GennaiThe past of the being known as Gennai is something of a mystery. It is known that he was a member of the ancient, mysterious group that was charged with the protection of the DigiWorld, which chose the DigiDestined from each generation. When the eight children from our generation were chosen, the Dark Masters got wind of the group's plans, and led a brutal attack on them, killing them all, save for Gennai. Gennai - then a young man - battled with Piedmon, but during the conflict, Piedmon inserted a small black sphere into Gennai's back. Acting quickly, Gennai appropriated a Mekanorimon, and grabbed up the Digi-Eggs and Digivices that the group had created for the chosen children, and fled, using the Mekanorimon's flight capabilities. He deposited the eggs and Digivices on File Island, but Piedmon had been able to capture the Tags and Crests.
Gennai and the Dark Masters went into seclusion then - both to prepare for the coming of the DigiDestined. When Devimon began his attempted takeover, the time had come - the Digivices were dispatched, and seven of the eight chosen children came to the DigiWorld. After they defeated Devimon, Gennai - now very old - made contact with them, and told them of their destiny. He explained that they had to go to Server to battle the other evil Digimon there, and also told them about their Tags and Crests. The kids obeyed his wishes, and headed to Server, finding their Tags along the way. Upon arrival on the continent, they immediately clashed with Etemon numerous times, but managed to locate their Crests, which had somehow become scattered. During the final battle with Etemon, Tai was sucked through a dimensional rift back to Earth. As time passes slower in the DigiWorld, for the few hours he was on Earth, months passed in the DigiWorld, and the DigiDestined split up. Izzy made it his priority to find Gennai to try and learn more about their destiny, but after months of searching, he had still turned up nothing. After a confrontation with Vademon and DemiDevimon, Izzy was contacted again by Gennai, via his laptop computer. Gennai sent him a computer program named the Digimon Analyser, which would help the kids to identify Digimon they encountered.
When Tai returned, and all the kids were together again, Gennai once again contacted them, and informed them of the prophecy of the Eighth Child, explaining how there was to be an eighth member of the DigiDestined. He told them how Myotismon was planning to open a portal to the real world, so that he could find and kill the Eighth Child and prevent the fulfilment of the prophecy of the DigiDestined. The kids tried to stop Myotismon from opening the portal, but failed, and Gennai brought them to his underwater home, where they met him in the flesh for the first time. He explained how they had to use the Key Cards to unlock the portal. He and Izzy conversed about Digimon, and Gennai revealed that he a creature of digital matter, like a Digimon, but without any special attributes. He modified Izzy's laptop so the kids' Digivices could be inter-linked with the analyser program.
The kids then successfully opened the portal and went back to Earth to battle Myotismon and his armies. Gennai e-mailed Izzy and sent him the Digital Barrier program to protect him and his family from Bakemon. The kids then discovered that the Eighth Child was actually Kari, Tai's little sister, and that Gatomon, one of Myotismon's lieutenants, was destined to be her Digimon! Gatomon Digivolved to Angewomon and destroyed Myotismon, but then, Gennai unearthed an ancient prophecy that foretold what would happen next. In accordance, Myotismon rose again, having Warp-Digivolved to the Mega level as VenomMyotismon, but Agumon and Gabumon were able to defeat him by Warp-Digivolving to their Mega stages of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
During the time that the kids were on Earth, the Dark Masters had risen again, and conquered the entirety of the DigiWorld, reformatting it into the massive Spiral Mountain. The kids returned and did battle with the Dark Masters, defeating three of the four, leaving only Piedmon. Gennai arrived on the scene (still in possession of the Mekanorimon), as MagnaAngemon took out the last Dark Master, and tried to warn the kids that there was an even greater evil - the being who had created the Dark Masters; Apocalymon! The kids were immediately drawn into battle with Apocalymon, who destroyed their Crests, but the kids realised that the power came from within them, and they were able to use their Digivices to contain his Total Annihilation attack, destroying him, restoring the DigiWorld to normalcy. Gennai explained that Earth and the DigiWorld where now chronologically in synch, and that the kids had to leave while the world reformatted itself. Using the trolley car Gennai supplied them with, the kids returned to the real world.
Eight months later, Gennai contacted Tai and Izzy to warn them about Keramon, a Digimon/virus creature who had hatched out onto the Internet. He sent Agumon and Tentomon into the Internet to fight him, and later uploaded Gabumon and Patamon to help.
In May 2000, Gennai called all the DigiDestined back to the DigiWorld, and explained to them that they needed to release the powers of their Crests if they were to seal it off from evil entirely. However, this rendered the Digimon unable to Digivolve to their Ultimate forms. Gennai subsequently remained in e-contact with Izzy.
When the Digimon Emperor came to the DigiWorld, Gennai did not appear to help the new DigiDestined, as he had with the old team. Apparently, he, and various associates, were in the process of invading computer systems in the real world, and deleting all the information that had been gathered on the DigiWorld. With this operation underway, he was able to come to the real world when he was summoned by Izzy, where he revealed to the DigiDestined that he was Gennai as a young mana young man again. Digimon had begun to appear all around the world, as a result of Arukenimon opening all the Digi-Ports, and Gennai needed to mobilise the DigiDestined to round them up and send them back to the DigiWorld. Using one of Azulongmon's Digi-Cores, he gave each of the original eight Digimon a power boost, restoring their lost ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, and then sent them all over the world to meet up with his associates and gather up the Digimon. The kids were surprised to meet all of Gennai's associates - because all of them were completely identical to Gennai himself. They were: Benjamin in America, Jackie in China, Hogan in Australia, José in Mexico and Ilya in Russia.
After MaloMyotismon was defeated some time later, Gennai reappeared to grimly survey the devastation caused in the DigiWorld by MaloMyotismon's darkness. He also returned Gatomon's Tail Ring to her, explaining why it had to be kept from her.
Gennai first appeared at the very end of "The Legend of the DigiDestined," which continued directly into "Departure for a New Continent." He first appeared in the flesh in "It's All In The Cards." We learned a little of his past, and saw him as a young man and a member of the mystery group, in "The Ultimate Clash." As an old man, his voice is supplied by Michael Reynolds, while as a young man, his voice is supplied by Jeff Nimoy.
No explanation has ever been offered as to the purpose of the black ball Piedmon inserted into Gennai. It was theorised that it was related to his age reversal, but a Japanese audio drama CD released two years after season two ended specifically stated that it's purpose was unknown (which feels somewhat like a self-parodic wink to the audience). As such, the most popular prevaling theory for the equally unexplained age reversal is that Gennai split himself into numerous younger versions of himself - a theory supported by Benjamin's statement that he and Gennai were both one and the same.

GesomonGroup: Sea Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Coral Crusher, Elastic Arms
The first Gesomon the kids saw was one of Myotismon's minions. The kids encountered him while on their way to Odaiba, just after returning from the DigiWorld. Izzy fell from a bridge in an argument with Sora's cousin, but Tentomon saved him - only to have Gesomon erupt from the waters below. Ikkakumon battled and defeated him. When he was destroyed, his copy of the Crest of Light was seen floating away.
Four years later, when Digimon were appearing in the real world, a Gesomon was seen attacking a ship with an Ebidramon. Later, Joe and Cody encountered a Gesomon, an Ebidramon and a Shellmon in Australia, and sent them back to the DigiWorld - it may have been the same Gesomon who attacked the ship, but it's not clear.
A Gesomon first appears in "Almost Home Free."
Name: In Japanese, when referring to sushi, "geso" is squid legs.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #17
English version written by Craig Doyle
As DigiDestined old and new get together to celebrate the anniversary of the first trip into the DigiWorld, mysterious goings-on are rife at the television station which lead people to believe a ghost is at work. The kids investigate, to discover that the ghost is actually Wizardmon, who gives the kids a cryptic warning for the future before fading away.

Group: Android - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Giga Byte Wing, Guilty Wing
Gigadramon is a minion of Machinedramon, the Dark Master of the digital cities. When Tai and Izzy ventured into Machinedramon's city, to search for medicine for the sick Kari, Izzy logged on to Machinedramon's network to help them find their way around - inadvertently alerting Machinedramon's forces to their location. Gigadramon and Megadramon were dispatched with the rest of his army to locate them, and attack. Thanks to MetalGreymon, they were able to avoid them, but then, when Izzy used a computer trick to mask their location, Machinedramon initiated plan Elimin8, giving Gigadramon and Megadramon orders to bomb the entire city. Their Dark Side Attacks blew up the building the other kids were hiding in, and they then turned their attacks on Tai and Izzy, but Angemon used his Hand of Fate to stop them. They did not appear again. What became of them is unknown.
Gigadramon appears in "My Sister's Keeper."
Name: From the words "giga," and "dragon," which "dra" is short for.

GiromonGroup: Machine – Level: Ultimate – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Spinning Mine, Chainsaw
When Arukenimon opened all the Digi-Ports, Giromon, along with Mamemon, BigMamemon and MetalMamemon, Giromon captured Catherine, a French DigiDestined, as she and her Floramon tried to destroy the Control Spire by the Seine, and was elsewhere when the Mamemons had a banquet at the Palace of Versailles. Tai and T.K. arrived with their Digimon, being helped by T.K.'s grandfather. Greymon and Angemon battled them, and then Giromon arrived, turning the tide of the fight in the misfits’ favour. Greymon and Angemon Digivolved into MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon to compete with them on even terms, and successfully defeated them. Then, they destroyed the Control Spire and send them back to the DigiWorld.
Giromon appears in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2."
Name: “Giro” comes from a mispelling of "guillotine."

GizamonGroup: Mammal - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Technique: Spiral Saw, Four-Leg Kick
The first Gizamon the DigiDestined ran in into were minions of Myotismon. They first emerged from the waters of Odaiba Bay to menace Matt's father and his co-workers, but they were fortunate enough to escape. The Gizamon appeared again after Myotismon was destroyed, when Matt, T.K., their father and their Digimon voyaged out in a boat to see if they could penetrate the mystical fog bank Myotismon had shrouded the city with. The Gizamon attacked their boat, and then pursued them back to land. Trapped in their car, things looked bad for the group... until the Gizamon just vanished. In actuality, Myotismon's bats had converted their bodies into energy, which they then used to recreate Myotismon as VenomMyotismon.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor was in the process of conquering the DigiWorld, multiple Gizamon were seen working for him, building a Control Spire in the frozen north. When Gomamon told the Emperor to leave them alone, he offered the Gizamon a reward if they would attack Gomamon. They did so, leaving him unconscious - but their reward turned out to be Dark Rings, which made them the Emperor's mindless slaves.
After the Emperor's defeat, some Gizamon were seen helping Yolei and some Woodmon to clean up and repair the lakeside areas of the DigiWorld.
Some unnamed Australian DigiDestined were also seen to have Gizamon as partners, and at least one of them was present during the final battle with MaloMyotismon.
Gizamon first appear in "Flower Power"
Name: From the Japanese word "gizagiza," meaning jagged.

Track 16 on the "Digimon: The Movie" soundtrack (hidden track number 4), which plays when Greymon is revived, and takes Parrotmon down. It is also used as a battle theme during Digimon Adventure 02, making it's debut in "A New Digitude." For the lyrics to this song, click HERE.

Note: This entry deals with the eggs in a plural sense, as they appear in "Digimon: The Movie."
While in battle with Kerpymon, the Mega form of Kokomon, the rogue Digimon partner of Willis, the DigiDestined from Colorado, Angemon and Angewomon realised that they needed the power of the Golden Digi-Eggs to defeat him. Summoning all their energy, they Digivolve to their own Mega forms of Seraphimon and Magnadramon, and summoned the eggs, sending them to Davis and Willis. Davis used the Digi-Egg of Miracles to transform Veemon into Magnamon, while Willis used the Digi-Egg of Destiny to turn Terriermon into Rapidmon. The two Golden Armour Digimon then destroyed the virus within Kokomon, and he deleted. What happened to the Golden Digi-Eggs is not clear.
In the US version of the movie, there is no explanation as to where the Golden Digi-Eggs come from. However, there is also very little explanation in the Japanese version, as well - it's simply viewed as a miracle. However, this portion of the movie is intended as being out of continuity with the rest of the series, meaning that the existence of these Digi-Eggs does not actually impact on the on-going story, only the dubbers have shoe-horned it in. The Digi-Egg of Miracles in the movie is not the same as the Digi-Egg of Miracles from the series (which has it's own entry), because the one in the series has a different history to it.

GolemonGroup: Rock - Level: Champion - Type: Virus - Attack Techniques: Crimson Curse, Rock Punch, Rock Ball
The Golemon encountered by the DigiDestined was not actually a living Digimon, but was in fact created from a Control Spire by Arukenimon. While in the process of transforming the Spire, Arukenimon was seen by Palmon, but the Golemon she created managed to knock her out before she could tell anyone, and then proceeded to attempt to destroy a dam, which would flood a village. At Mimi's behest, the DigiDestined arrived to battle Golemon, but no matter how hard they tried, he just kept going. Davis realised that they would have to destroy him, but Cody and Yolei were horrified by the idea, thinking it made them no better than the Digimon Emperor. Ken showed up, and Stingmon attacked Golemon - then Palmon awoke, and told them the truth about Golemon. When Yolei came to terms with her feelings about Ken, her D-3 began to glow, and Hawkmon Digivolved into Aquilamon for the first time. He and Stingmon then destroyed the unliving Golemon.
Golemon appears in "Spirit Needle."
Name: From "golem," a magically-animated creature made of clay from Jewish folklore. Note that Golemon is also his original Japanese name, but Bandai of America changed it to Rockmon for their products. In the first airing of "Spirit Needle," Rockmon was the name which appeared on the Digimon Analyser, but the characters all referred to him as Golemon. In re-runs, this was changed so that Golemon was the name on the analyser. However, Bandai still call him Rockmon. Subsequent international airings of the English-language version of "Spirit Needle" retained the error in the analyser.

GomamonGroup: Sea Animal - Level: Rookie - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Marching Fishes, Claw Attack
Gomamon is the Digivolved form of Bukamon, and is the Digimon partner of Joe of the DigiDestined. Like Joe, Gomamon is reliable, but he takes life a lot easier, and he tries to make Joe relax once in a while. His attack (if you could call it that), Marching Fishes, allows him to open a spatial portal via water, through which a stream of rainbow-coloured fishes emerge, to do what he asks of them.
Gomamon, like the other kids' Rookie Digimon, first appeared to battle Kuwagumon. He then Digivolved to his Champion stage of Ikkakumon to save Joe from the Black Gear-infected Unimon. He continued to Digivolve whenever Joe was in danger. When Tai disappeared after the final battle with Etemon, Joe and Gomamon found themselves forced into working in Digitamamon's restaurant, and were soon joined by Matt and Gabumon. Tai returned to help them escape. When the kids returned to Earth to halt the plans of Myotismon, Gomamon finally Digivolved to his Ultimate stage of Zudomon to defeat MegaSeadramon. After Myotismon's defeat, Gomamon accompanied Joe and the others back to the DigiWorld, and left group with Joe when he decided to stay with Mimi, who no longer wished to fight. He and Joe then left Mimi in the company of several Digimon allies they had gathered, when Joe left to 'discover' himself. The kids and Digimon all got back together to battle and defeat Piedmon and then Apocalymon.
In May 2000, Gomamon lost the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate, when Joe and the other kids gave up the powers of their Crests to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor was in the process of conquering the DigiWorld, Gomamon was first seen in the frozen north, being forced to build a Control Spire alongside some Gizamon. When he challenged the Emperor, he was attacked by the Gizamon, who were promised a reward by the Emperor if they did so. Their reward, however, turned out to be imprisonment with a Dark Ring, as Gomamon was left unconscious. He recovered, and tried to use a TV to get in contact with Joe, but passed out and was buried by a snowstorm. Joe's Digivice went off, alerting him to the situation, and he and the new DigiDestined came to Gomamon's rescue. When the kids destroyed the Control Spire, Gomamon was able to Digivolve into Ikkakumon and destroyed the Ebidramon trying to clamp down on Digmon.
Later, Gomamon Digivolved into Ikkakumon again to help free the kids from an underwater oil platform that they had been trapped in by MegaSeadramon. Gomamon was seen having a little underwater fun shortly thereafter.
Gomamon did not appear again for a long time, until he, as Ikkakumon, was called on to gather some Digimon allies to help protect the sixth Destiny Stone against BlackWarGreymon. Even with the help of MegaSeadramon and a small army of Dolphmon, Ikkakumon could not stop the rampaging Mega.
Shortly thereafter, Gomamon and the other Digimon were brought into the real world to celebrate Christmas with their human partners. However, when some wild Digimon appeared in Odaiba and attacked Matt's concert, Gomamon and the others Digivolved to beat them back.
Gomamon then went to Australia with Joe, Cody and Armadillomon to round up the wild Digimon there. With his power to Digivolve to Ultimate restored by an energy boost from Azulongmon's Digi-Core, courtesy of Gennai, Gomamon became Zudomon to join with Submarimon and Coelamon (the Digivolved form of Crabmon, the partner Digimon of Derek, one of the Australian DigiDestined) in battling a Scorpiomon, and sent it and a bunch of other aquatic Digimon back into the DigiWorld.
Back in Odaiba, Gomamon became Zudomon again to help battle SkullSatamon, a minion of Daemon's. The Ultimates were defeated, and gave up their ability to Digivolve once again, as they gave their power to Imperialdramon, enabling him to Mode Change and destroy SkullSatamon.
Later on, Gomamon and the other Digimon were seen barricading the digital gate at Highton View Terrace with tiles, to prevent entry into the DigiWorld. When BlackWarGreymon sacrificed his life, the gate was energised, sealing the DigiWorld off.
Gomamon, along with the other Digimon, and all the Digimon of the world's DigiDestined, appeared again in the DigiWorld to witness the destruction of MaloMyotismon, acting as beacons to draw their Digimon partners into the DigiWorld, where the power of their dreams finished the villain off for good.
Three months later, after the defeat of Armageddemon, Gomamon briefly travelled to the real world to get together with all the Japanese DigiDestined and their Digimon.
Twenty-five years later, the portal to the DigiWorld remains open, and Gomamon is still at Joe's side.
Gomamon first appears in "And so it begins..." His voice is supplied by R. Martin Klein.
Name: From “gomafuazarashi,” a breed of seal.

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #12
English version written by Michael Sorich
Biyomon is stranded in the desert, and is captured by Starmon. Sora and the new DigiDestined follow her trail, but fall afoul of Starmon, only to be helped out... sort of... by Deputymon.
Episode Trivia – the title of the episode is a reference to the 1966 spaghetti western, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

GorillamonGroup: Animal - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Energy Cannon, Power Lift
When Myotismon was invading Odaiba, Digimon were appearing all over the world. One such Digimon was Gorillamon, who appeared in New York City, where he was seen by a boy named Michael. Following this first encounter with a Digimon, Michael received a Digivice - he was actually a DigiDestined.
Four years later, when Michael was in the DigiWorld with Mimi, having just met the new DigiDestined in Digitamamon's diner, Gorillamon attacked the restaurant, under the influence of one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Spirals. Michael's Digimon, Betamon, Digivolved into Seadramon and battled with Gorillamon. While underwater, Gorillamon tried to use his Energy Cannon on Seadramon, but the serpentine Digimon used his Ice Blast attack to jam it up, causing an explosion which blew him out of the water. A bout of Light Speed Jabbing from Togemon destroyed the Spiral, freeing Gorillamon.
Some time later, when wild Digimon were appearing all over Earth, another Gorillamon was seen in New York. Yet another Gorillamon was seen in Asia, partnered with A Vietnamese DigiDestined boy named Dien. This Gorillamon then appeared in the DigiWorld later on, when MaloMyotismon was trying to infect both worlds with darkness.
The Gorillamon Michael saw first appears in "The Battle For Earth," on a television screen during a news report being watched by the kids after VenomMyotismon's destruction, for roughly only one second. He appears in 02 in "The Samurai of Sincerity." Dien’s Gorillamon appears in "Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1" and "A Million Points of Light."
Name: Obviously, from "gorilla."

GotsumonGroup: Rock - Level: Rookie - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Rock Fist, Crazy Crusher
The first Gotsumon encountered was technically a minion of Myotismon, although he and his erstwhile companion Pumpkinmon would rather have had it be otherwise. Dispatched to search for the Eighth Child - the predestined eighth member of the DigiDestined - Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon were enthralled by the culture and populous of Earth, and immediately set about exploring, having fun - and generally causing trouble. Matt, T.K. and Gabumon ran into them while searching for Patamon (who had ran off after he and T.K. had fought earlier), and a fight would have started, had they not explained that they had no intentions of finding the Eighth Child - they just wanted to have fun. Matt, T.K. and Gabumon followed them to keep them out of trouble, but it was to no avail. Then, Myotismon arrived, and was angered to find the two slacking. He ordered them to steal Matt and T.K.'s Crests, and they had no choice but to comply. As soon as they got far enough away from Myotismon, however, they simply quit. They didn't want to hurt the kids. Enraged, Myotismon attacked them. They tried to fight back, but they were no match for his power. His Grisly Wing attack destroyed them.
Note that in US version of the cartoon, the script is worded to make it appear that Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon are merely teleported back to the DigiWorld to be punished later. However, in the original Japanese version, they are destroyed. Plus, it *is* Myotismon's Grisly Wing we're talking about - it does not teleport people, it destroys them.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor was in the process of conquering the DigiWorld, several Gotsumon were seen at different times. Three appeared when the Emperor captured an Elecmon, debating how to deal with the situation. Later, when the DigiDestined broke the prisoners free from one of the Emperor’s camps, it was shown that three Gotsumon (likely the same ones) had been captured, as they were freed, and then went back to the real world with the kids, where they hid out for a while, before going home. Some time after that, multiple Gotsumon were seen fleeing in terror when Kimeramon razed a small town. After the Emperor’s defeat, several Gotsumon were seen helping the DigiDestined to rebuild the damaged parts of the DigiWorld.
Much later after this, when Digimon were appearing in the real world, an unnamed European DigiDestined, and Rosa, one of the DigiDestined from Mexico, were shown to have Gotsumon for Digimon partners. Matt, Gabumon, Ken and Wormmon headed for Mexico to round up the wild Digimon there, and met Rosa and her Gotsumon in some Mayan Ruins. When WereGarurumon and Stingmon engaged a Dokugumon and a Minotarumon in battle, Rosa’s Gotsumon Digivolved into Monochromon, and leant them a hand. Rosa’s Gotsumon showed up again in the DigiWorld, when MaloMyotismon was infecting both worlds with darkness.
A Gotsumon first appears in "Out on the Town."
Name: From the Japanese word, "gotsui," meaning rough or tough.

GreymonGroup: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Nova Blast, Great Horns Attack
Greymon is the Digivolved form of Agumon, the Digimon partner of Tai of the DigiDestined. Agumon first Digivolved into Greymon to protect Tai from Shellmon, not long after the kids first arrived in the DigiWorld. He appeared again to battle the Black Gear-infected Andromon, and then again to save Tai from Mojyamon, who had also been infected by a gear. He then participated in the final battle with Devimon, but he and the other Champions were bested. Things looked bleak, until Angemon saved the day.
When the kids arrived on Server, Greymon appeared to battle Etemon for the first time. Then, Etemon trapped the kids in a stadium, and had another Greymon attack them. Tai tried to use his Crest to make his Greymon Digivolve further, but because Tai hadn't mastered true courage, the process failed. When Tai tried to force it, it became corrupted, and Greymon became SkullGreymon. SkullGreymon defeated Etemon's Greymon, and then attacked the kids, but his energy expended before he could hurt them. Tai was afraid to make Agumon Digivolve after that, but Piximon cured their fears, and Greymon took on Tyrannomon. Greymon appeared again when the kids penetrated Etemon's pyramid, and then again when they rescued Sora from Datamon. In the final battle with Etemon, Tai's Crest glowed, and Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon.
Greymon continued to appear whenever Tai was in peril, often further Digivolving to MetalGreymon to defeat more powerful opponents. He accompanied Tai and the other kids back to Earth to battle the forces of Myotismon and stop his plans for conquest, and was then Digivolved to his Mega stage of WarGreymon to battle Myotismon's Digivolved stage of VenomMyotismon. With VenomMyotismon's destruction, he went returned to the DigiWorld with the others to battle the Dark Masters and Apocalymon.
Eight months later, when Agumon and Tentomon were sent into the Internet to battle Keramon, Agumon Digivolved to Greymon to fight alongside Kabuterimon. However, Keramon Digivolved into Infermon, and proved too powerful for them, beating them down before Greymon could even complete his Digivolution into MetalGreymon.
In May 2000, Greymon lost the ability to Digivolve to Ultimate when Tai and the other kids gave up their Crest power to seal the DigiWorld off from evil.
Four years later, when the Digimon Emperor was taking over the DigiWorld, Agumon called Tai for help, explaining that he couldn’t Digivolve. It was soon discovered that the Emperor’s Control Spires were blocking Digivolution, and the Digimon set about destroying them, so they could Digivolve into Champion once again. Greymon was seen smashing they up on many occasions.
After the Digimon Emperor had his identity discovered, he attempted to capture Greymon with a Dark Ring and make him Digivolve into MetalGreymon. However, the ring was not powerful enough to hold Greymon, and it’s dark energies made him Digivolve into SkullGreymon once more. When he De-Digivolved back into Agumon after fighting a troop of DarkTyrannomon, the Emperor captured him again, and created the Dark Spiral, which succeeded in giving Agumon enough energy to Dark Digivolve into a viral version of MetalGreymon. All the DigiDestined had to work together, with help from Garurumon and Raidramon, to free Agumon from the Emperor’s clutches.
Greymon did not reappear for some time, until the Digimon came into the real world to celebrate Christmas with their partners. Agumon and the others had to Digivolve to Champion to battle some wild Digimon which appeared in Odaiba and attacked Matt’s concert.
Shortly afterwards, Agumon’s ability to Digivolve to Ultimate was restored by a power boost from one of Azulongmon’s Digi-Cores, courtesy of Gennai. He went to Paris with Tai, T.K. and Patamon, where he Digivolved into Greymon to battle the Mamemon brothers with Angemon. However, they were too strong for the Champions, so they Digivolved to MetalGreymon and MagnaAngemon, and took them, and their boss, Giromon, out.
Greymon Digivolved into MetalGreymon again to help out in the battle with SkullSatamon, one of Daemon’s minions. However, because he had been in the real world for so long, his energies were expired, and he De-Digivolved into Agumon. Agumon and the other Digimon decided to give up their restored power once again, using it to empower Imperialdramon, so he could Mode Change and destroy SkullSatamon.
Greymon did not appear again after this.
Greymon first appears in "The Birth of Greymon." His voice is supplied by Michael Lindsay.
Name: Grey is apparently a misspelling of "grea," being short for "great."

Tai's Greymon was not the only Greymon the kids encountered. Four years before the events of August 1999, a Digi-Egg emerged through Tai and Kari's computer, and hatched into a Botamon, which eventually became a Greymon to protect the two children from Parrotmon. By witnessing this battle, Tai, Kari and theo thr esix kids were selected to be DigiDestined. This Greymon's primary attack was called "Nova Flame." It's voice was supplied by Bob Papenbrook. Also, as previously mentioned, Etemon held one in his sway, through the power of his Dark Network, and made it battle Tai's Greymon. As seen in "The Arrival of SkullGreymon."

Digimon Adventure 02 episode #7
English version written by Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz
Kari is trapped in a city of Gardromon, and Davis and T.K. come to her rescue, which involves the first appearance of Angemon in the new series. However, when they are confronted by Andromon, under the power of one of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Rings, things look bleak, until light from Kari's D-3 frees him.Gummymon

Group: Micro - Level: In-Training - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow
Gummymon is the In-Training form of Terriermon, the Digimon partner of Willis, the DigiDestined from Colorado. Gummymon and his brother, Kokomon hatched from the same Digi-Egg, but four years later, Kokomon was infected with the Diaboromon virus, and transformed into an evil version of himself. Over the next few years, Kokomon pursued Willis, during with Gummymon Digivolved naturally into Terriermon.
Gummymon appears in
"Digimon: The Movie." He does not speak, and is never referred to by name.
Name: From gummy, apparently in reference to the fact that he's... squidgy.