By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Chapter 1: "The Art of Making a Friend"
Adapts "Guilmon Comes Alive"
Digimon Tamers Volume 1
Takato Matsuki is an average boy, who happens to love Digimon, and makes up his own - Guilmon. But Takato doesn't know just how real Digimon are - but when he sees Rika Nonaka and her Digimon, Renamon, in a dream, he starts to believe. Following the compass on his Digivice, Takato discovers Guilmon has Bio-Emerged into the real world, brought to life when his Digivice scanned his drawings. Takato brings him home, and tries to make clear the difference between humans and Digimon... but the trouble's just beginning, as elsewhere in the city, a small Digimon named Calumon makes a sudden arrival...

Chapter 2: "Far Cuter Digimon"
Adapts "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere" and "To Fight or Not to Fight"

While Calumon causes his trouble in his own way, Guilmon does the same, following Takato to school hidden under a cardboard box. When the principal discovers him, he sounds the alarm, and Takato has to find Guilmon before anyone else does - though in process, he meets another Tamer, Henry Wong, and his Digimon, Terriermon. Once Takato finds Guilmon, Henry takes them to the park and shows them a small hut where Guilmon can hide. Things are looking up - until Guilmon suddenly finds himself drawn from the hideaway to a parking garage, where he immediately gets caught up in a fight with Rika and Renamon. When Henry arrives on the scene to stop the fighting, Terriermon gets caught in the middle...

Chapter 3: "Dangerous Developments"
Adapts "To Fight or Not to Fight," "It Came From the Other Side" and a little bit of "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"

Terriermon Digivolves into Gargomon, and goes on a rampage through the parking lot, almost shooting Rika before he is taken down by Guilmon. Henry makes him stand on his head to try and get him to De-Digivolve, and recounts to Takato how he and Terriermon met when Henry got the new Digimon video game. Rika and Renamon, meanwhile, battle other Digimon, as Rika intends to make Renamon Digivolve...

Chapter 4: "Secrets and Anger Management"
Adapts "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"

Renamon is approached by Impmon, a Digimon supposedly without a Tamer, who tries to convince her she's playing a fool's game, but Renamon ignores him an promptly departs. Rika recalls how she met Renamon, after winning the D-1 Tamer Digimon card tournament, but then races to help Renamon in battle against Dokugumon. When Renamon is critically injured and Rika allows her emotion to show through, Renamon Digivolves into Kyubimon, and destroys Dokugumon.

Chapter 5: "Big Trouble in Little Tokyo"
Adapts "Now You See It, Now You Don't" and "A Question of Trust"

When Guilmon mysterious vanishes, Takato turns to Henry and Rika for help. They discover him trapped in an energy field in a tunnel below the park, and just manage to get him to safety before the field implodes. Little to the realise, however, that the mysterious Hypnos organisation has been monitoring it all...
Later, Impmon convinces to Guilmon to have some "fun" with him in the park, scaring couples, but the Bio-Emergence of a Devidramon distracts them both, and Guilmon runs off to fight it. Takato arrives on the scene and Guilmon apologises for disobeying him and leaving his hideaway, but Takato tells him to forget it - and Guilmon Digivolves into the monstrous Growlmon and destroyed Devidramon.

Chapter 6: "Dazed and Confused"
Adapts "Not As Seen on TV" and "The Icemon Cometh"

Thankfully, Growlmon turns out to be harmless, but Takato needs Henry's help to hide him. They try camouflage paint in the park, but Rika and Renamon prove it's no use when another Digimon is looking. A rainstorm starts, washing the paint off of Growlmon, and Takato breaks down - causing Growlmon to De-Digivolve.
Rika, meanwhile, wants to know how Guilmon and Terriermon can Digivolve when they don't fight nearly as much as Renamon does, and finds herself accosted by IceDevimon, who promises he can give her answers. Henry and Takato break off a Modify Card training session to help her, but IceDevimon proves too powerful. Renamon then makes her entrance, and IceDevimon cuts her down.

Chapter 7: "Freeing the Digivolution Convolution"
Adapts "The Icemon Cometh" and "Much Ado About Musyamon"

Takato and Henry use Modify Cards to help their Digimon, and Guilmon becomes Growlmon to finish IceDevimon off. The fight has forced Rika to realise that Renamon's powers are limited, while Renamon herself goes to Henry to learn about the nature of partnership. Then, the Bio-Emergence of Musyamon in the city centre draws in Guilmon and Terriermon, and Henry is forced to allow Terriermon to Digivolve to save a little girl and defeat Musyamon, realising that some good can come from it, after all. But as they depart, Yamaki of the Hypnos organisation reveals he has been watching...


Promotional cover for Volume 1, featuring early logoThe Tamers manga went through at least two preliminary logo designs before the one on this finished volume was settled on. First, the series was simply called "Digimon Series Three," and had the same logo as Tokyopop's 02 series, except with a green strip saying "Series Three." This was seen on advance images of this volume's cover (right). The second design was seen on advance images of volume two's cover - we'll get to it on it's own page. The third and final design, visible on the image above, first showed up on advance images of the third volume's cover. Note that it still makes use of the 01/02 "Digimon" logo, rather than the modified season three version.

The Character Data page identifies all the characters by their dub names only, excepting Kazu, who is listed as 'Hirokazu "Kazu" Shioda.'

Many panels in this manga are direct copies of still scenes from the cartoon. It happened a few times in the past, but this first Tamers volume takes it to a new level. It would be too bothersome to list them all - odds are you'll know 'em when you see 'em.

Remember how compressed 02 was? Well, this manga ain't as bad as that, but there's still lots of stuff worth noting! In this volume:

And, just in general, neither Suzie nor Jeri appear in real time in this volume, even though they made several appearances in these episodes in the anime, so none of their scenes are included. Suzie does get one, brief appearance when Terriermon briefly thinks of her in Chapter 7. Kazu and Kenta only get to appear in Chapter 1, in the bed-wetting joke scene, and don't appear any more in this volume. Similarly, as noted above, the Hypnos crew make very few appearances, and never do anything to affect the story in the way they did in the anime.

"Moumantai" is consistently spelled as "Mouh Mahn Taih."

The image of Guilmon at the top of page 60 is a direct copy of his model sheet image, with a slightly different facial expression.

One of the Digimon that wants Rika to tame them is specifically identified in dialogue is Devimon, but there's no Devimon silhouette in either the manga or the anime. The Digimon the word balloon appears to be emanating from is Musyamon.

The couple that Impmon scares in Chapter 5 were named Hiroshi and Hiroko in the anime, but the manga renames them as... wait for it... Mimi and Jo! Sounds to me like Lianne Sentar likes herself some Jyoumi!