By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Digimon Volume 4Chapter Twenty-Two: "Hot to Trot"
Adapts "Gatomon Comes Calling" and "The Eighth Child Revealed"

The race is on to find the Eighth Child, as Myotismon's army combs the city, and the DigiDestined do the same, following their Digivices and contacting old friends for any clues. While investigating in Tokyo Tower, Mimi and Sora are attacked by SkullMeramon, and MetalGreymon comes to their aid. At the same time, however, Kari encounters Gatomon, one of Myotismon's lieutenants, who begins to suspect from her knowledge of Digimon that she may be the Eighth Child. She moves to attack her, but when Kari hugs her, she's so thrown off that she flees. That night, as she observes Kari from a rooftop, Wizardmon approaches her with the key to memories buried deep within her...

Chapter Twenty-Three: "Victory and Defeat"
Adapts "The Eighth Child Revealed" and "Out on the Town"

Gatomon begins to remember her past - how she was waiting for someone who never came, how she met Wizardmon, and show fell under Myotismon's rule. Wizardmon knows that Kari was the one she was waiting for, and when he takes her Gatomon to her and gives her the eighth Digivice, the truth is at last clear - Kari is the Eighth Child, and Gatomon is her Digimon. Tai is also convinced of this when Agumon moves to attack Wizardmon, and Gatomon protects Kari, and Wizardmon and Gatomon head to Myotismon's crypt to retrieve Kari's Crest. Tai and Agumon follow them, running into Matt, T.K. and their Digimon along the way, who have befriended Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two other members of Myotismon's army whose hearts aren't in it. They all rush to the scene of Myotismon's battle with Gatomon and Wizardmon, but are too late to stop Wizardmon being tossed into the bay. Myotismon turns on them, destroying Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, and then departs, with Gatomon as his captive.

Chapter Twenty-Four: "Kari's Sacrifice"
Adapts "Flower Power" and "City Under Siege"

Myotismon shrouds Odaiba in an electronic-disrupting fog bank, and his army takes to the streets to corral the populous, gathering children for Myotismon. The DigiDestined strike back, as Palmon and Gomamon finally attain their Ultimate Digivolutions of Lillymon and Zudomon in battle against DarkTyrannomon and MegaSeadramon. However, things don't go so well for WereGarurumon and Garudamon, who are defeated battling Tuskmon and Snimon, which forces Kari to give herself up to Phantomon to stop the fighting. Meanwhile, Joe and T.K. discover Wizardmon floating in the waters of the bay...

Chapter Twenty-Five: "Angels"
Adapts "Wizardmon's Gift"

Myotismon presents the captured children to Gatomon, intending for her to identify the Eighth Child, but is then alerted by DemiDevimon that Phantomon has captured her. Gatomon attempts to deny that Kari is the Eighth Child, but is tricked into revealing the truth - just as Tai, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Izzy and their Digimon arrive. Myotismon takes everything that the Ultimate Digimon dish out, and takes them all down, but then, Wizardmon arrives with Joe and T.K. and leaps into the fray, giving Kari her Crest, and then taking the full force of Myotismon's Grisly Wing, dying to save Kari's life. Wizardmon's death instigates Gatomon's Digivolution, as she becomes Angewomon and draws power from the other Digimon, forming a single Celestial Arrow that pierces and destroys Myotismon. Or so it seems...

Chapter Twenty-Six: "Prophecy Calls"
Adapts "Prophecy" and "The Battle for Earth"

Gennai unearths an ancient prophecy that threatens the return of Myotismon, and soon, in accordance with it, Myotismon rises again, as VenomMyotismon, at the unheard-of level of Mega. Following the second part of the prophecy, Angemon and Angewomon shoot their arrows at Tai and Matt, catalysing Agumon and Gabumon's Digivolutions into their own Mega forms, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Unleashing their combined might on the demonic face in VenomMyotismon's abdomen, the two Digimon succeed in destroying their foe. But all is still not well, as the DigiWorld appears in the sky...

Chapter Twenty-Seven: "Enter the Dark Masters"
Adapts "The Battle for Earth," "Enter the Dark Masters" and "Seasick and Tired"

A column of light emerges from the sky, and pulls the DigiDestined - with Kai, this time - back into the DigiWorld, which, they discover from Chuumon, has been conquered by the so-called "Dark Masters" - MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon and Piedmon. The Masters waste no time in meeting the children, teleporting them to Etemon's stadium, where Piedmon easily defeats WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, and kills Chuumon with a dagger meant for Mimi. There is no time to mourn his loss, however, as Piximon suddenly appears to cover the kids' retreat, sacrificing himself for their safety. Winding up on a beach, the kids quickly fend off attacks from Shellmon and Scorpiomon, and then MetalSeadramon himself attacks them, pursuing them out to sea.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: "Waterfight"
Adapts "Under Pressure" and "Playing Games"

It looks like the end for the DigiDestined, until Whamon comes to their aid, carrying them into the briny deep to hide them. MetalSeadramon sends his Divermon to find them, and then soon do, forcing Whamon to enter an inlet through a narrow underwater tunnel, where he dispatches the Divermon with his Tidal Wave attack. Tai quickly catches a fish for Agumon to eat and restore his strength, allowing him to become WarGreymon as MetalSeadramon appears. The Dark Master seizes WarGreymon in his jaws, but when Whamon once again comes to the rescue, MetalSeadramon finishes him off for good. The enraged WarGreymon then spins through MetalSeadramon's body, ripping him to shreds. The first Dark Master has been defeated, but not without the loss of some friends... and there are three more to go...


Alterations and omissions in this volume include:

More boo-boos this volume!

Sora refers to Phantomon as "Casper" - a reference to cartoon character, Casper the Friendly Ghost.