By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Digimon Tamers Volume 4Chapter Twenty-Two: "The Departure of a Friend"
Adapts "Rabbit Transit" and "Lionheart"

Henry, Takato and Terriermon's craft crashes down on the highest plain of the DigiWorld, where they find Suzie and Lopmon... and where Beelzemon finds them. Rapidmon takes on the biker, but can inflict no harm to him, and Takato calls out for Guilmon, who hears his call through a Data Stream. He and the other Tamers and Digimon travel through the steam and arrive at the battle site, where Growlmon and Kyubimon go up against Beelzemon in vain. Beelzemon is about to deliver the killing stroke to Kyubimon, when Leomon restrains him - at the cost of his own life, as Beelzemon impales him, killing him. Takato is consumed with rage, and his hatred causes Guilmon to Digivolve to Mega - but it's a corrupted, evil Digivolution that turns Guilmon into the monstrous Megidramon.

Chapter Twenty-Three: "The Dos and Don'ts of Digivolution"
Adapts "Give a Little Bit"

The ferocious battle between Beelzemon and Megidramon unleashes dangerous energies that begin to rip the landscape apart. Rapidmon and Taomon attempt to lend a hand, but their data is almost consumed by Beelzemon, until Rika and Henry use the Alias Modify Card to save them by duplicating them. With the power of the duplicates' data, Beelzemon overpowers Megidramon and takes him down, but as Takato runs to his side and begs for him to be okay, he reverts back into Guilmon... and then, Tamer and partner combine together in a true Mega Digivolution, as Guilmon becomes the awesome Gallantmon.

Chapter Twenty-Four: "Mega Trouble"
Adapts "The Battle Within" and "No Mon Is an Island"

Gallantmon and Beelzemon square off, as the others run for cover from the Mega battle. Kazu and Kenta are almost Beelzemon's next victims until Gallantmon saves them, and they realise that Takato and Guilmon have merged. Gallantmon's Shield of the Just fells Beelzemon, and he prepares to deal the fatal blow in vengeance for Leomon, until Jeri steps in and makes him stop - she knows that Beelzemon's death will not bring Leomon back, and does not want to see any more loss. Silently, Beelzemon leaves, struggling with what this act means.
Lopmon then leads the Tamers and Digimon to the palace of Zhuqiaomon, one of the four Digimon Sovereign, and Takato, Rika, Henry and their Digimon venture inside. Zhuqiaomon confronts them directly, immediately felling Terriermon with a blast of flame. As Henry cradles Terriermon, another new Digivolution occurs...

Chapter Twenty-Five: "Fight the Program"
Adapts "No Mon Is an Island," "Azulongmon Explains It All" and "Song of Sakuyamon"

Henry and Terriermon Biomerge Digivolve into MegaGargomon, and promptly level Zhuqiaomon's palace with a barrage of missiles, only to find that the Sovereign himself is unhurt. The battle between them continues, until suddenly, Azulongmon, another of the Sovereign, appears and puts an end to it. He explains that the battle is pointless - the true enemy of both human and Digimon is the D-Reaper, a deletion program design to control digital growth that has attained sentience and seeks to wipe out the Digital World. It is revealed that Calumon was 'captured' by them for his own safety - he is the power of Digivolution given form to hide him from the D-Reaper, but now he has disappeared from his containment. The Tamers agree to help, and Azulongmon takes them to where he believes Calumon is. Rika and Renamon venture into the pit, and soon find both Calumon... and trouble, as the D-Reaper's bubbles of pure chaos rise up, destroying all in their path. When Renamon pushes Rika to safety, she tumbles towards the chaos, and Rika dives after her, prompting their Biomerge Digivolution into Sakuyamon.

Chapter Twenty-Six: "To Be in the Glow"
Adapts "Song of Sakuyamon" and "Janyu's Ark"

Sakuyamon emerges from the pit with Calumon, but is quickly followed by a geyser of the D-Reaper's chaos, which reaches out the orb of the real world in the sky. It's effects are felt as an earthquake in the real world, prompting Janyu to begin the plan to bring the kids home with an ark. Meanwhile, the four Sovereign give Calumon a choice to help them, and he agrees, releasing the light of Digivolution, Digivolving Digimon all across the DigiWorld to Mega - including a MarineAngemon, who takes a shine to Kenta, but is shooed away by the boy. Takato then receives an e-mail from Yamaki, telling them that the ark is ready to bring them home. As everyone gets ready to return, Jeri appears to be missing, but she then appears from behind a rock.
Elsewhere in the DigiWorld, the forlorn Beelzemon staggers through the desert, and eventually collapses and reverts into Impmon. His scarf is blown away by the wind... and is soon caught by Renamon, who sets out with Rika to find him. But the ark will soon arrive...

Chapter Twenty-Seven: "Countdown"
Adapts "Homeward Bound" and "Reunion"

The ark arrives and everyone boards, except Takato, who refuses to do so until Rika and Renamon return. Thankfully, they soon show up - but just as they arrive, the ark begins to lift off, and an attempt to form a human chain to grab them fails. Guilmon screams for the ark to stop, and much to everyone's surprise, it actually does so, allowing everyone to board. On the return trip, the MarineAngemon then emerges from Kenta's pocket, along with a D-Power, finally signifying that he's become a Tamer. The Ark materialises in Shinjuku Park, where the kids have a tearful reunion with their families - except for Jeri, whose parents have refused to turn up, insisting that since she got to the DigiWorld on her own, she can get back on her own. Takato walks her home, and it seems like everything may finally be over - only for the next morning to bring a deadly surprise, as the D-Reaper's chaos engulfs Shinjuku. Takato and Guilmon head into Shinjuku alone to battle it, but run into Rika, Henry and their Digimon along the way, and they then observe as the military impotently try their weapons against the D-Reaper. Suddenly, they are confronted by a mass of eyes from the shadows...

Chapter Twenty-Eight: "Starting Over and Moving On"
Adapts "Beelzemon's Big Day"

The eyes belong to Agents of the D-Reaper, which Takato and the others then follow.
Meanwhile, Impmon has decided to pay a visit to his former Tamers, Ai and Mako, who greet him with much happiness at his return. But he refuses to just forget what they did to him, and they try to make it up to him with food and toys. Impmon finally breaks down and accepts their forgiveness - but then spies a news report on the other Digimon's battle with the D-Reaper's Agents, and vows to help. Armed with Mako's toy "kill laser" for the sake of humouring the boy, and with a kiss from Ai, Impmon races to the battle, where a blast from the Agent summarily destroys the toy gun, enraging Impmon and allowing him to Digivolve under his own power into his full, true Mega form of Beelzemon Blast Mode. He destroys all of the Agents in an impressive display, but when the others ask him why he helped, he just says that he owed them.
Other events have also occurred as this went on - the missing Monster Maker, Shibumi, has awoken from his coma, and has begun working with the others on a new weapon for the Tamers to use.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: "The Final Battle Begins"
Adapts assorted bits and pieces of "The D-Reaper's Disguise," "When Is A Mon Justimon?" "Shadow of the Beast King" and "Jeri Fights Back"

In the midst of another battle with the D-Reaper, Gallantmon disappears inside the monster's chaos, where he splits back into Takato and Guilmon, who discover what appears to be Jeri, but who is in fact one of the D-Reaper's Agent, who has been posing a the girl since they left the Digital World. Kenta and MarineAngemon come to his aid and fend her off - but that leaves the question of where the real Jeri is; one which is soon answered by Beelzemon and Calumon, who discover her trapped in the D-Reaper's kernel of consciousness, feeding off of her sadness. Beelzemon calls upon Leomon's data to use the Fist of the Beast King to shatter the sphere, only to be cut down by an attack from the rear before Jeri can take his hand. Gallantmon swoops in to rescue him on the Monster Makers' new weapon, Grani, only to be struck down as well. And he begins to fall...

Final Chapter: "Good-Bye, Guilmon"

Adapts "Jeri Fights Back" and "Such Sweet Sorrow"

Grani gives his power to Gallantmon save him, transforming him into Gallantmon Crimson Mode. Gallantmon shatters the Kernel Sphere with his sword, but in defence, the D-Reaper transforms into the Mother D-Reaper and unleashes an army of Horn Striker Agents. Gallantmon tears his way through them with a little help from MegaGargomon, who has had a program installed into him by Henry's father that will generate a black hole to destroy the D-Reaper. As the vortex begins to take effect on the D-Reaper, Sakuyamon gives her power to Gallantmon, giving him the strength to cleave the D-Reaper in two and rescue Jeri, as the remains of the creature are sucked away.
But it is a pyrrhic victory - the Digimon, who revert to their In-Training forms, must return to the DigiWorld with the black hole. Henry's father apologies for having to do this, but the kids accept it. Takato knows that having Guilmon come to life was a dream come true, and that dreams don't last forever - but just because he's gone, that doesn't meant he'll ever forget.


Promotional cover for Volume 4, featuring alternature designThis volume is a little bit longer than past books, with an extra chapter (eight in total, while each past volume has contained only seven).

As with all the other Tamers volumes, the cover design shown in preview images for Volume Four was different from the finished release. However, no-one could have predicted just how different the obviously-incorrect preview picture (right) was - it bore the image of 01 Tai, lifted from the title page of Chapter 20 from the 01 manga! Further increasing the strangeness, the key card in his hand was recoloured into a Modify Card.

The cast page gets another revamp, replacing the images of the Digimon's Ultimate forms with their Mega forms. Ryo and Cyberdramon are done, and in their place alongside Kazu and Guardromon are Kenta and MarineAngemon. Leomon is also removed, with Beelzemon in his spot, and Calumon and Yamaki remain. In the Villains section, the Mother D-Reaper, its Jeri Agent, and its Horn Striker Agent appear.

Christ on a cracker with cream cheese! This volume has yielded my biggest list of alterations to the anime of any manga volume before it - two full MSWord pages! There's so much compression going on in this volume, you could get the bends if you weren't careful! Much of the story is altered, too, in ways that make this book one of the most interesting reads from the Tokyopop Digimon series, as it differs so much from the animated series. Let's do this thing!

Boy, MegaGargomon's attacks are messed up in the manga. The English adaptation calls Mega Barrage "Gargo Missile," Gargo Missile "Power Pummel," and Power Pummel "Mega Barrage."

Despite the fact that Jeri's sadness over the death of the Leomon is the key frickin' point of the D-Reaper saga, it is never actually addressed in the manga, except when it is necessary to say that the D-Reaper is feeding off it. While Jeri is clearly very emotional immediately following his death and when she asks Gallantmon to spare Beelzemon, after that, it is never touched upon until she is revealed as the D-Reapers captive, and any scenes of her remorse are outta there. In fact, in the group images - when Azulongmon takes the Tamers to Calumon, when the chaos geyser erupts and when Calumon emits his light - she looks perfectly all right, looking determined, scared and happy, respectively. There is no talk of Leomon or destiny, she makes no suicide attempt, she doesn't break free of her depression... nothing. Bloody nothing. Blargh.

Throughout this volume, the ark used to bring the kids home is called an "arc." Clearly, the spelling's being derived from the D-Arc, the Japanese name for the Tamers' Digivices, which is actually used in this manga, but Lianne Sentar seems to have missed the D-Arc/Noah's Ark (with a K) parallel at work.

When fighting the Pendulum Feet Agent in Chapter 28, Rapidmon groans: "My blood hurts." This is almost certainly a reference to the cult favourite website HomestarRunner.Com, where the phrase is uttered by the character, What's Her Face, in "Teen Girl Squad" #3.