By Yuen Wong Yu
Translated by Stephanie Sheh
English Adaptation by Lianne Sentar

Digimon Volume 3Chapter Fifteen: "Contrary to the Plan"
Adapts "The Arrival of Skull Greymon"

Tai's determination to make Agumon Digivolve to the next level borders on arrogance as the kids find themselves in a stadium searching for Joe's Crest - but the stadium is a trap set by Etemon, who seals the kids in a cage and pits an exhausted Agumon (as Greymon) in battle with a Greymon until his control. Joe discovers his Crest, which opens a tunnel that allows the kids to get out of the cage, but Tai uses the opportunity to throw himself into the middle of the battle, hoping that putting himself in harm's way will prompt Agumon's Digivolution - and it does, but it's not what anyone is expecting. The forced, corrupted process turns Greymon into the monstrous SkullGreymon, who devastates the stadium, and then reverts into Koromon after burning out his energy, leaving Tai shaken, and unsure of what to do next...

Chapter Sixteen: "Piximon-Sensei"
Adapts "The Crest of Sincerity," "The Piximon Cometh" and a teency bit of "The Prisoner of the Pyramid"

Life ain't easy for the DigiDestined - they are in the middle of being chased across the desert by Kokatorimon's cruise ship, and attempt to hide in a cactus patch, only for it to turn out to be a mirage. Kokatorimon isn't so lucky the next time, though, as another giant cactus turns out to be real, catapulting his ship off into the sky. The flower atop the cactus then blooms, revealing Mimi's Crest.
Shortly thereafter, when a Kuwagamon attacks them, Tai is a paralysed with fear at the prospect of letting Agumon Digivolve again, and the kids are instead saved by Piximon, the famous Digimon trainer, who takes them back to his hidden mountain home. While the other kids are forced to "train" cleaning his home, Piximon sets Tai and Agumon out on a different quest, to find themselves - Tai sees an image of himself as a young kid, learning and failing to ride a bike, and realises that to keep trying and never give up is true courage.
Meanwhile, Izzy and Matt have ventured outside Piximon's protective barrier, following the signals of their Crests, and although they obtain them, they alert Etemon to their location. He dispatches Tyrannomon to destroy them, but Tai and Greymon arrive and make short work of him. Piximon tells the kids the meanings of their Crests, and they leave to continue their fight against Etemon.
Then, Izzy picks up an SOS on his laptop...

Chapter Seventeen: "What Price Success?"
Adapts "The Prisoner of the Pyramid" and "The Earthquake of Metal Greymon"

The distress signal leads the kids to an inverted pyramid, into which Izzy, Tai, Sora and their Digimon venture. As the other kids observe from a nearby cave, T.K. discovers his Crest in the cave wall, but then, Etemon's trailer rolls past...
Meanwhile, in the pyramid, Tai's team have discovered the sender of the SOS - Datamon, another victim of Etemon's, who offers them Sora's Crest in return for setting him free. They do so, only to discover that Datamon's just as bad as Etemon, as he seizes Sora. But then, Etemon, having fought his way through the kids' Digimon outside, enters the room, and smashes his way through Kabuterimon and Greymon before striking Datamon down, sending him plummeting into the coils of the Dark Network. Sora snatches her Crest and the kids flee, as Datamon drags Etemon into the network with him, but the result is an unexpected one - Etemon and the network merge, making him more powerful than ever. Finally, Tai's Crest actives, and Greymon becomes MetalGreymon, turning his power on Etemon. He is destroyed, but the explosion rips open a wormhole that sends Tai and Koromon... back to Earth.

Chapter Eighteen: "There And Back Again"
Adapts "Home Away From Home," "Forget About It!" "Weregarurumon's Diner," "Princess Karaoke" and "No Questions, Please"

Back in Tokyo, Tai races home, finding only his little sister, Kari, there. Mysteries quickly pile up, as it becomes apparent that no time has passed since he entered the DigiWorld, that Kari knows what a Koromon is, and that the mysterious weather conditions that have been plaguing the globe are somehow connected to Digimon, which only Tai and Kari can see. An Ogremon attacks Tai, and Agumon Digivolves to blast him through a warp back to the DigiWorld. Tai is forced to say goodbye to Kari, and returns to find that in his absence, a wicked little Digimon called DemiDevimon has been causing no end of trouble. He had split up Tokomon and T.K. with lies, which Tai quickly put a stop to, but it didn't end there - through DemiDevimon's machinations, Matt and Joe had been stuck working at a diner, ending their employment with Gabumon's Digivolution into WereGarurumon, while Mimi had been living at the palace of the Gekomon. Izzy had been trapped by Vademon, but Tentomon's Digivolution into MegaKabuterimon made matching wits a lesser battle. With only Sora left unaccounted for, the reunited team set out to look for her, but in the shadows, DemiDevimon's master is most displeased...

Chapter Nineteen: "Love and War"
Adapts "Sora's Crest of Love" and "The Gateway to Home"

DemiDevimon and a Flymon launch an attack on Sora and Biyomon, and Biyomon is injured. Tai and co. arrive, and Greymon toasts Flymon, sending DemiDevimon fleeing as Sora relates to them her problem - she believes that her Crest will not work because she does not know how to love. There is little time for the kids to console her, however, as DemiDevimon's master makes his dramatic entrance - the vampiric Myotismon descends upon the DigiDestined and the Champions are no match for his power, but Birdramon struggles on anyway, until Sora's love for her sparks her Digivolution into Garudamon. Garudamon holds off Myotismon long enough to get the kids to safety, and they are then contacted by Gennai, who tells them of a prophecy that states an eighth child will soon join their team, on Earth. And the way to get to Earth is through the gateway that Myotismon will soon open...
The kids penetrate Myotismon's castle, but they are too late to stop him from leading his army through the gate, on their mission to conquer Earth... and the destroy the Eighth Child!

Chapter Twenty: "It's All In The Cards"
Adapts "It's All In The Cards" and "Return to Highton View Terrace"

Gennai summons the DigiDestined to his home, where he gives them the key cards that will unlock the gate to Earth. Izzy dwells on the problem, and even gets a laptop upgrade from Gennai to help out, and the next day, as the kids' Digimon hold off the Devidramon and Dokugumon barring their way, the kids race ahead and deduce the correct order of the key cards, successfully opening the gate home. Reappearing at their summer camp not long after their left, with their Digimon in tow, they soon return to Odaiba and investigate their old home - Highton View Terrace, site of an alleged terrorist bombing, but when a Mammothmon suddenly attacks, memories begin to be unlocked...

Chapter Twenty-One: "Izzy's Fingers of Fury"
Adapts "Return to Highton View Terrace" and "The Eighth Digivice"

Birdramon becomes Garudamon, and the battle escalates, bringing to the surface memories that the kids had repressed - memories of a battle between a Greymon and a Parrotmon that had taken place at Highton View Terrace four years before, which they had all seen. As Garudamon dispatches the Mammothmon, the kids realise that this past battle is the common link between all of them, and hence, the Eighth Child will have seen it too.
Meanwhile, at Tai's apartment, the family's cat, Miko discovers a Digivice underneath Kari's bed, only to wind up knocking it off the balcony and onto a truck that carries it off. Izzy soon picks up its signal and tracks it to the waterfront, where he and Tentomon go up against DemiDevimon and Raremon. Raremon is destroyed and DemiDevimon flees, but during the battle, a wayward magpie scoops up the Digivice, and is halted in its tracks by Wizardmon, who takes the Digivice...


This volume is truly where the large compressions and omissions begin to come into play.

The manga does not normally suffer from errors, but in this volume, it makes a few notable gaffes.

What appears to be a bizarre printing error occurs on page 145 - while the correct speech balloons are present, reflecting a continuation of the conversation on the previous page between Tai and Kari, and a new scene with Tentomon mumbling in his sleep and Izzy picking up the eighth Digivice's signal, the artwork on the page is, bafflingly, a reproduction of page 7, the chapter art for Chapter Fifteen of Tai in SkullGreymon's shadow. I mean, I'm *presuming* this is an error, because it sure as heck doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, I'm assuming mine is not the only copy like this... anyone out there, let me know if yours is like this too...

The image of Wizardmon on page 151 is a direct copy from his model sheet.