MetalGreymonGroup: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Giga Blaster, Mega Claw
MetalGreymon is the Digivolved form of Greymon, the Champion level Digimon partner of Tai of the DigiDestined. He was the first of the kids' Ultimate level Digimon to make their appearance, making his mark with his devastating Giga Blaster attack, where he launches twin missiles from his chest.
MetalGreymon first appeared during the final battle with Etemon. Tai and just rescued Sora from the clutches of Datamon, and when he stood up to Etemon, who had merged with his Dark Network, his Crest began to glow, as he had mastered true courage. With the power of the Crest, Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon, and attacked Etemon with his Giga Blaster. The Dark Network imploded, creating a dimensional warp, which sucked Tai and MetalGreymon - who reverted back to Koromon - back to Earth.
Upon returning, Tai discovered that the DigiDestined had split up, and set about getting them back together again. MetalGreymon appeared again to defeat ShogunGekomon in battle. Then, when the kids were together again, MetalGreymon battled Myotismon's Devidramon guards as the kids tried to make it through his portal back to Earth, to stop him from finding the Eighth Child (the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined). However, they failed, and then had to unlock the riddle of the key cards. While they did so, MetalGreymon and the other Ultimates appeared again to fend off Dokugumon. The kids and Digimon made it through the portal safely.
MetalGreymon next appeared to battle SkullMeramon, one of Myotismon's minions, when Birdramon and Togemon couldn't take him. He then appeared again to fight Myotismon himself, in and attempt to rescue Gatomon, one of Myotismon's lieutenants, who had been discovered to be destined to be the Digimon of the Eighth Child.
With Gatomon his prisoner, Myotismon dispatched his armies to capture the entire populous of Odaiba, so Gatomon could tell him which was the Eighth Child. However, the Eighth Child herself then came forward to end the suffering - it was Kari, Tai's little sister! Myotismon took her to the roof of the Odaiba TV station and prepared to destroy her, only to be attacked by the kids' Ultimate level Digimon. MetalGreymon was the last to arrive, but it took Gatomon Digivolving to Angewomon to destroy Myotismon. However, Myotismon returned as VenomMyotismon, and Agumon and Gabumon had to Warp-Digivolve to their Mega stages of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to destroy him.
MetalGreymon appeared sparingly when the kids returned to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters. He appeared for the first fight against them, but was blasted back to Agumon by Puppetmon. He next appeared when the kids were fighting Puppetmon, and took on the Garbagemon. His final appearance was when the kids were up against Machinedramon in his city, and Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon to protect Tai and Izzy from his armies. After that, he did not appear again, until six months later, when Diaboromon menaced the Internet. Greymon and Kabuterimon were battling Keramon, but when he Digivolved to Infermon, they tried to Digivolve again. However, Infermon blasted them before they could finish Digivolving, so MetalGreymon's appearance was limited to about two seconds.
In May 2000, Agumon lost his ability to Digivolve to Ultimate when Tai and the other kids released the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.

Four years later, Greymon was captured by the Digimon Emperor, and shackled with a Dark Ring. The Emperor hoped to make him Digivolve to MetalGreymon, but the process failed, and he became SkullGreymon. When his energy expired and he reverted to Agumon, the Emperor took him again and imprisoned him in his fortress. He designed the Dark Spiral, and strapped one to Agumon, which provided a sufficient enough energy boost to allow Agumon to Digivolve to Ultimate once again. Agumon transformed into a purplish, viral version of MetalGreymon, under the Emperor’s control. At the Emperor’s command, MetalGreymon, and a squadron of Airdramon, thundered across the DigiWorld, conquering new territory. The DigiDestined pursued, but were sidetracked by the discovery of the Digi-Egg of Friendship. As they were attempting to lift it, a Flymon attacked and captured Patamon, bringing him to the Emperor, who was not far away. As MetalGreymon attacked the DigiDestined, the Emperor attempted to place a Dark Spiral on Patamon, but the kids managed to stop him. Davis, who had been afraid to hurt MetalGreymon, who he considered to be his friend, realised that sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, and the Digi-Egg of Friendship activated, allowing Veemon to become Raidramon. Raidramon and Garurumon combined their powers, and managed to break the Dark Spiral off MetalGreymon, who reverted back into Agumon.

Much later, when Digimon were appearing in the real world at Christmas time, Agumon and the other seven Digimon had their power to Digivolve to Ultimate restored by an energy boost from Azulongmon’s Digi-Core, courtesy of Gennai. Agumon headed for Paris with Tai, T.K. and Patamon, to round up the wild Digimon there. T.K.’s grandfather met them there, and took them to Versailles Palace, where they found Catherine, a French DigiDestined, and her Floramon prisoners of the Mamemon brothers. Agumon and Patamon Digivolved to Greymon and Angemon, and battled the Mamemons, but when their boss, Giromon, appeared, they Digivolve again, to MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon, and defeated the misfits, destroying the Control Spire and sending them back to the DigiWorld.

When everyone was back in Odaiba, Agumon Digivolved to MetalGreymon again to battle the Daemon Corps. However, he was low on energy as a result of being in the real world for so long, and De-Digivolved to Agumon in the middle of the fight. Agumon and the other Digimon then gave up their power to Digivolve to Ultimate once again, in order to energise Imperialdramon, allowing him to Mode Change to his Fighter Mode and destroy SkullSatamon.

Agumon was later given more power by Azulongmon, which allowed him to Warp-Digivolve to WarGreymon again. This energy boost probably also allowed him to Digivolve to MetalGreymon, but he didn’t.

MetalGreymon first appears in "The Earthquake of Metal Greymon." His voice is supplied by Joseph Pilato.
Name: From the word "metal," and most likely the word "grea," short for "great," of which the word "grey" may be a misspelling.


MetalMamemonGroup: Android – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Metal Smirk Bomb, Metal Claw

When Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports, MetalMamemon, along with Mamemon, BigMamemon and Giromon, travelled through one and wound up in Paris. They captured Catherine, a French DigiDestined, and her Floramon, and then had a banquet at the Palace of Versailles. Tai and T.K. arrived with their Digimon, being helped by T.K.'s grandfather. Greymon and Angemon battled them, and then Digivolved into MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon to finish them off, destroy the Control Spire and send them back to the DigiWorld.
MetalMamemon appears in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2."
Name: From “metal," and the Japanese word "mame," meaning peas or beans.


MetalSeadramonGroup: Android - Level: Mega - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: River of Power, Giga Ice Blast
MetalSeadramon is one of the Dark Masters, and is ruler of the digital ocean. As well as being able to swim at incredible speeds, he is capable of extended flight. His devastating River of Power attack is a beam of blue energy which fires from his snout. He can also breathe fire, and his armour is constructed of Chrome DigiZoid.
MetalSeadramon was the first Dark Master that the kids fought. Upon their return to the DigiWorld, he attacked them, and blew up the ground beneath their feet. After that initial confrontation with the Dark Masters, the kids found themselves on the beach where they had fought Shellmon before. MetalSeadramon sent one of his flunkies, Scorpiomon, to trap them for him, but he failed to capture Mimi and Joe. MetalSeadramon waited for him to return with them, but when he didn't, he decided to kill the six DigiDestined he already had. However, as he ignited the shack they were trapped in, Mimi, Joe and their Digimon quickly saved the others from the fire, while throwing Scorpiomon into the blaze. Enraged by Scorpiomon's failure, MetalSeadramon lifted him high into the sky, and dropped him back to the ground, presumably killing him.
MetalSeadramon then pursued the DigiDestined out into the ocean, and was about to destroy them when Whamon appeared and whisked them away to the bottom of the ocean. MetalSeadramon called in his Divermon to have them search for him, and, after some time, they located him. MetalSeadramon pursued them back to the surface, and engaged WarGreymon in battle. He was about to crush him between his jaws when Whamon leapt to his defence, saving him. Furious, MetalSeadramon turned the full force of his River of Power attack on Whamon, killing him. In retaliation, WarGreymon used his Great Tornado attack to literally rip MetalSeadramon to shreds. MetalSeadramon's remains dissolved to digi-dust, which floated to the peak of Spiral Mountain.
MetalSeadramon appears in "Enter The Dark Masters," "Sea-Sick and Tired," "Under Pressure" and in "Playing Games," where he is destroyed. His voice is supplied by Doug Erholtz.
Name: From the words "metal," "sea", and "dragon", which "dra" is short for.


MichaelMichael is one of the DigiDestined children from America, partnered with Betamon. Michael is the son of a Hollywood movie star, and enjoys playing polo and practising the violin.

In August1999, Michael witnessed Gorillamon’s rampage in New York, and then, in April 2001, he and the other American DigiDestined received their Digivices. Michael travelled to the DigiWorld (it is never said whether any of the other American kids went as well), where he met Betamon. He spent some time there before returning to Earth, and meeting Mimi, who had moved to New York from Japan with her family. It’s not apparent how long it was before they told each other they were DigiDestined, but it IS apparent that Michael harbours some romantic interest towards her.

When a Digi-Port spontaneously opened in New York, Izzy informed Mimi about it, and she and Michael took a day trip to the DigiWorld. At Digitamamon’s diner, the new DigiDestined couldn’t pay their bill, but Mimi and Michael arrived, and Michael stepped in to pay. Yolei immediately swooned over him. Note – Digitamamon requested Digi-Dollars in the dub, and Yolei was only able to offer him dollars, but in the original, what he wanted was American dollars. Yolei only had Japanese yen, but being American, Michael was able to pony up the correct currency.

Mimi introduced Michael to the kids properly (after Davis noted his apparent crush on her, much to Yolei’s chagrin), explaining that he was a DigiDestined, and Palmon introduced Betamon. As Michael related his encounter with Gorillamon, the other kids were reminded of their first encounters with Digimon. The conversation was interrupted when Gorillamon himself, under the thrall of one of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Spirals attacked the diner. Betamon Digivolved into Seadramon, and took down Gorillamon with some help from Togemon. After a tussle with Digitamamon, who had been taken over by another Spiral, during which Yolei received the Digi-Egg of Sincerity, Mimi and Michael prepared to head home. Before he left, Michael asked Yolei out on a date, and she gleefully accepted. It should, of course, be noted that this didn’t happen in the original. Michael and Yolei simply shook hands as a sign of respect and friendship. Goodness only knows how she was planning to go on date with a guy living on an entirely different continent...

At Christmas, when Digimon began to appear all over the world, Davis, Matt and Ken headed for America to round up the Digimon there. They met up with Michael, who had organised everything – Matt and Ken took a helicopter to Mexico City, and Davis and Michael took a plane to New York. Michael’s father was the plane’s pilot, and Davis was shocked to recognise him as the star of his favourite movie. Michael actually seemed somewhat embarrassed about his famous father.

After arriving in New York and meeting with Mimi and Benjamin, Gennai’s American counterpart, they were alerted to a situation at Rockafeller Centre, where an irate Cherrymon was attacking the Christmas tree. All the Digimon Digivolved, and Michael led the way to the Centre, where they defeated the Cherrymon with help from Phil, Maria, Lou, Steve and their Digimon. All the other Digimon were led to Central Park and teleported back to the DigiWorld.

Michael and Betamon showed up a little later on, when MaloMyotismon was attempted to infect both worlds with darkness. Michael was drawn into the DigiWorld with all the other world’s DigiDestined.

Twenty-five years into the future, Mimi’s son bears a considerable resemblance to Michael, although nothing was ever said or even implied about the boy’s father.

Michael first appears in “The Samurai of Sincerity.” His voice is supplied by Tom Gibis.


Mihirashi Mountain is a volcano on File Island. At its base, there is a small village of Yokomon, who get their drinking water from the volcano, as the heat from it boils off all impurities. The mountain is guarded by Meramon, but when he was infected by a Black Gear, Mihirashi Mountain threatened to erupt! Thankfully, Birdramon was able to take the fuel out of Meramon's fire by destroying the gear.
Mihirashi Mountain appears in "Biyomon Gets Firepower." At several points in the episode, various characters refer to it as "Mount Mihirashi."

Miko is the Kamiya family's cat. It was she who inadvertently took Kari's Digivice from the Kamiya apartment, to have it stolen by a magpie. Eight months after the defeat of Apocalymon, Miko was also hanging around to watch as Agumon and Tentomon battled Keramon.
Miko first appears in "The Eighth Digivice." Her vocal effects are supplied by Michael Sorich.
Name: A "miko" is a form of Japanese priestess, who assists the preist in conducting ceremonies.


MillenniummonGroup: Composition – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Dimension Destroyer, Ultimate Fusion

Millenniummon was the evil Digimon encountered by the young Ken Ichijouji and Ryo when Ken first went to the DigiWorld. Their Digimon managed to defeat Millenniummon, and he deleted, but his dying action was to release the Dark Spores, one of which infected Ken.

While his role in the anime is limited only to a blurry, two-second appearance in “Invasion of the Daemon Corps,” Millenniummon is, like Ryo, a major player in the Digimon video games for the Wonderswan system in Japan. Some continuity glitches between the games and the anime mean that they may or may not strictly be in continuity with each other, but only from them do we learn Millenniummon's tale.

Created from the fusion of a Machinedramon and a Kimeramon, Millenniummon's first plan was to capture the first eight DigiDestined, and create a time warp that rebirthed several of their old enemies, but his plans were foiled by Ryo. He returned a few months later, and split the DigiWorld in two, but was defeated by the team of Ken and Ryo, though he managed to infect Ken with a Dark Spore before his remaining darkness was sealed with a crystal. It was this battle and some events surrounding it that were used to create backstory for Ken in the anime. Later, Millenniummon returned as Moon=Millenniummon, and Ryo battled him once more, after having trained by way of a tournament orchestrated by the Harmonious Ones. After a battle, Moon=Millenniummon tore open a portal in time and hurled himself and Ryo through it. His crystal shattered, Moon=Millenniummon became ZeedMillenniummon, arriving in the future and beginning a plan to conquer all space and time. It has been said that while travelling through time at this point, he allowed Apocalymon to enter the DigiWorld prior to the start of the original eight kids' adventure by breaking the seal that bound him. After a series of battles against his minions in various alternate universes, Ryo confronted ZeedMillenniummon, who revealed that he was always supposed to be Ryo's partner. Ryo's current partner, Monodramon, forced a DNA Digivolution with ZeedMillenniummon, resulting in a Digi-Egg, as Ryo elected to stay in a different DigiWorld reality to the one he originated in - where he would go on to have adventures with the Digimon Tamers.
For other Millenniummon info, check out Ryo’s entry in both this and the Tamers encyclopedia, and on the site’s
Digimon FAQ, Question 5.5, “Who is Ryo?”
Name: From "millennium," meaning a thousand years.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #50 (season finale)
English version written by Seth Walther

As MaloMyotismon’s shroud of darkness spreads across both worlds, the Digimon of the word’s DigiDestined unite, acting like beacons to draw their human partners into the DigiWorld. The Dark Spore children talk about their dreams, weakening MaloMyotismon, and then, all the kids use their Digivices to power up Imperialdramon, who destroyed MaloMyotismon’s spirit with his Giga Crusher. Oikawa sacrifices his life to rejuvenate the DigiWorld.
Then, we cut to twenty five years into the future, and see the DigiDestined as adults with children of their own – the DigiDestined of a new generation.
Episode Trivia – The title of this episode comes from the term "a thousand points of light," the most famous use of which was in George Bush Sr.'s presidential campaign. The term is not original, though, having been used in the past by Charles Dickens and Thomas Wolfe.
Upon it’s first airing in the US, this episode was combined with
“The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined” to form an hour long special that acted as the fourth, concluding part of “The Battle For Both Worlds.”

Mimi in Season OneMimi Tachikawa is a member of the DigiDestined, partnered with Palmon and holder of the Crest of Sincerity. While coming off as a bit of a ditz and almost an airhead, Mimi really does know what's going on around her. She likes to speak her mind. Her favourite colour is pink, as evidenced by her cow-girl-esque outfit, and in the real world, she's somewhat spoiled by her parents, as she's an only child (although in “A Clue From The Digi-Past,” she says that she has a baby brother – a dub error).
Four years before the events of August 1999, Mimi and her parents lived in Highton View Terrace, where Mimi witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon. The memory of the experience faded, and her family eventually moved out of the building.  

Mimi's experiences in the DigiWorld were, for her, the complete opposite of fun. Continuous walking across deserts wasn't exactly something she enjoyed. When the kids ran into a bunch of Numemon, their leader instantly fell for the gorgeous Mimi. She was lucky enough to get away from him, but then the kids ran into Monzaemon, who had been taken over by a Black Gear and took all the kids to Toy Town, where he brainwashed them. Palmon Digivolved for the first time in to Togemon, and freed Monzaemon from the Gear's control with the help of the aforementioned Numemon. After Devimon split the kids up, Mimi and Palmon wound up on an island with Sukamon and Chuumon, who also developed crushes on her. They brought her and Palmon to Izzy, who had found a temple full of inscriptions that hinted towards the secrets of the DigiWorld. Togemon and Kabuterimon took out the temple's Black-Gear-infected guardian, Centarumon. After defeating Devimon, the kids headed off to the continent of Server.
After two run-ins with Etemon, the kids came across a weird cruise ship in the middle of the desert. Mimi charmed one of the Numemon crewmen into letting them on board, but they were then attacked by Kokatorimon, one of Etemon's servants. Togemon took him out, and then, Mimi found her Crest, the Crest of Sincerity.
Once Tai was sucked back to the real world by a portal that opened when MetalGreymon destroyed Etemon, the group began to fall apart without him. Time moves faster in the DigiWorld, so, although Tai was only on Earth for a few hours, months passed in the DigiWorld. During that time, everyone went off in separate directions. Thanks to the machinations of DemiDevimon, who was working for Myotismon, Mimi was approached by a group of Gekomon and Otamamon, who asked her to sing a song with her beautiful voice that would wake up their ruler, ShogunGekomon, from a three-hundred year sleep (never mind the fact, of course, that back in “Togemon in Toy Town,” Mimi couldn’t sing a note). Mimi found that the Digimon would do anything she asked of them, just to get her to sing, and before long, she had them treating her like a princess. She continuously made excuses so she wouldn't have to sing - and the Digimon weren't happy, but there was nothing they could do! When Tai returned, he and Joe found Mimi sitting in the lap of luxury, and when they tried to make her come with them, she refused and locked them in her dungeon. With some help from Sora, Mimi saw the light, and sang her song, waking up ShogunGekomon. However, he wasn't a pleasant sort, and it took MetalGreymon to subdue him.
Mimi then returned to Earth with the rest of the kids when Myotismon opened a portal to the real world and led an assault on central Odaiba in his search for the Eighth Child - the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined. Mimi and her family were among those captured by Myotismon's army and held prisoner in the city's convention centre. When her family was threatened by DarkTyrannomon, Mimi's Crest began to glow, and Palmon Digivolved to her Ultimate form of Lillymon. However, Lillymon was then defeated by Myotismon, but later healed by Wizardmon, in time to join the final battle. Lillymon leant her power to Angewomon (the Ultimate form of Gatomon, the Digimon of the Eighth Child, who was actually Kari, Tai's little sister), who destroyed Myotismon. After the kids then beat Myotismon's Digivolved form of VenomMyotismon, the returned to the DigiWorld to battle the Dark Masters. Chuumon filled the kids in on what had happened while they were gone, but then sacrificed his life in saving Mimi from Piedmon. Mimi broke down, and, after the kids defeated MetalSeadramon, left the team, no longer wishing to fight. Joe followed her, and they ran into MetalEtemon, but with help from Ogremon and SaberLeomon, they were able to escape him. They then met up with some Gekomon and Otamamon - survivors after the Dark Masters destroyed the castle - at the ruins of Digitamamon's diner, and were then attacked again MetalEtemon. SaberLeomon sacrificed himself to allow Zudomon to destroy the metal monkey. They began to head for Primary Village, to see what could be found there, and came across allies in Frigimon and Meramon along the way. When they found Elecmon in the village's ruins, Joe left to go looking for Matt (who had left the team due to his feelings of isolation). Mimi then went on with her Digimon allies to the peak of Spiral Mountain, where she arrived just in the nick of time to help the other kids battle Piedmon and his Vilemon horde. When they were defeated by MagnaAngemon's Gate of Mimi in Season TwoDestiny attack, the kids thought they could rest easy, but it was not to be, as they were immediately hurled into battle with Apocalymon, who destroyed their Crests. It was then that the kids realised the power had been inside them all along, and they used their Digivices to turn Apocalymon's Total Annihilation attack back on him, destroying him.
After defeating Apocalymon, it was time for the kids to leave the DigiWorld. As they were saying their goodbyes, Mimi couldn't find Palmon. Palmon had run away - she didn't want to see Mimi again, because if she did, it was because she would have to say goodbye. As the kids were leaving in a boxcar Gennai supplied, Palmon came running out of the forest, calling out her goodbyes and saying she was sorry. Mimi leaned out the window, and waved, and her pink cowgirl hat was whisked from her head by the wind, and sent flying across the DigiWorld.
Eight months later, when Diaboromon menaced the world, Mimi was on vacation in Hawaii. However, in her overflowing mailbox back home, there was a pink, heart-shaped card, which read "To Mimi, from Joe." Admittedly, this was added by the dubbers, and was originally just the house nameplate...
In May 2000, Mimi and the other DigiDestined were called back into the DigiWorld by Gennai, and instructed to release the powers of their Crests, creating a seal that would protect the DigiWorld from evil. However, as a side effect, Palmon and the other Digimon lost their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate. After this, Mimi and her family moved to New York City, due to her father’s work. There, she met Michael, another DigiDestined, and became friends with him. Her entire appearance became Americanised, and no-one was more comfortable with it than she was, even dying her hair her favourite colour.

When the Digimon Emperor began his takeover of the DigiWorld, Mimi sent Kari an e-mail, worried about Palmon. A little while later, Mimi flew to Tokyo, where she met the new DigiDestined, and travelled with them into the DigiWorld, where they had a picnic. Mimi and Yolei were accidentally separated from the group, and fell into an area known as the Night Forest, which was under the control of the Digimon Emperor. Palmon saved Mimi from a band of Gekomon and Otamamon who had been taken over by Dark Rings, and they were then attacked by the Roachmon Brothers. Mimi and Yolei managed to trick the Roachmons into the destroying the Control Spire for them, and Togemon decided to stay and protect the area. Mimi returned to New York, now firm friends with Yolei.

The PermSome time later, when a Digi-Port spontaneously opened in New York, Mimi brought Michael into the DigiWorld to meet the new DigiDestined at Digitamamon’s diner, where he told them how he became a DigiDestined, and they all remembered their first encounters with Digimon. Davis also noted Michael’s apparent crush on Mimi. The diner was then attacked by Gorillamon, under the thrall of one of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Spirals, but Michael’s Betamon Digivolved into Seadramon, and he and Togemon defeated Gorillamon. Then, Digitamamon himself, also having been taken over by a Spiral, tried to attack the kids, but Mimi stood in his way, trying to convince him that he wasn’t really bad. Digitamamon replied with a headbutt, knocking her to the ground, and Yolei was furious. After her outburst, the Digi-Egg of Sincerity appeared, and Hawkmon became Shurimon, and destroyed the Spiral, freeing Digitamamon. Mimi and Michael headed back home.

A little while after the Digimon Emperor had been defeated, Mimi (now sporting a new, blond perm hairdo) was in the DigiWorld, feeding some YukumiBotamon, while Palmon picked flowers. Palmon witnessed Arukenimon transforming a Control Spire into Golemon, and tried to tell Mimi, but was knocked unconscious. Mimi called on the new DigiDestined for help, and even convinced Yolei to call on Ken for assistance. When Palmon awoke, she revealed that Golemon was not truly a living Digimon, and Stingmon and Aquilamon destroyed him.Bobble hats are SO in this season...

Much later, at Christmas, the DigiDestined brought the original eight Digimon into the real world so they could spend Christmas with their human partners. Palmon went through a Digi-Port to America, and Mimi was overjoyed to see her. When Digimon began to appear all over the world, Davis came to New York and met up with Michael and Mimi (now with yet another new ‘doo – this time returning to her natural colour and wearing it down). Benjamin, Gennai’s American counterpart, restored Palmon’s ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, and Mimi as an adulteveryone headed for Rockafeller Centre in response to an e-mail Mimi had received from Phil, an African-American DigiDestined. With help from the other American DigiDestined, they defeated an irate Cherrymon, and sent all the other Digimon back into the DigiWorld.

When MaloMyotismon was attempting to shroud Earth and the DigiWorld in darkness, Mimi’s Digivice was the first to shoot a beam of light. All the other DigiDestined of the world had their Digivices do the same, sending their energy to their Digimon, who used it to energise Imperialdramon, Shakkoumon and Silphymon, who had previously been defeated by MaloMyotismon. Then, the beams of light pulled the DigiDestined into the DigiWorld, so they could all unite against the villain. The power of the hopes and dreams of the children implanted with Dark Spores destroyed his body, and then everyone used their Digivices to power up Imperialdramon, who used his Giga Crusher attack to destroy Myotismon’s spirit.

Three months later, when it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon four years beforehand, Izzy quickly sent a summons to Mimi to come to Japan and help out the other DigiDestined. Mimi did not arrive until the battle was underway, and had to be filled in on the fly, but then helped Izzy organise his plans.

Twenty-five years into the future, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Palmon is still at Mimi’s side. Mimi now has her own cooking show, evidently possessing her mother’s culinary skills. She is married, with a son, who has a Tanemon for a partner. The identity of the father was never said, but the boy bears a strong resemblance to Michael.

Mimi first appeared in "And so it begins..." Her voice is supplied by Philece Sampler.

See Mimi


Mina is an Indian DigiDestined, partnered with a Meramon. She led all the Digimon who had been rounded up in India to the border with China, but was unable to cross due to the presence of the Chinese military. She sent an e-mail to Kari and Izzy, who headed to the border with their Digimon and the eldest of the Poi Brothers, where she explained the situation to them. Octomon used his Spurting Ink technique to write a greeting on a rock face nearby, and the Chinese military allowed them to enter the country. Mina then noted the Poi Brother’s evident crush on Kari.

Mina appeared again later when MaloMyotismon was attempting to infect the world with darkness.

Mina first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” Her voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.



MinomonGroup: Micro – Level: In-Training – Attack Technique: Bubble Blow

Minomon is the In-Training form of Wormmon, the Digimon partner of Ken of the DigiDestined. After Wormmon sacrificed himself during Magnamon’s battle with Kimeramon, he was reborn as Leafmon in Primary Village and was found by Ken and taken home. There, he quickly Digivolved into Minomon again, advising Ken to try Jumping Jacks to lose weight after a big meal. That night, he and Ken saw Arukenimon when she appeared in Ken’s room. By the next day, he had returned to being Wormmon, and then even Digivolved to Stingmon for the first time to save Cody from Thundermon.

Each time Paildramon separated into his constituent parts of Chibomon and Leafmon, Leafmon would have to become Minomon again before returning to his default form of Wormmon, but he was rarely seen at those times.

When Izzy and Ken were discussing the nature of the DigiWorld when Yolei was on a class trip to Kyoto, Poromon was feeling very weak, and Minomon explained that it was because he’d been in the real world for a long time, and because Yolei wasn’t around.

After the battle to save the fifth Destiny Stone, which ended in failure, Ken and Leafmon slept over at the Motomiya apartment that night. In the morning, Leafmon had Digivolved to Minomon, and woke Davis as he wrestled with DemiVeemon.

At Christmas, Minomon and the other In-Trainings were at Ken’s Christmas party, but had to Digivolve to battle the wild Digimon who appeared at Matt’s concert.

After this, Paildramon became Imperialdramon, and when he separated into his two halves, they would be at their Rookie stages. Hence, Minomon did not appear again.

Twenty-five years into the future, Ken and Yolei’s son has a Minomon for a partner.

Minomon first appears in “If I had a Tail Hammer” His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.

Name: From "minomushi," the Japanese name for the larval form of an insect called "minoga."



MinotarumonGroup: Animal – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Darkside Quake/Earthquake Drill, Bull Fighting Attack

The first Minotarumon encountered by the DigiDestined was not actually a real one, but was instead an unliving Digimon created by Arukenimon from a Control Spire. This Minotarumon was ordered to demolish a bridge that the DigiDestined had just rebuilt, but it met resistance from Raidramon and Aquilamon. Raidramon destroyed it with a Thunder Blast, but blasted a good chunk of the bridge in the process.

The second Minotarumon the kids had to fight was a real one, who had come through to Earth along with many other wild Digimon after Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports. This Minotarumon hid inside some Mayan ruins in Mexico, along with a Dokugumon. Matt, Ken and their Digimon arrived there, and met up with Rosa and her Gotsumon inside the temple, as well as José, Gennai’s Mexican counterpart. Matt and Gabumon lured the Minotarumon and Dokugumon outside, and then Stingmon and WereGarurumon knocked them out, so that they could be sent back to the DigiWorld.

A Minotarumon was also seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

A Minotarumon first appears in “Fusion Confusion.” The first Minotarumon identified his primary attack as “Earthquake Drill,” while the second called it “Darkside Quake,” which is the name Bandai uses. Also, Raidramon identified Minotarumon as “a Champion Digimon” – this is incorrect, Minotarumon is an Ultimate. However, a Champion level Minotarumon DOES exist – imaginatively named “Minotarumon Champion” – but it’s confirmed that the Minotarumon who appeared in the series were Ultimates.

Name: From “Minotaur,” a creature from Greek mythology which was half-man, half-bull.



The Digi-Egg of MiraclesNote that this entry deals with the Digi-Egg of Miracles as it appears in the ongoing series. For information on it in “Digimon: The Movie,” see: “Golden Digi-Eggs

The Digi-Egg of Miracles started out as the Crest of Kindness, which had been hidden away by the power of darkness. When Azulongmon and the other Harmonious Ones were in the process of creating the Digi-Eggs and selecting the Digimon for the new DigiDestined who would be called upon to battle the Digimon Emperor, they recovered the Crest of Kindness, and reconstructed it into the Digi-Egg of Miracles. The Emperor (Ken Ichijouji, the actual true owner of the Crest of Kindness) found the Digi-Egg of Miracles and used it in conjunction with a reactor gateway to the World of Darkness to power his fortress. It’s quite likely that the Harmonious Ones deliberately allowed him to find it.

When the Emperor created Kimeramon, his partner Wormmon resolved to stop his plans and restore him to normal. He led Davis and Veemon to the fortress engine room, where they found the Digi-Egg of Miracles. It levitated into Davis’s hands, and he used it to Armour Digivolve Veemon into Magnamon. Magnamon then took on Kimeramon, their battle causing the base to crash. Magnamon’s energy began to fade, and Wormmon sacrificed himself to give him the power to obliterate Kimeramon with his Magna Explosion attack. Magnamon De-Digivolved into DemiVeemon, and the Digi-Egg of Miracles reverted into the Crest of Kindness, which floated to Ken.

The Digi-Egg of Miracles first appears in the anime in “The Darkness Before Dawn.” Its origins are explained in “Kyoto Dragon.”



See Yolei



The process by which Imperialdramon transforms from his Dragon Mode into his Fighter Mode, and from his Fighter Mode to his Paladin Mode. Mode Changing is a transformation – NOT a Digivolution. As such, Imperialdramon remains at the Mega level, and simply grows more powerful. The first time this occurred, he required a power boost from the original eight Digimon to initiate the transformation. He was later able to do it on his own. To transform to his Paladin Mode, an influx of energy from Omnimon was required. He never assumed his Paladin Mode again, so it's unknown if he would have been able to do it on his own afterwards.

Mode Changing first occurs in “Invasion of the Daemon Corps.” In “Duel of the WarGreymon,” Imperialdramon erroneously referred to his Fighter Mode as his “Fighter Form.”


MojyamonGroup: Rare Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Ice Cloud, Bone Booomerang
The kids first encountered a Mojyamon in the frozen wastes of File Island. After Devimon separated File Island into chunks and scattered the kids across them, Matt and Gabumon found themselves in a blizzard. The next morning, they emerged from the cave they had sheltered in, and found Tai and Agumon, who had come to the island with the help of Frigimon. Matt was worried about T.K., and began to fight with Tai, but the brawl was interrupted by Mojyamon, who had been infected by a Black Gear. Greymon and Garurumon battled him, and destroyed the gear, shrinking him back down to "standard Mojyamon size."
Four years later, a Mojyamon was seen under the control of the Digimon Emperor. It, along with a Snimon and a Drimogemon, attacked the fledgling new DigiDestined team. Davis and Veemon were captured by the Emperor, while the others fled into the forest. Once Yolei and Cody found their Digi-Eggs and Digimon partners, they took the fight to the Emperor and freed Davis and Veemon. Mojyamon battled Flamedramon, who destroyed the Dark Ring controlling him.

Some time later, several Mojyamon were seen fighting Arukenimon and Mummymon in the frozen north when the two villains were searching for the fifth Destiny Stone. While it was not stated, it seems apparent that the Mojyamon were attempting to protect the Destiny Stone, which had been hidden by the DigiDestined.

At Christmas, when wild Digimon were appeared all over the world, a Mojyamon was seen in Hong Kong, The Poi Brothers’ grandfather tried to get rid of him with a spell, but the Brothers had to step in to stop the old man being crushed. Their Syakomon Digivolved to Octomon, who blinded the Mojyamon with their Spurting Ink technique – and they were about to finish him off, when Kari and Izzy arrived to stop them and explain the situation. The Mojyamon, and all the other Digimon in the area, were soon sent back to the DigiWorld.

A little later after this, a Mojyamon was seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

A Mojyamon first appears in "Subzero Ice Punch!" Note that each and every Mojyamon who appears after this is the large size that the File Island Mojyamon was with a Black Gear in him, instead of being what Frigimon called the standard size.

MonochromonGroup: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Volcanic Strike, Sllamming Attack
Monochromon are large, ferocious Digimon, with a black-and-white colour scheme. The kids first encountered Monochromon while on File Island, very soon after their arrival there. They narrowly avoided being caught between two of the battling monsters. Later, when the kids arrived on Server, they wound up fighting Etemon, who used a Monochromon to pull his trailer. Several Monochromon were seen outside Etemon's pyramid, and some of them were sucked into the malfunctioning Dark Network were destroyed.
Four years later, the first opponent the new DigiDestined fought was a Monochromon under the control of one of the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Rings. The Monochromon chased them out of the cave that they had found the Digi-Egg of Courage in, and then Davis was able to activate it, to allow Veemon to Armour Digivolve into Flamedramon. Flamedramon used his Fire Rocket attack to break the Dark Ring and free the Monochromon.

The Digimon Emperor later utilised Monochromon data in Kimeramon, giving the genetically engineered creature a Monochromon tail.

Around Christmas, when Digimon were appearing in the real world, Ken, Matt, Wormmon and Gabumon were in Mexico to round up the wild Digimon there when they met Rosa, a young Mexican DigiDestined, and her partner, a Gotsumon. In the ensuing battle with a wild Minotarumon and Dokugumon, Rosa’s Gotsumon Digivolved into a Monochromon, who helped Stingmon and WereGarurumon defeat them.

Monochromon first appear in "Garurumon."
Name: From the word "monochrome," meaning one colour.

MonzaemonGroup: Puppet - Level: Ultimate - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Hearts Attack, Hug<
Monzaemon is a giant teddy bear Digimon, who lives in Toy Town on File Island. While fleeing into the forest from some over-amorous Numemon, Mimi and Palmon ran into Monzaemon, who invited them to come to Toy Town. Little did they know, as they accepted his offer, that he had been infected by a Black Gear! When they arrived in Toy Town, they discovered that Monzaemon had captured the other kids and brainwashed them with his Hearts Attack (which had been corrupted by the Black Gear). They freed the kids' other Digimon, and then, Palmon Digivolved to Togemon for the first time, and, with a little help from the Numemon, destroyed the gear possessing Monzaemon. Restored to normal, he apologised, and used his Hearts Attack on the kids again - but this time, it did what it was supposed to; made the kids feel good inside! Monzaemon showed up a little later to help build a raft to take the kids to Server.
Four years later, when wild Digimon were appearing all over Earth, a Monzaemon appeared in Odaiba, along with several other Digimon. It was defeated by Shakkoumon, and sent back into the DigiWorld. The DigiDestined then set about travelling all over the world, rounding up wild Digimon – during this time, a Monzaemon was seen in New York. Later, another Monzaemon appeared during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

The Monzaemon who became allies with the DigiDestined appears in "Togemon in Toy Town" and "Departure for a New Continent." His voice is supplied by Dan Lorge.
Name: From the 17th Century Japanese play write, Chikamatsu Monzaemon, who wrote plays for puppet theatre ("Puppet" being Monzaemon's Digimon Group).

MotimonGroup: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
Motimon is the In-Training stage of Tentomon, the Digimon partner of Izzy of the DigiDestined. Izzy met Motimon practically as soon as he arrived in the DigiWorld, and the little Digimon helped him and Tai avoid the initial attack from Kuwagamon, by showing them a 'hiding tree.' When Kuwagamon threatened the kids again, Motimon, and all the other In-Trainings, Digivolved to Rookie form.
Motimon next appeared some time later, when Izzy was being held prisoner by Vademon. Vademon had stolen the boy's curiosity, and Izzy had been reduced to a zombie-like state. Tentomon was so low on energy that he de-Digivolved back to Motimon... and then right back to his Baby stage of Pabumon! Fortunately, Pabumon was able to snap Izzy out of it, and he reclaimed his curiosity. Pabumon Digivolved back to Tentomon, then to Kabuterimon, and then, for the first time, on to MegaKabuterimon, to defeat Vademon. Afterwards, he regressed back to Motimon again.
When the kids penetrated Myotismon's castle, MegaKabuterimon held off the initial few guards, and regressed back to Motimon again, then passed through the portal to Earth with the others. He Digivolved back to Tentomon to save Izzy when he fell off a bridge.
After Digivolving to MegaKabuterimon to battle Myotismon with the other Digimon, he regressed back to Motimon again, and then Digivolved back to Tentomon to clear out some remaining Bakemon with the others. After the defeat of VenomMyotismon, Motimon returned to the DigiWorld with Izzy and the others to battle the Dark Masters. He Digivolved up to MegaKabuterimon to fight them for the first time, but was blasted back to being Motimon again by Puppetmon. After the kids escaped, Motimon Digivolved back to Tentomon to help fight Shellmon. At this point, Tentomon gained more control over his Digivolutions, and so would only revert to Rookie after going Ultimate. As such, Motimon did not appear again.
Twenty-nine years later, Izzy’s daughter has a Motimon for a partner.

Motimon first appears in "And so it begins..." His voice is supplied by Joshua Seth.
Name: From the Japanese word, "moti," another way of writing "mochi," which means rice dough.

Mr. MotomiyaKnown members of the Motomiya family include: Davis, his sister June, and their parents (unnamed).

Davis and June’s parents made their first appearance doing nothing more than watching television, as Davis and DemiVeemon took a bath. The laughter coming from the lounge and the bathroom made June wonder if her whole family had gone nuts! Mrs. Motomiya appeared again, watching more TV, when Davis was Mrs. Motomiyapreparing to go on the “camping trip” that was a cover for the DigiDestined’s prolonged trip to the DigiWorld.

After the failed attempt to save the fifth Destiny Stone, Ken slept over at the Motomiya apartment. Mrs. Motomiya couldn’t believe they had a celebrity in their house, and Mr. Motomiya asked him if he could help tutor Davis!

At Christmas, Mr. Motomiya was seen meeting Mrs. Takaishi for lunch, suggesting that he has a job in journalism.

Mr. and Mrs. Motomiya were both present, with June and the other kids’ families, at the summer camp during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.

The Motomiyas first appear in “Big Trouble in Little Edo.” Mr. Motomiya’s voice is supplied by Doug Erholtz. Mrs. Motomiya’s voice actress is unknown.



See Davis



See June



Mummymon in his Digimon formGroup: Ghost – Level: Ultimate – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Snake Bandage, Necrophobia

Mummymon was created by the human, Oikawa, as part of the culmination of a project he had worked on with Cody’s father. Oikawa took his own DNA and converted it into data, creating Mummymon, a Digimon-human hybrid with the ability to morph between human and Digimon forms. It’s very likely that Mummymon was created before Arukenimon, his partner-in-crime, upon whom he has romantic designs, before the process was fine-tuned, as his human mode is flawed, with grey, rotting skin and only one eye, unlike Arukenimon’s perfect one. However, it was apparently convincing enough to allow him to operate in the real world with Arukenimon. In Digimon mode, Mummymon can entwine his hapless victims in cocoons of his own bandages, and his human-mode cane morphs into his gun, Obelisk, which fires streams of energy. His gun attack is often incorrectly identified as "Snake Bandage."

Mummymon and Arukenimon worked to shape Ken Ichijouji into the Digimon Emperor, at Oikawa’s command, as part of the plan to have Control Spires erected all around the DigiWorld, disrupting the reality barriers, and allowing Oikawa to enter it.

Mummymon made his first appearance just after Arukenimon was defeated by the DigiDestined in the battle at the Giga House. He quickly morphed into his Digimon form and tied up the Digimon with his Snake Bandage technique, before picking up Arukenimon and fleeing.

Soon after, while Arukenimon was taking a bath (on top of a cliff, while still fully dressed... what the HELL was up with that?), Mummymon tried to console her... before asking if he could squeeze in with her. She replied with a smack that knocked him off the cliff, but all Mummymon could do was wonder if it was love he was feeling. The duo then sped off in Mummymon’s jeep, and Arukenimon began her plan to combine one hundred Control Spires to make BlackWarGreymon. BlackWarGreymon defeated the DigiDestined, but then turned on Arukenimon and Mummymon, and flew away, seeking a worthy opponent. Mummymon and Arukenimon pursued him, creating a Blossomon to menace the DigiDestined along the way, and then creating a herd of Mammothmon to try and stop him. Mummymon had to catch Arukenimon when she fainted as BlackWarGreymon tore the Mammothmon to pieces with ease. Mummymon then suggested that they turn their attention to the Destiny Stones, to see if the legends about them were true. They began searching out the relics, but BlackWarGreymon also found himself drawn to them. Each time a new stone was located, Mummymon and Arukenimon held back the DigiDestined as BlackWarGreymon destroyed it. Six of the seven stones were systematically destroyed.

The search for the final stone led Mummymon and Arukenimon to a Chinatown area of the DigiWorld, where they dropped into Digitamamon’s restaurant and got hooked on his noodle soup. Mummymon demanded to know what was in the soup, but then the DigiDestined arrived, and a fight broke out, but Mummymon and Arukenimon left to chase after Digitamamon and Tapirmon (the ever-inexplicable dub has them fleeing because something in the soup made them revert to human mode). In the forest, the jeep’s radiator overheated and blew up, and Mummymon raced off to look for some water – but instead found the natural spring that Digitamamon used to make his soup with. Digitamamon and Tapirmon tried to stop him to sampling it, but he Snake Bandage-d them, and drank from the spring. Much to his and Arukenimon’s surprise, the final Destiny Stone then emerged from the spring, into which Mummymon fell, inadvertently pulling the holy ring off the stone. The DigiDestined and BlackWarGreymon arrived, and BlackWarGreymon blasted Mummymon and Arukenimon away when Arukenimon gave him orders. They managed to make it back in time to see Azulongmon appear, and then fled.

Mummymon in his human formShortly after, at Christmas, Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports, allowing wild Digimon to enter the real world. As Paildramon battled a Triceramon, Mummymon decided he would prove his love for Arukenimon by destroying Paildramon. When Davis and Ken came under threat during the fight, light from one of Azulongmon’s Digi-cores struck Paildramon, and he Mega-Digivolved to Imperialdramon. Mummymon made himself scarce as Imperialdramon dispatched Triceramon and the other Digimon who had appeared in Japan back into the DigiWorld.

As the DigiDestined headed off around the world to round up the other wild Digimon in different countries, Arukenimon and Mummymon began to seek out children in Tokyo at Oikawa’s instruction. Mummymon found a lonely boy, who asked if he’d like to be friends.

When the DigiDestined returned to Japan, they found that more Digimon, led by the malevolent Daemon, had come to Earth. After Imperialdramon Fighter Mode destroyed SkullSatamon, Daemon himself appeared and demanded Ken come with him. Arukenimon and Mummymon then appeared though, with the truck full of kidnapped children. Arukenimon said if Ken came with her, the kids would be released. Ken agreed, but once inside the truck, was confronted by Oikawa. Mummymon had difficultly driving straight as LadyDevimon and her bats attempted to stop him. Once they had managed to temporarily ditch the Daemon Corps, as Oikawa duplicated Ken’s Dark Spore and implanted it in the other children, Mummymon had a moment alone with Arukenimon, and tried to work his charms on her again (in the original version, he asked her to marry him!). For his trouble, he received an elbow in the stomach. MarineDevimon appeared again, and Mummymon drove the truck towards Highton View Terrace, where they were confronted by Daemon himself. The DigiDestined repelled Daemon to the World of Darkness, and Mummymon, Arukenimon and Oikawa fled.

The trio of villains hid out on Mt. Fuji, where Mummymon cooked up dinner, and then had a dream about someone trying to steal his teddy bear (love that scene!). During the night, BlackWarGreymon arrived on Earth, and attacked the cabin the villains were sleeping in the next day. Mummymon and Arukenimon moved to engage him in battle, but Oikawa stopped them. BlackWarGreymon intended to destroy Oikawa, believing that he disrupted the balance of both worlds. Tai and WarGreymon arrived to battle BlackWarGreymon, while Kari and Nefertimon pursued Mummymon, Arukenimon and Oikawa, who were escaping on wheels. Mummymon tried to knock Nefertimon from the air, and then was helped by Arukenimon when Aquilamon and Pegasusmon joined the fight. They ditched the vehicle, and ran into a nearby market, where the Digimon were afraid to attack for fear of hurting any humans. Mummymon had no such compunctions, and blasted the three of them, allowing him and his cohorts to escape.

When Oikawa discovered that Cody was the son of his old friend Hiroki, Mummymon and Arukenimon leapt into the fray, preparing to kill Cody. Oikawa ordered them away, and then lamented on the situation. Mummymon and Arukenimon then easily defeated Digmon in battle, as Oikawa absorbed the power from Noriko’s Dark Spore, and fatally wounded BlackWarGreymon, who sealed the Highton View Terrace gate with the last of his strength.

Unaware of this, Oikawa called all the Spore-implanted kids back to Highton View Terrace, and attempted to open the gate. However, he, the kids, Mummymon, Arukenimon and the DigiDestined and their Digimon all wound up being transported to another, bizarre dimension. Gatomon tussled with Mummymon, before the truth was finally revealed – the spirit of Myotismon had been inside Oikawa all along, controlling his actions. Myotismon emerged, and used the Dark Spores to transform himself into MaloMyotismon, as Arukenimon and Mummymon held the DigiDestined off. Then, in his new form, he seized Arukenimon, and used his mind-reading powers to discover her worst fears. He used them to destroy her, feeding off of her fear, and the fear of Mummymon, who tried to stop him, but was swatted aside with ease. As Arukenimon’s body deleted, the horrified Mummymon attacked MaloMyotismon again, to no effect. MaloMyotismon could read his thoughts, and knew that Mummymon thought he had no chance against the demon lord. MaloMyotismon laughed, as Mummymon vowed to teach him fear, but MaloMyotismon reacted by blasting Mummymon with his Crimson Mist attack, melting the unfortunate creature into nothingness.

Mummymon first appears in “Arukenimon’s Tangled Web.” He dies in “Oikawa’s Shame.” His voice is supplied by Kirk Thornton.

Name: From “mummy,” the name for a corpse preserved in wrappings, as originated by the ancient Egyptians.


MushroomonGroup: Vegetation - Level: Rookie - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Fungus Crusher, Lauughing Smasher
The first Mushroomon the kids encountered was one of Puppetmon's playmates. He was seen briefly when T.K. was fleeing from Puppetmon, and hid in the room where Mushroomon and Blossomon were. He asked them not to say anything, but Mushroomon ratted him out. After that, he wasn't seen again.
Fours years later, the new DigiDestined found themselves in peril when visiting a village of Mushroomon and Floramon, which was ruled by ShogunGekomon. The Digimon Emperor erected a Control Spire there, and captured all the Mushroomon and Floramon with Dark Rings, so when the DigiDestined arrived, they all attacked them. A Gekomon saved them by hiding them underground. Later, ShogunGekomon came under the influence of a Dark Spiral and wrecked the village before the DigiDestined stopped him.

Cody and Digmon later freed some Mushroomon from the Digimon Emperor’s base, and more Mushroomon were seen fleeing as Kimeramon razed a town.

A Mushroomon was also seen during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
A Mushroomon first appears in "Playing Games." He was not referred to by name in the episode. The real reason that neither the Mushroomon nor Blossomon from Puppetmon’s mansion were seen again was that in the Japanese version, neither of them ratted T.K. out, and Puppetmon though they were lying to him, and shot them both dead.
Name: From the word "mushroom."

Group: Wizard - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Shogun Sword, Ninja Blade
Musyamon was one of the Digimon who manifested in the city of Kyoto in Japan, after BlackWarGreymon destroyed the second Destiny Stone, weakening the reality barriers. Yolei was with Jim Kido and Professor Takenouchi when Musyamon appeared, but Poromon wasted no time in Digivolving into Hawkmon to take him on. Unable to do any damage, he Armour Digivolved into Shurimon, and then battled with Musyamon across the city's rooftops. The battle was ended when Shurimon managed to drive Musyamon into a lake, and then hurled him through the Digi-Port Yolei had opened, sending him back to the DigiWorld.
Musyamon appears in "A Chance Encounter."

MyotismonGroup: Evil - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Grisly Wing, Crimsoon Lightning, Nightmare Claw
The vampire Digimon overlord known as Myotismon could be considered the most relentless, most evil foe the DigiDestined kids have ever fought. His Grisly Wing attack unleashes a stream of vicious bats at his opponent, while Crimson Lightning involves him shooting energy beams from his palms. His little-used Nightmare Claw attack petrifies an opponent with fear, leaving them open to a ferocious beating. His other capabilities include teleportation, by apparently converting his body into energy and shooting off like a bolt of lightning, and the ability to phase through solid matter (though this ability would more appear to be the work of his bats, who create a short-range two-way portal for him to walk through walls and such). He would appear to have the power to hypnotise, or at least to cloud the minds and judgement of others. He also has other mystical powers, including the ability to summon fog, and hurl spheres of energy from his hands. The castle from which he operates in the DigiWorld is built on top of the former base of operations of the mysterious group charged with the DigiWorld's protection, which was left abandoned after the Dark Masters slew them.
Myotismon hung behind the scenes at first, sending his henchman, DemiDevimon, out to do his work. With Tai missing after the battle with Etemon, DemiDevimon singled out each of the kids and attempted to prevent their Crests from glowing, thus preventing their Digimon from Digivolving to newer, more powerful forms that could halt Myotismon's plans. When Tai returned, he was able to get all the kids together again - but no sooner had he done that, than MMyotismon made his grand entrance, and attempted to do away with the children. Garudamon was able to hold him off long enough for the kids to flee. They then received a message from Gennai, explaining that Myotismon was attempting to open a portal to the real world, so that he could find and kill the Eighth Child - the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined - and take over both Earth and the DigiWorld. Myotismon unlocked the gateway to Earth, and led his minions in an assault on central Odaiba, to search for the Eighth Child. While his minions went about their work, Myotismon remained in an underground crypt (possessed of a vampire's vulnerability to sunlight, it would seem), emerging only at night to feed on the blood of young women whom he could mesmerise (see the reference to his hypnotic powers, above). When he found Wizardmon and his lieutenant, Gatomon, in his crypt, searching for the Eighth Child's Crest, he flew into a rage, and hurled Wizardmon into Odaiba Bay after a battle. When Tai and MetalGreymon showed up to help Gatomon, Myotismon learned the truth - Gatomon was, in fact, destined to be the Eighth Child's Digimon! Myotismon captured her, sealed off all of central Odaiba with a mystical electronic-disrupting fog bank, and imprisoned the majority of the city's population in the city's convention centre, in order to have Gatomon identify the Eighth Child (We can assume that the fog bank protected Myotismon from the effect of the sun's rays). As chaos reigned in the city, the Eighth Child finally came forward and gave herself up to stop the assault - it was Tai's little sister, Kari! When Myotismon was presented with her, the other kids and their Digimon quickly attacked. Wizardmon, having been recovered by Joe and T.K., sacrificed his life intercepting a Grizzly Wing attack meant to finish off Kari, and Kari was able to obtain her Digivice, Tag and Crest, allowing Gatomon to Digivolve to Angewomon. The other Digimon leant Angewomon their power, and she used her Celestial Arrow attack to atomise Myotismon.
However, Myotismon had not been destroyed, merely discorporated. He began to reconstitute his form by having his bats convert the bodies of his followers into energy, and corralling them together to form his new body - in the process, allowing him to Warp-Digivolve to an unheard of Mega level as VenomMyotismon!
VenomMyotismon went on a rampage through Odaiba, until he was destroyed by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. However, Myotismon’s data remained, floating aimlessly, with nowhere to go. It found a host in the form of Yukio Oikawa, a man who had known of the DigiWorld since he was a child, and had always wanted to go there. Myotismon made Oikawa a bargain – “soothe your heart with darkness, and I’ll take you there!” Not even fully understanding, Oikawa accepted, and Myotismon’s data entered him, resting within his mind. Myotismon presumably wiped this from his memory, as Oikawa had no idea that Myotismon’s spirit was inside of him, manipulating him and controlling his actions.

Myotismon needed to re-enter the DigiWorld, but its defences were too strong for him to penetrate. Learning of the Dark Spores and of Ken Ichijouji, he had Oikawa create Arukenimon and Mummymon, who were able to travel to the DigiWorld, and manipulate Ken into becoming the Digimon Emperor. As the Emperor, Ken set up Control Spires all around the DigiWorld, which would disrupt the reality barriers, allowing Myotismon to enter. However, the plan was foiled by the new DigiDestined, who defeated Ken, then deactivated and methodically destroyed the Spires.

Next, Arukenimon and Mummymon created BlackWarGreymon, who set abut destroying the Destiny Stones, which threw the DigiWorld out of balance – yet still Myotismon was unable to enter it. His final attempt to gain entry and be reborn involved kidnapping Ken and duplicating his Dark Spore, implanting it in other children – but the plot drew the attention of Daemon, who came to Earth, seeking the Spore for his own purposes. After Daemon was defeated, Myotismon/Oikawa fled, but soon absorbed the energy from the prematurely flowered Spore of Noriko. Energised by the dark power, Myotismon temporarily took control of Oikawa’s body and fatally injured BlackWarGreymon, who had realised that Myotismon was within Oikawa. With the last of his strength, BlackWarGreymon sealed the Highton View Terrace gate with his body.

Myotismon had Oikawa recall all the Spore-implanted children to Highton View Terrace. Oikawa thought that the Spores would provide the energy needed to open a gateway to the DigiWorld to allow him to enter, but Myotismon had other plans. Purposefully causing Oikawa to insert the incorrect combination of key cards that would open the DigiWorld portal, Myotismon opened a doorway to another dimension, where he was able to exit Oikawa’s body, and absorb the power from the Dark Spores as they flowered, transforming himself into MaloMyotismon.

MaloMyotismon subjected the DigiDestined to illusions of their greatest desires, but they won through, and then used the power of the dimension to make their Digimon Digivolve to all their forms at once. MaloMyotismon fled into the DigiWorld, and absorbed the darkness there, which increased his strength, as he began to blanket Earth in a shroud of darkness. As the Digimon and DigiDestined from all over the world gathered, the power of the kids’ dreams destroyed his body, and then everyone lent their Digivice energy to Imperialdramon, who used his Giga Crusher attack to destroy Myotismon’s spirit – seemingly for good this time.
Myotismon first appeared fully in "Sora's Crest of Love", after numerous behind-the-scenes cameo appearances in "Forget About it!", "Weregarurumon's Dinner", "No Questions, Please" and "Princess Karaoke." His original body was destroyed by Angewomon in "Wizardmon's Gift." His voice is supplied by Richard Epcar.
For further information, see: VenomMyotismon & MaloMyotismon.
Name: From the word "myotis," the genus to which the vampire bat belongs.

Digimon Adventure episode #48
English version written by R.D. Chamberlain and Sean Abley
As Tai's group arrive in Machinedramon's city, Kari falls ill, and Tai and Izzy set out looking for medicine for her, only to run afoul of Machinedramon's troops. They escape, but when they get back to the others, Machinedramon himself attacks, and sends them plummeting into the sewers.
Episode Trivia – the title of this episode is derived from the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. After Cain murders Abel, God asks him where Abel is, and Cain replies “Am I my brother’s keeper?”