By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Chapter Eight: "Extermination"
Digimon Tamers Volume 2Adapts "Divided They Stand" and "Juggernaut"

The continued Bio-Emergence of wild Digimon has kept the Tamers busy, and increased their skills, but they've still got problems. Henry and Takato watch a battle between a Flybeemon and Renamon, who is attempting to prove that she can be strong without Rika, and Rika seems only to willing to let her work alone, because Calumon shows them that she's thrown away her deck of cards. But when Renamon is trapped in a losing battle with Harpymon, Rika comes to her aid and helps her Digivolve and destroy her opponent. The two are reconciled, as they realise that they need each other.
Takato and Guilmon, meanwhile, battle a DarkLizardmon, only to have Yamaki and Hypnos arrive and take it into custody when it is defeated. Using it's data, the Juggernaut deletion program is completed and activated...

Chapter Nine: "A Dozen Digi Disasters"
Adapts "Grow Mon Grow"

The Tamers arrive on the scene as the Juggernaut's effects are felt on their own Digimon, and are confronted by a sneering Yamaki - but the smirk is wiped from his face when a powerful Digimon uses the Juggernaut to enter the real world. The Tamers' Digimon Digivolve to Champion and battle the creature, Mihiramon, together, but Kyubimon and Gargomon are defeated, and Takato starts to realise that he and Guilmon are connected even more than he knew when he starts to feel Growlmon's pain, and they communicate through their minds. Spurred on to win, Takato is able to summon a Blue Card, which he uses to Matrix Digivolve Growlmon into WarGrowlmon, who vaporises the shocked Mihiramon with his Atomic Blaster.

Chapter Ten: "Teamwork"
Adapts a little bit of "Grow Mon Grow," "Snakes, Trains, and Digimon," "Back to Nature, Back to Battle," and, belatedly, part of "Much Ado About Musyamon"

In the wake of Mihiramon's defeat, Takato convinces Rika and Henry that they have to work as a team to stop threats like him. However, he's then confronted by Kazu and Kenta, who want to know why he's been ditching them lately, and Takato, unwilling to keep secrets, introduces them to Guilmon. While the four of them then spend the day playing in the park, Henry and Rika are caught up in a battle with a snake Digimon, Sandiramon, in the subway. Impmon alerts Takato to this, and he and Growlmon race to the battle site, where they help to destroy Sandiramon. Before he deletes, however, Sandiramon warns the Tamers that he is but one of twelve Deva Digimon. Concerned by this new development, the Tamers begin patrolling the city regularly, and when a black out occurs, are confronted with Sinduramon, the rooster Deva. Thankfully, he proves to be little challenge, as a dunking in a river crispy-fries the electrically-powered chicken.

Chapter Eleven: "When You're Feelin' Blue..."
Adapts "Duel with the Deva" and "Digital Beauty"

After bumping into a strange man after buying Digimon cards, Kenta discovers an odd card among his new ones which he asks Henry to check out for him. When Henry slashes it, it turns into a Blue Card, and he has his father scan it - but the data in the card brings some memories to the surface in his father's mind which he keeps hidden from his son. Then, two more Devas, Vajramon and Pajiramon, Bio-Emerge, and the Tamers engage them in battle. Vajramon is impressed with Renamon's skill, and leaps away with her. As Rika runs after them, Gargomon is facing destruction at Pajiramon's hands. Henry makes the choice to try the Blue Card, which Matrix Digivolves Gargomon into Rapidmon, who destroys Pajiramon with his Tri-Beam attack. They then set out after Vajramon, who has taken Renamon to a stadium and extended the offer to her to join with the Devas. She refuses, wanting to stay with Rika, who then arrives just in time to slash a Blue Card that appears in her hands, Matrix Digivolving Renamon into Taomon. Taomon destroys Vajramon with her Talisman of Light attack just as Rapidmon and the others arrive.

Chapter Twelve: "Impmon's Impish Adventures"
Adapts "Impmon's Last Stand" and "Out of the Blue"

When Impmon has a brief clash with the horse Deva, Indramon, and is saved by Renamon, he goes on his own mini-rampage to blow off steam and make himself feel big. Meanwhile, Kazu is presenting Takato with a home-made Blue Card when Indramon reappears, and all the Tamers gather at his location, only to find Impmon trying to battle him. Renamon stops anyone from getting involving, knowing the battle was important to Impmon, but when Impmon is beaten into submission, the Digimon Digivolve to Champion and attack Indramon. Unfortunately, his Horn of Desolation redirects their attacks, but when Takato uses Kazu's card, Growlmon becomes WarGrowlmon again, and destroys Indramon.

Chapter Thirteen: "Merry Jeri"
Adapts "Jeri's Quest"

Jeri Katou wants a Digimon partner, and to her, Calumon as good a choice as any! In the park, they are attacked by Kumbhiramon, the rat Deva, and with Calumon not able to Digivolve, they flee, only to be rescued by a newly Bio-Emerged Leomon. Jeri is immediately smitten with Leomon and wants him to be her partner, but he doesn't find the idea appealing, and quickly makes himself scarce. Takato and Henry find Jeri running after him, and are then surprised by the sudden appearance of a strange-looking boy, also heading in Leomon's direction. They discover that Leomon is again battling Kumbhiramon, who has multiplied himself, and when Jeri tries to help by slashing cards through Takato's D-Power, it only hurts Leomon. Terriermon Digivolve to Gargomon to join the fight - much to the fascination of the mysterious boy - and when Leomon sees Jeri crying over her failure, he is encouraged to get back into the battle, using his Fist of the Beast King to blast Kumbhiramon, and then slicing him into two with his sword. Leomon then leaves, and Takato and Henry reassure Jeri that they'll find her a partner... but the mysterious boy has his eyes on them...

Chapter Fourteen: "Plot Thickener"
Adapts "The Boar Wars" and "A World Apart"

One month ago, Henry's father, Janyu Wong, was approached by Yamaki to work for Hypnos, and now, he has solemnly completed the modifications to the Juggernaut. Meanwhile, the Tamers deduce that the Devas are based around the Chinese Zodiac, and Rika begins to form a friendship with Jeri. The peace is shattered, however, by the appearance of the giant pig Deva, Vikaralamon, who rampages through the city. The Digimon Digivolve to Champion, but as they begin their attack, Yamaki activates the Juggernaut, forcing the mysterious boy - in truth, the monkey Deva, Makuramon - to play his hand, detonating the Juggernaut and destroying a portion of the Hypnos towers in the process. The Digimon are freed from the Juggernaut's effects, and Takato Matrix Digivolves Growlmon to WarGrowlmon, who destroys Vikaralamon. But Makuramon is about to strike again...

NOTESPromotional cover for Volume 2, featuring early logo and alternate colour scheme

The Tamers manga went through at least two preliminary logo designs before the one on this finished volume was settled on. See Volume One's entry for the details on the first logo. The second design, which appeared on preview images of Volume Two's cover (right), gave the series the "Tamers" title, with the word appearing in red underneath the Digimon logo. The third and final design, visible on the image above, first showed up on advance images of the third volume's cover. Note that it still makes use of the 01/02 "Digimon" logo, rather than the modified season three version. Also note that this volume's cover changed colour from the grey-blue of the preview image to the purple of the released version.

As before, assorted notable compressions and alterations occur in translating the anime to manga format. In this volume:

In his introductory caption, Vajramon is given his Japanese name, "Vajiramon." It's actually the only place his name is given, so maybe it should be considered right for the manga, but, eh...

When Vajramon and Pajiramon Bio-Emerge, the members of the crowd that we see running away from them appear to be Takato's father, Henry's mother, and Jeri, all making their first appearances in the manga before they get any kind of proper introduction.

While chasing Leomon, Jeri calls him "my precious" - a reference to "The Lord of the Rings," specifically, the turn of phrase that Gollum uses to describe the One Ring.

Rather stupidly, the manga doesn't even attempt to hide the true nature of Makuramon when he first appears in his human form, labelling him "Makuramon" in an introductory caption.