By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Digimon Volume 5Chapter Twenty-Nine: "A Loss of Innocence"
Adapts "Playing Games" and "Trash Day"

After a moment of silence for their fallen friends, the DigiDestined continue on their way, and quickly fall prey to Puppetmon and his voodoo dolls, which he uses to control the kids' movements. Next, he kidnaps T.K., forcing him to play a deadly game of hide and seek, during which T.K. finds and destroys the dolls, and manages to escape by forcing Puppetmon to face up to the fact he has no friends. Meanwhile, Matt has separated from the rest of the group to look for T.K., but has instead found Cherrymon, one of Puppetmon's minions, who convinces Matt that Tai stands in his way of getting stronger. Matt falls for the deception, and just as T.K. returns to the team, Matt and MetalGarurumon show up and challenge Tai and Agumon to a battle.

Chapter Thirty: "Friend or Foe?"
Adapts "The Ultimate Clash"

While WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon clash, Tai and Matt duke it out, only for the entire thing to be interrupted by the sudden possession of Kari by ancient data from the DigiWorld. "She" fully reveals the true story of their being chosen to be DigiDestined, showing them images from the past, from the battle at Highton View Terrace. Next, they see how Gennai's group created the Digivices and Crests, how they were slain by Piedmon, and how Gennai got the Digi-Eggs to safety. With all this information weighing on their minds, the team's inner turmoil finally results in it splitting up, as Matt goes off on his own, and Joe and Mimi break off to stay away from the fighting.

Chapter Thirty-One: "House of Hard Knocks"
Adapts "Etemon's Comeback Tour" and "Ogremon's Honor"

Tai's team approaches Puppetmon's mansion, and is quickly pulled into a fight with the Dark Master. To fight back, Puppetmon transforms his mansion to a humanoid form, for which the DigiDestined are no match, until, unknown to the others, Matt and MetalGarurumon show up, and destroy Puppetmon, causing the house to lose it's power.
Meanwhile, Mimi and Joe witness the impact of a meteor, and discover Ogremon, who has been wounded by the blast. Joe tends his wounds, but then, they are attacked by MetalEtemon, the newest, nastiest incarnation of Etemon. Things only get more worrisome with the arrival of a mysterious new Digimon...

Chapter Thirty-Two: "Rock and Run"
Adapts "Ogremon's Honor," "My Sister's Keeper," and a bit of "The Crest of Light," kinda.

The mystery Digimon is SaberLeomon, the Digivolved form of Leomon, who quickly whisks the kids and Ogremon to safety. But MetalEtemon soon tracks them down, and in the ensuing battle, Leomon is killed, and Zudomon takes revenge by shattering MetalEtemon's body and destroying him.
Tai's group, meanwhile, has come up against a new challenge - after the discovery of a deserted city, Kari falls ill, and Tai and Izzy go to search a nearby hospital for medicine. When Izzy uses the hospital computers, however, he alerts the city's ruler, Machinedramon, to their location, and the villain begins to level the entire city. Tai and Izzy make it back to the building where the others were staying, only to find it destroyed - but their friends have escaped thanks to help from Andromon. As they take refuge underground, Machinedramon tracks them down.

Chapter Thirty-Three: "Time to Shine"
Adapts "The Crest of Light," "Joe's Battle" and "The Crest of Friendship"

Andromon and the kids' Digimon face off against Machinedramon, but he defeats them all. Machinedramon turns on the defiant Agumon, and once again, Kari is enveloped in the mysterious light, which empowers Agumon, allowing him to Warp-Digivolve to WarGreymon. WarGreymon destroys Machinedramon, but before the team can even catch their breath, Piedmon transports them to his domain, and, while Sora and T.K. go to search for the other kids, Tai and Izzy face off against Piedmon - a battle that doesn't go well, as WarGreymon is shelled from his armour like a lobster.

Chapter Thirty-Four: "Heart of Darkness"
Adapts "The Crest of Light," "Piedmon's Last Jest" and "Apocalymon Now"

Matt and Gabumon are lost in a cave, which begins to invade Matt's mind with it's dark powers, but with Gabumon's help and the power of his Crest, he is able to free himself. They are then found by Sora and T.K., who have already located Matt and Mimi, and they quickly return to the battle with Piedmon. MetalGarurumon reenergizes WarGreymon, only to have Piedmon show off his newest trick, transforming everyone except T.K., Kari and Patamon into key chains. When he turns on Kari, T.K.'s Crest activates, and Patamon becomes MagnaAngemon, who unleashes his awesome Gate of Destiny attack, which consumes Piedmon and sends him to oblivion.
Everything's looking up... until an e-mail from Gennai alerts the kids to the coming of their greatest foe - the darkness from beyond the wall of fire, the culmination of all bad feeling in the DigiWorld: Apocalymon. The dark being wastes no time in proving his power as he De-Digivolves all the Digimon without batting an eye...

Chapter Thirty-Five: "Endings, and..."
Adapts "Apocalymon Now" and "The Fate of Two Worlds"

Apocalymon destroys the Crests, and then the deletes the kids, who find their remains brought to the data world by the ancient data that previously possessed Kari. There, they realise that the true power of the Crests is, and always has been within their hearts. With that power, they reconstitute their bodies and Digivolve their Digimon, and then all the Digimon give their power to WarGreymon, who combines it into a massive attack the devastates Apocalymon. But if he is going to die, then the beast will take all the kids and Digimon with him! With his self-destruct threatening to wipe out everything, the Digivices activate and contain the explosion, saving the DigiWorld.
And that is the end of the story. The kids say their tearful goodbyes to their Digimon, and board a trolley car Gennai sends back to Earth. And Tai, our narrator, wonders about the next generation of DigiDestined...


This volume comes with a free bookmark depicting Tai and Agumon.

Omissions and alterations for the final volume of season one are as follows:

Another Casper the Friendly Ghost reference this volume, as Gennai tells the Bakemon that he hauls out of the Mekanorimon: "Casper called. Said he wanted to party."