Lex Lang is one of Hollywood's most sought after voice actors, and is revered as one of the premier talents in the industry by anime fans nationwide, having voiced some of the most popular characters in modern anime.

Chris McFeely: Which is your first love, music or acting?

Walter Alexis LangLex Lang: Originally it was acting, but then I realized that in music you get to express your own ideas and words, not those of someone else.

CMcF: When did you decide you wanted to build yourself a career in these areas?

LL: At the early age of 5 years old.

CMcF: How did you break into the music and voice acting industries?

LL: It took some time, but without a doubt I could not have done it without the support of friends and magical people like Sandy Fox (another great voice actress).

CMcF: Through what events were you approached for the "Digimon" series?

LL: I auditioned like all the other actors did, but my start with Saban entertainment happened like this: One of my friends back then (seven or so years ago), a girl named Amy Jo Johnson, was playing the Pink Ranger on the show "Power Rangers" and she introduced me to one of the voice producers for the show, who put me on what they call a walla session (where you do the background voices for the people in the street and in stores and restaurants, etc).
After that I got to do one line or two during that season (as Louis Kaboom), and the following year I landed the parts of Rygog and Lerigot in the movie "Power Rangers Turbo". As a result I played them both in the following season of "Power Rangers Turbo" the TV show. The following year I got the part of Ecliptor on "Power Rangers in Space," among other parts. After that it was audition, audition, audition - and a little luck.

WarGreymonCMcF: You're well-known as WarGreymon, perhaps the most popular Digimon from the show's first season, as well as playing Omnimon (with Kirk Thornton) and Rapidmon in "Digimon: The Movie." But what other characters did you voice on the series, beyond bits and walla?

LL: I have done a lot so it is hard to keep track, anytime you hear a monster that has a really throat ripping deepness to it, it's most likely me.

CMcF: Some think you were SaberLeomon in season one - is that true?

LL: I don't remember. Possibly.

(Chris's note - It has since been confirmed that Paul St. Peter voiced SaberLeomon.)

CMcF: Also, it is generally believed you voiced BlackWarGreymon in the second season - is this correct?

LL: Yes.

(Chris's note - It has since been confirmed that Steven Jay Blum voiced BlackWarGreymon. Evidently Mr. Lang got his roles mixred up in answering this question.)

ScorpiomonCMcF: Of the characters you have voiced on "Digimon," (however many that may be), which would you say is your favourite to do?

LL: I really enjoyed doing them all.  There was one episode this season where I got to play a game show MC - that was really cheesy, it was a lot of fun.

CMcF: Have you done any recording for the third (current) season of "Digimon"?

LL: Yes, I played a snake monster and a talent agent.

(Chris's note - the snake monster is Sandiramon, the snake Deva, and the talent agent is Rika's mother's agent, Tsugai)

CMcF: Will you be reprising your role as Rapidmon for his appearances this season?

LL: Unknown.

(Chris's note - It's since been proven that Mona Marshall voiced the character in season three.)

CMcF: What other shows can we hear you on at the moment?

LL: has all my current credits.  "Prime Time Glick" (the new Martin Short show) is one of my favorites.

RapidmonCMcF: Your work extends over several animation studios - do you believe that you have been cast in any roles as a result of notoriety due to popular work on other shows, or was each role independently secured?

LL: Some of each. A great deal of my work comes from producers referring me for a part, and then of course there's audition, audition, audition.

CMcF: It's fair to say that voice actors receive little appreciation for what they do, beyond cult and fan followings. What is your view on this?

LL: I feel blessed to have this job.

CMcF: Do you like the anonymity?

LL: I don't mind it, although sometimes I have the privilege of being the guest of honor at animation conventions, etc.

CMcF: Perhaps as a musician, you are not as unknown as others...

LL: Tell your friends about my music!

CMcF: It's my understanding that a lot of voice actors seldom watch the shows they actually work on. Does this hold true for you?

LL: Yes, it's hard to catch the shows and go to work at the same time.

SandiramonCMcF: If you do watch the shows you work on, what do you think of the finished products?

LL: Most of the time I'm pretty impressed with the final product, after all the music and effects have been added.

CMcF: Are you friendly with any of the other cast members of the shows you work on?

LL: Yes, we play cards together once in a while or socialize.

CMcF: What advice do you have to those out there who aspire to be voice actors?  Or, indeed, what would you say to anyone who wants to get into the music business?

LL: Same for both - if doing that sort of creative work gives you pleasure, by all means follow your dreams.

CMcF: What do you do in your spare time?

LL: Roller blade, go to the gym, watch TV or DVDs, write music.

CMcF: What hobbies or interests do you have?

LL: I enjoy having an occasional cigar, I love going to the movies, playing guitar, spending time with friends and helping others.

CMcF: What can we expect to see and/or hear from you next?

LL: I'm spending a lot of time promoting my latest CD. I also created a new song to help the victims of the NYC terrorist attacks - go check it out and buy the CD, all proceeds are going to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

CMcF: Well, looks like I'm out of questions! Thanks for your time!

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