Blast at the Ebidramon, failing to do any damage. It snaps its jaws at Terriermon, but fortunately misses, although Terriermon still collides with its body and it tossed into the air.

We see Calumon again as his symbol glows some more.

Digivolve sequences - Renamon on the left of the screen, Terriermon on the right.

Renamon: Renamon, Digivolve to...

Terriermon: Terriermon, Digivolve to...

Kyubimon: ...Kyubimon!

Gargomon: ...Gargomon!

Kyubimon charges the BlueMeramon, which sneers - but the smile is soon wiped off its face when Kyubimon jumps onto him, pushing off of him, knocking him to the ground.

Gargomon dodges a few claw slashes from the Ebidramon, and opens fire with a Gargo Laser, blasting it in the head, and knocking it over. It makes a lunge for him, but Gargomon dodges, and delivers a Bunny Pummel right on its jaw.

Gargomon: Bunny Pummel!

The Ebidramon deletes.

BlueMeramon unleashes more of his air blasts, but Kyubimon is too fast for him, avoiding them all. She whips around.

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Kyubimon's attack surrounds the BlueMeramon, and destroys it. Rika expresses her pleasure with a smile and an air-punch. The revelry is then interrupted by Calumon, who flies up to Rika.

(Note: Calumon has either flown here all the way from Okinawa, which is very unlikely, or... well, I'll get to the alternate explanation in a while!)

Rika: Calumon? What are you doing here?

Calumon: Guilmon and the others are in big trouble! Big, BIG trouble!

Rika: Calm down!

A soft light descends from the sky and surrounds Rika, Kyubimon and Calumon, and simultaneously, bathes Gargomon and Henry in Okinawa. A voice speaks from the light.

Voice: Rika... Kyubimon... Henry... Gargomon... you must come with me. The world has need of your power.

The humans and Digimon glow brightly for a second, and then disappear.

- - -

Cut to a thick cloud of fog. Slowly, through it, Kai's fishing boat appears. In it are Kai, Takato and Guilmon, with Seasarmon sitting on the bough looking out through the fog.

Takato: You don't have to do this, Kai.

Kai: You're doin' it!

Takato: Yeah, but I'm...

Kai: ...a Tamer. I know. That must be so cool!

Takato: *straight-faced* Kai, I'm being serious.

Kai: So am I. *faces gets serious* Friends should fight together, so don't try and stop me! You're a Tamer - and I'm your sidekick! I'm *going.*

Takato smiles.

Takato: You got it.

Kai: All right!

They high-five, and then the boat starts to rock as Guilmon jumps back to speak to them.

Kai: Guilmon, sit still!

Guilmon: Seasarmon says we're nearly there!

Takato: WHO says? That's his name, huh?

(Note: I've gone with using the character's American name, Seasarmon, for this adaptation, for the sake of being complete in my transformation from Japanese to English, so his connection to the Shiisa, previously mentioned by Kai's grandfather, is less evident than it was in Japan, where he was simply named "Shiisamon." Nevertheless, I'm not changing that about the script, because it's deliberately introduced by Kai's grandfather, and is necessary for his whole previous "dog" joke to work. I didn't want to change that much about the script. In point of fact, given the track record of the American dub of Tamers, I wouldn't be at all surprised if his original Japanese name were kept in the event of the movie being dubbed, just to make this whole thing clearer and more sensible.)

Kai: Seasar... sounds like... Shiisa...

Kai flashes back to Seasarmon's Bio-Emergence.

Kai: He sure looks the part... just like Gramps's stories...

Takato: Maybe...

The island base of VP Labs comes into view through the fog. Seasarmon's eyes widen.

Kai: There's the island!

Takato: How are we going to find her...?

Kai: She's got to be in there somewhere!

Kai steers the boat into a small opening along the edge of the island. The boys look around in the darkness, and Takato states the obvious.

Takato: It's a cave...

All is calm, but then, Seasarmon growls, and suddenly, a pair of clawed, webbed hands burst through the surface of the water and seize him, pulling him from the boat and dragging him under. These hands belong to a Depthmon, but we never see the creature fully. The thrashing waters upset the boat, and it is capsized when Mantaraymon's tail emerges from the water and knocks it over. Takato, Kai and Guilmon spill into the water, and the Mantaraymon arcs around, shooting blasts of red lightning from it's antennae at Guilmon. Guilmon swims towards it, slicing part of its wing with his claws, but then taking another strike from its energised tail. Kai drags Takato, knocked out by the impact with the water, towards the surface, but as they rise, Takato's D-Power begins to glow, and then, so does Guilmon.

Digivolution sequence.

Guilmon: Guilmon, Digivolve to...

Growlmon: ...Growlmon!

Growlmon energises his arm blade, and, as the Mantaraymon makes another pass, and misses with another blast of lightning, Growlmon Dragon Slashes it, and it explodes. The force of the blast carries Takato and Kai upward, and they burst clean out of the water. As they drop back down to float on the surface of the water, we see that they have emerged through a wet pool inside a massive mechanical complex - inside the VP Labs base.

Kai: High *tech*!

Growlmon's head appears through the water in front of Takato and Kai.

Takato: Growlmon, you okay?

Growlmon: Yeah.

Suddenly, from a walkway higher up in the room, an Archelomon jumps down with a shriek, lunging for Growlmon.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Growlmon nails the Archelomon with his fireball, and it is destroyed in mid-air with ease. Kai gasps.

Takato: Hey, where's Seasarmon?

Growlmon: Don't worry - he can take care of himself!

Back underwater, we see Seasarmon clamping his jaws down, hard, and the Depthmon explodes into data between his teeth. He bursts through the pool and jumps onto the solid ground at its edge, with particles of data still floating from his mouth.

- - -

In another room in the complex, Minami lies unconscious on the floor. The voice of her father calls out to her.

Minami's father: Minami!

Minami stirs, and struggles to stand up.

Minami: Wh-where...?

The camera pans up to show her father looking through a large window, high above. We cut to inside the room he's in.

Minami's father: Minami, are you okay? Minami...!

Tamashiro (v/o): Get your hands... nngh!

Tamashiro staggers backwards into the shot, having been pushed. We cut to the opposite angle, to see the pushers - a Sepikmon, a Pipismon and a Ponchomon, who all laugh evilly.

Tamashiro: Uehara... what do these... creatures... WANT?

Minami's father: They want the vaccination program...

Tamashiro: They want WHAT?

Minami's father: When I created the V-Pet, I...

Minami's father is cut off by another peal of wicked laughter, and both men look up to see a Baronmon step forward between the other Digimon.

Baronmon: What is the program's location?

Tamashiro: Uehara, what's he talking about?

Minami's father: The vaccine program...I created it to protect the V-Pets...

Baronmon: Tell us... or your daughter will suffer...

Back in the larger room on the other side of the window, Minami backs up so she can see her father clearer.

Minami: Papa!

Minami's father turns again and calls to her through the window.

Minami's father: Minami!

A circular section of the wall slides back, and in its place, a similar piece slides back into place. At its end, a sphere rotates into position and fires a high-intensity laser at the ground in front of Minami's feet. She quickly moves to the side as the laser sweeps the room.

Minami's father: Minami!

More lasers emerge, and multiple beams scythe across the room, forcing Minami to back up against a wall as they surround her. She squeals in terror.

Minami's father: Stop it!!

Minami's father darts forward and punches the Ponchomon suddenly, knocking it out of his way as he charges at Baronmon, but Baronmon knocks him to the floor with a single punch. Tamashiro helps him up.

Tamashiro: Uehara!

Baronmon laughs.

Baronmon: Tell us!

- - -

Back with Takato and co. in the area of the complex that they entered through, weapon batteries in the ceiling are firing missiles at them.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Growlmon nails the batteries, bringing them and the walkways below them crashing down to into the wet pool. The floor surrounding the pool begins to crumble, and the oceans starts to flow in as the walls also start to collapse. Takato and Kai follow Seasarmon as he runs out of the room, with Growlmon right behind.

Cut to Minami falling to her knees.

Minami: Help me...

Seasarmon screeches to a halt, sensing Minami. He spots a door down a nearby corridor and charges towards it, his feet glowing as before. The glow spreads to his entire body, and he smashes straight through the wall, in front of a startled Minami. He turns to look at her, and the glow fades. There is a peaceful moment as they stare at each other, but then, one of the lasers targets Seasarmon and fires. He leaps to avoid it, running vertically along the walls to avoid the laser blasts. He manages to knock one of the laser spheres out of its mount, and with its last blast, it shatters the window above, through which Baronmon leaps. Seasarmon just manages to jump aside to avoid Baronmon's foot.

Through the hole in the wall, Takato grabs Minami's hand, and pulls her to safety.

Takato: Hey, Minami!

Minami: Takato! Kai!

Kai: We're here to save you!

Sepikmon, Ponchomon and Pipismon enter the fray against Seasarmon. Sepikmon hurls his boomerang, and misses. It returns to his hand, and Ponchomon shoots a fireball at Seasarmon. The fireball hit the wall, and Ponchomon flies after Seasarmon - but suddenly, the wall explodes from the other side, as Growlmon blasts his way through it with a Pyro Blaster, destroying Ponchomon, Sepikmon and Pipismon all at once. Growlmon smashes on through the wall, and turns on Baronmon, who retaliates by launching a barrage of missiles from his chest which rip through his tunic. They all slam into Growlmon, rocking him backwards. Seasarmon tries to come to his aid, jumping off a wall at Baronmon, but the villain spins around and nails Seasarmon with another missile barrage. The distraction is all Growlmon needs, however, as he leaps up behind Baronmon.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

Growlmon cuts Baronmon down, and Baronmon roars and begins to delete, as Takato, Kai and Minami run into the room.

Kai: Awesome!

The rest of Baronmon hits the ground and explodes, as Growlmon and Seasarmon land. Seasarmon turns as Minami steps forward. He nuzzles her, and she pets his head. Minami smiles.

Minami's father runs into the room.

Minami's father: Minami!

Minami: Papa!

They hug.

Minami's father: I'm sorry...

Takato: See, Minami? Everything's all right now!

The father and daughter turn to Takato and Kai.

Minami: These are the ones who saved me! This is Takato, and Kai.

Minami's father: Thank you.

Kai: Ahh, no big deal, man!

The sound of rushing water draws everyone's attention, as the corridor outside the room begins to fill with water.

Kai: Righteous waves... hey, wait... we broke that barrier before...!

Minami's father: The complex is flooding! Follow me!

The kids and Digimon run after Minami's father as he leads them out of the room.

As the wave crash inside the room, from high above, through the shattered window, Tamashiro watches.

Tamashiro: Nobody will be allowed to interfere with my plans...

- - -

We cut to the void between Earth and the Digital World again. Racing through this void is the gigantic Omnimon, with Gargomon flying on his right, Henry standing on his shoulder, and Kyubimon, carrying Rika, on his left. It was he who teleported them away.

(Note: Back to the note I made about Calumon before - either he flew all the way to Shinjuku from Okinawa, which seems unlikely, or, more likely, Omnimon teleported him there.)

Omnimon: I am Omnimon, guardian of the real and Digital Worlds, protecting them against those who would seek their destruction.

Omnimon looks up as more Digimon come into view, coming through the void in the opposite direction - a MetalTyrannomon, an Archelomon and a Pteramon.

Omnimon: More destroyers come!

The MetalTyrannomon fires a blast of red energy at Omnimon, striking him in the chest, but doing no notable damage. Omnimon unsheathes his sword as the Pteramon unleashes a barrage of missiles from under its wings, and the Archelomon shoots a stream of fire from its mouth. Omnimon weaves between the attacks.

Omnimon: Transcendent SWORD!

Omnimon dices the MetalTyrannomon in half, and smashes the other two Digimon without breaking his forward motion.

Rika: In.. credible!

Omnimon leads the kids and Digimon further into the void, until they vanish from view again.

- - -

An exterior view of the VP Labs complex shows dark storm clouds gathering in the sky. Thunder rumbles and lightning crackles faintly in the clouds.

Inside, in a section with a dome overhead, Takato and company are trying to find their way out.

Minami: They brought me in through here...

Minami's father: Let's see...

A bolt of lightning illuminates the room, and Seasarmon cowers from the thunder.

Minami: Are you scared?

Takato: When Seasarmon appeared to protect you, he came out of the original V-Pet... and it was based on Mei, so maybe...

Minami: That's a lie! He's not Mei, he's not!

Takato: But Seasarmon's always protecting you - just like Mei!

There's another lightning flash, and an image of Mei flashes through Minami's mind. She struggles with the concept in her mind.

Minami's father: That... might be true. Seasarmon is a program...

Takato: What kind of program?

Minami's father: A vaccine program that I designed to shut down all the V-Pets.

Takato: Why would you wanna do that?

Lightning flashes again, and Tamashiro's feet can be seen walking down a hallway.

Minami's father: In the event of some kind of corruption or infection in all the V-Pets, the vaccine program was built into the original V-Pet, where I could use it to undo the damage done.

Tamashiro's voice cuts in.

Tamashiro (v/o): So that's the answer.

Everyone turns around as Tamashiro comes to the bottom of the stairs behind them.

Minami's father: Sir!

Tamashiro: All this time, you hid the vaccine program inside a Digimon! And now, it's mine for the taking...

Growlmon: Takato... he doesn't smell right...

Tamashiro tosses his head back and he begins to shake as his voice becomes strained.

Tamashiro: Being a human is... rather tiring...

Tamashiro: Uh, sir...?

Kai: I *knew* there was something weird about that old dude!

Tamashiro: I am not an "old dude."

Lightning flares again and shines menacingly on Tamashiro's face, as Seasarmon leaps forward in an attack. Tamashiro's arms streak outward, smashing into Seasarmon in hard punches, as his jacket shreds. His foot comes crashing down on Seasarmon - but his foot is now a cloven hoof. Seasarmon roars in pain, as the hoof slams down into him again, and he is knocked from the air, De-Digivolving into his Rookie form of Labramon as he falls and hits the ground. Note that Labramon bears a distinct resemblance to the V-Pets, and of course, Mei.

A pair of leathery wings burst out of the remainder of Tamashiro's jacket as he himself lands on the ground again. The truth is now clear - he is Mephistomon! But the transformation has not yet completed itself - Tamashiro's human head remains in place of Mephistomon's. He picks up Labramon in his right hand.

Tamashiro: Now, NOTHING can stand in my way!

Tamashiro's head morphs and retracts back into his body, and Mephistomon's head emerges in its place, completing the transformation.

Immediately, Growlmon lunges for him with a Dragon Slash, but he moves around behind Growlmon as he dives past him, and blasts him into the wall with a wave of purple energy from his palm. He lands again, and stands stiffly as lightning lights up his form once more.

- - -

On Rika's mother's plane, the stewardess walks down the aisle calmly, but in the cockpit, an alarm blares as V-Pets eat through the data of the flight instruments.

In an operating theatre, a group of surgeons operate on a patient, when a V-Pet appears on the heart monitor, and morphs into a devil. The monitor dissolves into static, with the devil on top of it all, laughing and dancing. The lights in the theatre flicker and cut out, except for the monitor. A surge of energy emerges from the monitor and coalesces into the form of a Kokuwamon. Its eyes glow red and blue electricity crackles between its claws.

At a railroad crossing, a line of cars and pedestrians watch as trains hurtle back and forth.

In cyberspace, we see a group of V-Pets munching their way through streams of data. Another one transforms into a devil.

The wall of a building cracks and explodes, and through it flies another Pteramon, which rockets off through the city, followed by a large explosion.

- - -

Mephistomon laughs.

Mephistomon: My V-Pets have plunged Earth's electronics network into chaos! Digimon can enter this world freely, and reduce human civilisation to ruins!

There is another flash of lightning, but this time, accompanied by a voice!

Omnimon (v/o): You're the one who'll be reduced to ruins!

Mephistomon: Omnimon?!

The air above the room warps, and from it descend Rika and Kyubimon.

Takato: Rika!

Rika: Can't get anything past you.

On the other side of the room, Henry and Gargomon warp in.

Henry: Told you I'd pay you a visit, Takato!

Takato: Henry!

Henry: Omnimon brought us here... moving between the worlds.

Calumon drops down into view.

Calumon: Me too!

From the void between worlds, Omnimon watches the scene on Earth.

Omnimon: I cannot do anything now. The fate of Earth rests on your shoulders.

Mephistomon: Ha! It is too late for you to do ANYTHING now!

Takato: Go get him, Growlmon!

Rika: Kyubimon!

Henry: Gargomon, go!

Mephistomon roars and throws up his arms, creating a wave of purple energy that blows the other Digimon away. Mephistomon himself fades away, and the light forms a huge column that rises through the dome and up into the sky. The island disappears in a flash, and the humans and Digimon tumble through whiteness, which then vanishes, revealing the ocean beneath them. They all smash through the water, and are shocked to see, beneath its surface, a city.

Takato and Growlmon float down, and come to a stop just above a city street. A shoal of fish swims by, and streams of data twist through the air.

Takato: I can breath...

Mephistomon: So nice of you to drop in! Let's have some fun, hmn?

Another blast of purple energy hits the street between the Tamer and his partner, throwing them through the air. Mephistomon descends from the sea/sky above them.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Mephistomon sneers and simply flies to the side, avoiding the blast.

The camera pans up, through the sky... and then beyond, above the surface of the ocean. Hanging in the purplish-orange sky are wrecks of technology - boats, planes, trains, and more. The Tamers and their Digimon float up amidst it.

Mephistomon: How do you like it? This world is my ultimate creation... my vision for the end of humanity!

Rika: Well, you're not going to be around long enough to see it!

At Rika's command, Kyubimon moves forward.

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Kyubimon's fireballs surround Mephistomon in a flaming blue aura, but with a wave of his hand, he dispels them.

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Gargomon shots all strike dead centre in Mephistomon's chest, with zero effect. He chuckles eerily, and shoots another wave of purple energy from his hand, hurling Gargomon back into Kyubimon, and those two back into Growlmon.

Henry: Their attacks aren't working!

Gargomon: If you think you can do any better, be my guest!

Mephistomon: *laughter* This shall be your grave!

Takato: No way!

Takato, Rika & Henry: Get him!

The three Digimon leap into action.

Growlmon: Seasarmon, wake up!

Labramon's eye snap open in response to this call, and just as Growlmon fires a Pyro Blaster, he wriggles from Mephistomon's grip. He tries to seize him again, but can't because he has to dodge the blasts from Growlmon and the others.

Mephistomon: Impudent vermin! Wha-?

A sudden flare of light makes Mephistomon looks up, and he sees that the blasts have caused one of the floating ships to explode. It lurches out of the sky, and comes crashing down on top of him in a massive fireball. He screams in rage and pain as the flames consume him. Growlmon, Gargomon and Kyubimon pull back to a safe distance as the flaming wreckage continues to drop through the sky/sea, crashing into the middle of the city and erupting in an explosion that fills the horizon.

Buildings crumble in the shockwave of the explosion as Minami runs to try and get clear. It's obvious that she's not going to make it, and everything fades into white...

...then, when the scene fades back in, and the smoke clears, we see Labramon covering Minami with his body. He has shielded her from the blast at risk to his own life. He murmurs to her.

Labramon: Minami... in the storm... it wasn't your fault...

Minami: Why... did you... save me? I didn't want you to save me!

Minami shuts her eyes, on the verge of tears, as Labramon forces a weak, but honest, smile.

Labramon: I waited for you... to believe in me...

Minami: I didn't... when my dad... made you for me... I was happy...

Minami gets up, and tries to help Labramon up.

Labramon: Thank you... Minami...

Labramon slumps, and his eyes droop. Tears well up in Minami's eyes, and she lets loose an emotional scream that echoes across the landscape.

Minami: MEI!!

Labramon begins to glow with rainbow colours as Minami hugs him tightly. His eyes open again slightly.

Minami: Don't leave me again!

Labramon: Thank you... for believing in me. My name... is the activation code... for the vaccine program...

Labramon dissolves into rainbow-coloured particles in Minami's arms, which fly into the sky.

From some distance away, Minami's father and Kai watch.

Minami's father: The program is activating...

As the Tamers and their Digimon watch, the particles fill the sky, and as they come into contact with the floating ships and other wrecks, the wrecks disappear. The particles come together and disappear themselves, and we see them flying through blackness.

In cyberspace, the devil V-Pets run around squealing as the particles float after them, and one by one, they touch them, and they are destroyed.

In the real world, the Kokuwamon and Pteramon we saw earlier disappear as well.

The V-Pets vanish from the cockpit screens on Rika's mother's plane, and the instruments return to normal. The plane continues to fly, and Rika's mother awakes, oblivious to having been in any danger.

Rika's mother: Oh, we're almost home...

In the Wong apartment, the V-Pet on their computer is struck by a particle, rams itself up against the screen, and vanishes. Suzie and her father watch.

Suzie: Is it gone, daddy?

Janyu: Yeah.

Back in the world of Mephistomon's creation, Minami is kneeling on the ground in silence. Her father runs up to her.

Minami's father: Minami! Are you okay?

Minami's father helps her up, and she cries against his chest.

Minami: Mei is... is...

The Tamers watch in silence, and then Kai speaks.

Kai: It's over.

Takato remains silent.

Kai: What's up?

Takato: I was just wondering... if we destroyed Mephistomon... why is this world still here?

Growlmon sniffs the air, as Calumon settles on his snout, and looks around furtively. Everyone looks out over the landscape.

Suddenly, the ground cracks and shatters, and in the distance, is swells as something huge bursts through from beneath. Towering over the buildings around him, Mephistomon emerges in his newly Digivolved form... Gulfmon!

The Digimon waste no time in entering the fray again, swooping in to attack even as Gulfmon still rises from below the ground.

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Growlmon's blast strikes Gulfmon's four-legged lower half, as Gargomon rakes his torso with laser blasts.

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Kyubimon leaps at Gulfmon, but with a sweep of his hand, he smashes her back into the ruins of surrounding buildings.

Rika: Kyubimon!

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

Growlmon swipe at Gulfmon's head, but misses, and Gulfmon seizes him in a clawed hand, tossing him through a building. Gargomon is also sent crashing to the ground.

Kyubimon drags herself from the wreckage as Gulfmon lands on the ground with a thunderous crash, and runs towards him, nimbly ducking and dodging her way through the debris that the shockwave of Gulfmon's landing has kicked up. Growlmon and Gargomon float into the air and make a beeline for the villain.

Kyubimon: Fox Tail Inferno!

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Gulfmon vanishes under the smoke cloud that the hail of attacks produces, as the humans and Calumon run forward to get a better look. Gulfmon comes bursting out of the smoke cloud with a roar, and a huge fanged mouth opens between his two front legs.

(Note: This will, of course, sound familiar to regular Digimon viewers, as the similarly huge VenomMyotismon also had the crotch-monster thing going on during his appearances in season one. It's derived from some depictions of Satan, which show him to have a similar "beast within." It's even more fitting here, as Mephistomon is named for Mephistopheles, the name for Satan in Goethe's "Faust.")

The mouth charges up and unleashes a massive blast of purple energy which knocks the Digimon out of the sky and rips up the landscape, hurling the humans through the air to crash back to the ground. Calumon desperately flies to the fallen Digimon, moving from one to the other.

Calumon: Are you guys okay? Guys? Guys?

With a groan, Growlmon hauls himself to his feet again.

Growlmon: We can't... give up...

Calumon flies around in an arc, glimpsing Gulfmon through a wall of residual purple energy as he laughs, and squeals in terror. With this, the symbol on his forehead lights up...

WarGrowlmon Digivolution sequence.

Growlmon: Growlmon, Digivolve to...

The screen splits into three, with the WarGrowlmon sequence in the centre, and Kyubimon and Gargomon appearing on the left and right, respectively.

Kyubimon: Kyubimon, Digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon, Digivolve to...

Cut to a separate sequence for Gargomon and Kyubimon.

(Note: The Rapidmon and Taomon sequences are not the same as seen in the series, presumably because this movie was in production before that footage was created. Here, they are simple cel animated sequences on top of the CGI Matrix Digivolution background. A close-up of Gargomon's head just fades into Rapidmon's head and the camera pans out to show all of Rapidmon's body, then Kyubimon runs around him, filling the screen with the fire of her tails, and when that fades, we see Taomon.)

Rapidmon: ...Rapidmon!

Taomon: ...Taomon!

WarGrowlmon: ...WarGrowlmon!

(Note: Here, cel images of Rapidmon and Taomon appear on either side of WarGrowlmon.)

The Tamers look up in surprise.

Takato: They Digivolved to Ultimate!

In response to this, Gulfmon begins to move forward in a slow, loping motion, as the Ultimates hold their ground. Gulfmon comes through his wall of residual energy, but with blinding speed, the Ultimates dart past him and whip around. Gulfmon grinds to a halt, a cloud of dust billowing out behind him as his feet scrape the ground.

WarGrowlmon takes point, as he begins to shimmer with a red energy that suffuses his whole body, giving him a crystalline appearance.

Takato: Go!

WarGrowlmon transforms into a streak of crimson energy, and sears his way through the sky.

Rapidmon takes on a green crystalline appearance in the same way.

Henry: Go!

Rapidmon turns into a bolt of emerald energy.

Taomon assumes a yellow crystalline form.

Rika: Go!

Taomon becomes a flare of yellow energy, and she and Rapidmon shoot up, following WarGrowlmon's path, swirling and twisting around the light beam he has become. The three coloured streaks come together, into a ray of pure white, which morphs into a bird-like shape, and bears down on Gulfmon in an ultimate combination of the three Digimon's energy.

WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon & Taomon: TRINITY BURST!

Gulfmon looks up, and just has time for a shocked expression before the white light spears him straight through the stomach, causing a massive, flaming explosion as he roars in pain. The bird-like light shoots straight through him, and once on the other side, splits back into three coloured beams of light.

Gulfmon staggers and sways as smoke pours from his gut, and small purple explosions pock-mark his hairy lower section around the mouth.

Takato: We got him!

The red energy streak forms back into WarGrowlmon, who watches as Gulfmon's head begins to crack... and then splits right down the middle, in a hail of red data particles. More explosions erupt across Gulfmon's body, and then, finally, he explodes into a massive cloud of red data. The world he created follows suite, dissipating in a ring that spreads out from the spot where Gulfmon was destroyed. The sky, too, collapses, as it and the land recede to a single point... and all that is left is blackness.

But the blackness fades... into the clear ocean waters of Okinawa, as all the humans and Digimon (now back in their Rookie forms) swim up from the depth, with Minami and Calumon in front. Takato is the least graceful of the group, flailing his arms a bit as bubbles come out of his mouth. The sun can be seen shining through the water's surface... and then, finally, the group emerges through the surface to feel its rays on their faces. Takato looks up at the sun, and smiles widely.

Calumon flies up into the sky, and stop just short of the camera, waving to the audience.

Roll credits.

The credits play over a wide pan of the island of Okinawa, with images appearing in insets on the right of the screen. Images shown include:


Who do YOU think would be good choices to play the new roles in "The Adventurers' Battle"? See if you agree with my selections for some of them!

Kai - there's no question, Brian Donovan's got to reprise the role after playing Kai in the final episodes of Tamers. Only he could truly do justice to the "surfer dude" personality the dub adapted him into having, which I've maintained with my script.

Minami - I think Bridgette Hoffman (Jeri) is the ideal choice, but it's not realistic, as the required performance for Minami would leave her sounding just the same as Jeri. Jeri may not be in this movie, but I don't think it works to give Minami the same voice as a major player in the series. As such, I'd cast Michelle Ruff (Lopmon, Zoe) in Minami's role.

Mephistomon, Gulfmon & Tamashiro - on the one hand, I'd like to see Paul St. Peter returning for an Apocalymon-related role, as he played the dark one in season one. But on the other... this triple role is MADE for Tom Wyner (Devimon, Chatsuramon), and he's the one I'm going for.

Seasarmon & Labramon - Bob Papenbrook's booming voice is just right for Seasarmon. In the series, he's normally limited to villains like Daemon and Mihiramon, but his emotional performance as Jeri's dad shows that he's got the range. Labramon, meanwhile, looks like he'd have a much softer voice - to the point where you might expect an actress to provide his voice. But the Japanese version has him with a distinctly male voice, so I'll stick with a soft-speaking Papenbrook for this little guy.